October 28, 2014

Slow Death By Meat + Awesome HLC3 Conclusion!

Happy Tuesday!

Well, I’ve just returned home from an amazing HLC 3 experience I’m excited to share with you today.

First, I’ll begin with our feature topic the day, which is: Slow Death By Meat!

Eating more meat (anything with eyeballs) than your body authentically needs can literally bring on a slow death.

Slow Death By Meat Blk Bd
Most people in the Western culture eat far too much meat than is ideal for their own health and well-being. Aside from eating too much meat, there are some real concerns with regard to what is in the meat.

Few are aware that there are many very toxic (non-foods) fed to feedlot animals and birds, many of which are actually approved by various governing bodies.

They include:
– Saw dust
– Plastic chips
– Sewage
– Cement powder
– Engine oil or crude oil
– Dead animal remains
– Poor quality grains

These grains have been rejected by governing agencies as “too toxic for human consumption”, usually due to high levels of fungal mycotoxins, which are extremely poisonous.

There is also a high risk that the meat you are eating comes from an animal fed genetically modified (GMO) grains.

Eating such animals, in my experience, can significantly increase stress on the immune system, leading to food intolerances, fatigue, and a greater likelihood of both illness and disease.

Gluten sensitive people often show gluten sensitivity reactions eating such meats while on gluten free diets.

In my video blog today (vlog), I share my concerns around the unethical farming practices common to commercial food producers/farmers.

I highlight that they are major contributors to water and soil toxicity, which are usually big problems in the area (states!) where such farms are located.

Fungus and Parasites are both commonly acquired from eating commercial meats, and eating such meats makes it very heard to heal from fungal and parasite infections.

In my DVD program titled, “Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials” I offer sound, simple, well tested methods for identifying if you have these problems, and methods for healing from such infections.

If you are wondering if you may have a fungal or parasite infection, it may be helpful to know that anyone, from infants to elderly people that suffer from repeated bouts of:
• Skin blemishes and painful feeling pimples
• Fatigue
• Swelling under the eyes
• Nasal and/or throat mucous buildup
• Chronic dry cough that won’t seem to clear up
• Digestive troubles
• Irregular, loose, or hard to pass stools
• Cravings for sweet foods, binge eating, or craving burnt foods
• Restless sleep and waking up tired; often coupled with night sweats
• Jock itch
• Toenail fungus
• Dandruff
• Jock itch
• Vaginal itching and/or yeast infection
• Anal itching
• Ring worm (circular red patterns on the skin; hair loss in circular patches on the scalp
• Strange symptoms (often changing in their nature) that healthcare professionals can’t seem to isolate, or diagnose and treat effectively.
• Anemia (low blood iron levels, often with fatigue)
• Feeling unmotivated, while having multiple of the above symptoms
• Diminished sexual performance
• Changes in the strength, texture and consistency of finger or toe nails
• Feeling like something is crawling under your skin, or moving in your body
• Bad dreams and/or nightmares
• Benign prostrate hypertrophy and poor regulation of urine flow

Notice if any combination of the above symptoms that began while visiting, or shortly after returning from a third world country
Is likely to be suffering from a fungal, and/or parasite infection.

Having both at the same time is both common, and quite debilitating to the body and mind of the host.

As you can imagine, millions of dollars are spent taking pills to suppress the above symptoms every day. Sadly, this approach not only doesn’t work, it is dangerous to your health to suppress such critical indicators (symptoms).

In my vlog, I give a variety of tips on how to better manage meat consumption, and how to recognize symptoms common among those that are eating too much meat.

I also suggest a few useful resources you many want to look into, such as my book: How To Eat Move and Be Healthy! and CHEK Instructor and Blogger, Jo Rushton’s cookbook: Rocketfuel on A Budget!


Awesome HLC3 Conclusion!

As I write this to you, I am a man amazed by the love and beauty of his students.

HLC 3 classroom HV Ca

The beautiful, healthy, vital people that attended my HLC3 course this past week came ready for their teacher.

