June 27, 2014

Simple Aids To Digestion

Happy Friday to You!

I hope your week has been productive and that a restful weekend awaits.

I’m going to enjoy some art, rock stacking, tai-chi, my Health Mate IR sauna, and some meditation this weekend.

Simple Aids To Digestion

Digestive weakness and associated problems are as common as white bread today among people worldwide.

In my experience, the greater the quantity of white flower (and other gluten containing grains), processed sugar, pasteurized dairy and processed foods in general a population eats, the more digestive trouble they experience.

Simple Aids To Digestion blk bd

In my vlog today, I expand on six common causes of digestive troubles and give common symptoms.

A VERY COMMON CAUSE I forgot to list on my black board outline is the consumption of gluten containing grains, as well as the consumption of nuts, grains and seeds.

Nuts grains and seeds all contain phytic acid, which blocks enzyme activity in our gut, disabling the digestive process.

In my experience, most people have trouble with nuts, grains and seeds that have not been soaked to de-activate the phytic acid. I discuss this and give suggestions for optimizing nuts, grains and seeds in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

I finish my video lesson with five action items you can use to improve your digestion.

I hope you enjoy my video blog lesson on simple aids to digestion today.

The LOVE I Feel

(please note: the poem below could not be properly formatted due to website constrictions)

The Love I Feel

We all want to feel love

to feel loved, and

to love.

Many of us cherish the hug, the kiss, the support

but learned to fear the bark

the grounding,

the hand,

the strap…

not what we wanted on daddy’s lap!

Wise – as children are

they study the look, feel, and tone of each and all

as they are given love, or the other.

Day by day

a child sees more and more, or

less and less of one, 
or the other…

Soon, they can clearly see
what defenses they will need

to survive encounters with you, and me.

But who is it that they see by the tender age of 23?

Is it you, or me, or is it

mommy and daddy, stained within?

I feel we all have these stains, left over
from our strains and pains.

When I look into my heart

I try to find the cracks and mold, the

wounds from being belittled, when

all I wanted was a hand to hold.

From that Peaceful Loving place

I have found inside

I shine the light of my love

where fear hides.

Each time I do I find

pieces of me

a little boy, often angry.

I reach out and take his hand

I let him know we’ve reached

a far away land. 
Wiser now, we understand.

Through the warmth of my love

he dissolves into me, and

I feel the joy of that part of me
now smiling brightly, and
running free.

Each time I find a piece of me,

and Love, I feel the return of 
yet another dove.

So full of light

my heart in flight

I can see so many

just like me!

Wiser now
I understand,

so naturally,

I reach out with a loving hand

to share love whenever I can.

The more I love myself

The more I see

The Power of Love

immersed within me.

I have come

to know and trust

that Love is the nature

within each and all of us.

Start today to

love yourself

to lend your broken parts a hand.

Soon there will be no more quicksand.

Quickly you learn you don’t have to wait

for love to come at another date.

You can look and find the children inside

approach with love and they will not hide.

Give each piece of you the needed love

and with each one returns another dove.

Soon your wings of love take flight

shining light into the night.

Joy rises in you naturally, for

now you know that all of that 

was so this could be.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek