October 8, 2012


Happy Monday (Tuesday in Sydney) to You!

My first round of workshops concluded with Scientific Core Conditioning Sunday. I really enjoyed my students. They came willing to learn and had lots of good questions.

I had fun with the Chiropractors in class because their deeper knowledge base facilitates deeper questions and that’s more fun for me.

Here you can see me explaining the Hydraulic Amplifier Mechanism, which is one of several active stabilizer systems in your body. I began the course by explaining what the core was, but made specific comments on the psychological aspects of core function.

Judgments, Emotions, and Core Function:

I explained that when we hold negative emotions that separate us from others or reflect our own judgments within ourselves, we are the one’s most effected by them.

For example, if you hold anger in yourself toward another (commonly held in the liver), you must create that anger within in order to “feel” the judgment you are making.

Therefore, each negative emotional judgment we maintain in relationship to self, or other, perpetually creates that very state within ourselves, and all our physiological systems, tissues, and our posture progressively transform themselves to reflect the inner-state we have chosen to “enliven”.

If your own judgments and emotions trigger inflammation and/or disease in any gland or organ, your core stability is threatened.

This is because each organ shares a functional relationship with each of the muscles and joints it shares a nerve supply with; muscles, joints and organs are like a family that shares both joy and pain.

What is created among the family reflects shared beliefs and choices.

If at any time, your psychological health negatively impacts the functional vitality of your glands or organs beyond your ability to adequately heal the physical damage created, the brain and sympathetic nervous system will decrease blood flow to all muscles competing for resources as a means of protecting the organs.

This is the body’s attempt to extend your life.

There are a huge number of people seeing help for orthopedic problems created by poor mental-emotional self-management and poor lifestyle choices.

It was important to me that my students not fall into the trap of believing that core dysfunction is merely a physical problem, as is the case with the medical, rehab, and exercise community at large.

Stabilizer Threshold Testing:

Our desires to act out any given movement, such as playing tennis or washing the car are supported by two essential muscles systems. They are the tonic or postural system, and the phasic or prime mover system.

The phasic muscles not only move the body, they provide gross stabilization.

For example, your big thigh muscles not only move your legs and body, they are used to support your body in the same actions.

If they didn’t take on the large loads distributed over multiple joints and joint systems in the body, the smaller stabilizer muscles could never hold the skeleton together effectively.

The forces would simply be too high.

Here you can see me working with a student demonstrating a method that uses a string that I developed in the late 80’s.

What I taught my students is how to use the string as a negative feedback source so they can feel when the larger (phasic) muscles turn on.

If the large phasic muscles turn on before the stabilizer muscles, there is a high increase in the likelihood of orthopedic pain and dysfunction.

Below are my lovely SCC students at Place Of Chi, the home of my teachings in Australia.

We had a lovely time together and I’m grateful I could share my wisdom with all of them.

I hope you take time to learn how to care for your core. It is the center of your being.

It is where body and mind meet each other to act out your dreams and beliefs. If you are in pain, chances are good that you are being given the gift of awareness so that you can seek new knowledge.

Through healing yourself, you become a guide to all others who can benefit by your living example.

If you would like to learn more about your core, feel free to order my correspondence course or DVD set titled “Scientific Core Conditioning” from Place of Chi.

If you’d like to get to the core behaviors that may be creating a dysfunctional core, I’d suggest you consider attending my upcoming workshop titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease with Vidya and myself while I’m here in Australia.

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Love and chi,
Paul Chek