Angie Lustrick was my assistant and we both agreed that this was the most prepared, authentically invested group of HLC 3 students we’ve seen together, and that I’ve taught in my career thus far!

Vidya joined us when she could to connect with the students and answer questions.


The views from the Hidden Valley Retreat – originally developed by Bernard Jensen – were beautiful, and the grounds are just as amazing.


I love being outside. The weather was perfect, which really facilitated some great time teaching outdoors.




There was a nice balance between learning and play!


My students were all welcome to, and enjoyed picking and eating several varieties of fresh organic fruits (persimmons, apples and some citrus) right from the trees on the property.


All the food for this CHEK Institute HLC event (and all of them we do in San Diego) was provided by “The Flavor Chef”, Chef Lance; he is fast becoming famous for his bone broths: www.thebrothery.com

Chef Lance had some great connections with local farmers and so everything he served was fresh, organic, nutritious and delicious!

Chef Lance Food

My students, Angie and I all LOVED the food prepared by Chef Lance and is awesome crew of Chefs; who by the way, were much healthier people than most Chefs I’ve seen in my life, so great job crew!…the proof is in the pudding as they say.

HLC 3 HV Ca view

Here you can see famous health, strength and wellness expert Elliott Hulse relaxing after a lovely meal.

My students are amazingly beautiful people. The men were fit, naturally handsome, and wholesome, and the ladies were equally amazing.

HLC 3 Girls

Above, you can see some of the amazing beauties that attended HLC3 with me, clearly demonstrating that they are living the CHEK Principles authentically.

I felt very inspired by the many beautiful women in my class because I see so many women in our culture taking desperate measures to be beautiful – through artificial means.


So often, they are emulating fashion and fitness models that resort to extreme, unhealthy measures to impersonate beauty, and sadly, are often “fit sick” people.

The “CHEK Chicks” (as we call them at the CHEK Institute) are totally hot, natural, fit, balanced, wise, and loving. Many of them are mothers with two or three children that look better than teenage girls.

I feel so gratified knowing that these amazing women are in the world teaching the women how to be “holistic beauties”.

The men who attended were equally fit – its obvious that they applied my holistic teachings since attending HLC2 a year ago or more.

Thank you” to all of you beautiful, amazing ladies, and men that have trusted in me as your teacher.


My students loved our morning 4 Doctor Song sessions and enthusiastically committed the songs to memory!


Here are my amazing HLC3 students.


Congratulations to you ALL! I loved spending time with each and everyone of you! I truly look forward to another retreat sometime in the near future!

Feel free to double-click on the image to enlarge it so you can see, and feel the energy of these holistic healers and coaches.

If you would like to get busy getting healthy and beautiful, or consider a career as a C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach, feel free to look at the schedule for upcoming HLC 1 trainings at the CHEK Institute.

Speaking of which….

I’ll be teaching HLC1 in Toronto November 4-7, with Angie Lustrick!

I rarely teach HLC1 because I prefer to focus on teaching the advanced training programs. I have made a special exception and will co-teach the upcoming HLC 1 in Toronto with Angie Lustrick.

Angie is an amazing Nutritionist, Shaman, and Healer who incorporates her many skills into her Chek HLC practice (visit www.angiesworld.com to learn more about Angie).

Angie works very closely with me in the development of my HLC programs and is co-developing our upcoming program on shamanic healing practices with me. She is one of the most skilled and inspiring presenters I’ve ever worked with, and I’m excited to teach with her in Toronto (so I too can be inspired by her).

I will offering morning tai-chi training before class each day, and will co-teach the entire third day of the course with Angie. I’m super excited and can’t wait to have a cold shower in Toronto and do tai-chi near the water in my favorite spot.

If you would like to join us in this unique, special offering, click here and register now because the class is filling up fast!
To register for HLC 1 Toronto click here please.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today, and I look forward to sharing something new, interesting and fun with you all next week.

Feel free to visit my youtube channel directly by going to: www.youtube.com/paulcheklive

Love and chi,
Paul Chek