October 29, 2012


Happy Tuesday to You!

I had a great day seeing clients yesterday. After I was done with clients, I did a great circuit workout with Donal, Josh and Ryan Carr in Donal’s gym at Place Of Chi (www.placeofchi.com).

Ryan is 12 and Josh is 10 and it’s fun to see them train like athletes. Ryan showed me his abs and they were impressive indeed! Josh is a dancer and studies Jujitsu and moves like a cat in the gym. It was great fun!


Several years ago, I encouraged Donal and Cathy to put their kids in the local Steiner School.

It has been amazing to watch these kids grow each time I come back to Australia to teach.

Here you can see one of the classrooms. All the classrooms I visited there displayed the arts and crafts of the children. I was blown away at the beauty of the art the children are producing there. It literally took my breath away.

The children are taught with the structure developed by Rudolph Steiner, which develops the whole brain.

Their training includes action out the essential stories of the epics and different cultures around the world.

Here you can see Ryan Carr acting out a lead roll in one of their Steiner School plays. Ryan is very intelligent and multi-talented, just like his little brother (who isn’t so little!)

The Steiner school has plenty of beautiful, natural play area so the kids don’t suffer from a nature deficit. This kind of play area enhances motor skills development. T

his is very important for children because motor-intelligence is as essential to living healthy as intellectual intelligence.

If the intellectual mind develops ahead of the instinctual/biological mind, the child has less ability to feel it thoughts and ideas or its natural biological urges and instincts. This leads to children becoming people that don’t understand how a body works and are confused when it falls apart on them after countless hours of web surfing, computer games, and skipping meals and eating and drinking junk.

When females grow intellectually without biological intelligence and one day become pregnant, the chances of illness and deformity in their children increases; the chances of them having pregnancy, delivery, and post-pregnancy challenges is very real. I’ve seen many such cases.

Last night, Josh put on a dance demo for us.

We helped him get his dance costume dialed in and then he took it to the floor. He danced to Michael Jackson and it was impressive to watch indeed.

Seeing these kids develop in such a holistic home and school environment is reassuring to me. It makes me feel like my life’s work is meaningful in a deeper way.

The children of CHEK Practitioners around the world are healthy and beautiful at large and that is how I love to extend my legacy.


Vanessa Green, Chek HLC 2 Practitioner from Sydney, Australia (Residing in San Francisco, CA) sent me and Vidya a beautiful email letting us know she’d just completed her gong agreement with me from her HLC 2 training.

She said the tai-chi ruler gong (100 day consecutive practice) really helped her rest more deeply while training for her recent marathon and that she was grateful for having completed the gong.

Here you can see Vanessa’s gong sheet. She’s completed her gong, which is 100 days of practice without a missed day.

I’ve had several students get all the way to the high 90’s only to have something happen or accidentally forget to do their practice. That means you have to start over on day 1 again!

Vanessa is a real Spirit and has healed from some serious health challenges of her own by applying the CHEK HLC Principles of holistic living.

I’ve shown my students many times in private coaching sessions that their gong sheet usually tells them most of what they need to know with regard to their own self-management philosophy.

Until we learn to commit ourselves to something worthy and see it through to a natural completion, we are unlikely to ever learn the process of creating effectively in our own lives.

When I see and hear of my students completing their gongs, I am always grateful that they are authentic health advocates who others can witness and model.

That’s the only way we can really make beneficial changes in the world; talking hasn’t worked so far!

Well, that’s it from me today.

Tonight is our CHEK Dinner event and the famous Australian band, “Sacred Earth” is playing for us. Can’t wait!

Chek Practitioner Warren Williams is here all the way from London, which is very cool. I always love seeing Warren.

We are having an art show and the art pieces that Donal and Cathy Carr are sharing are mind blowing! Kerry Gleason and her husband Greg will be there too. I’m looking forward to seeing Kerry’s art. She’s incredible too. Vidya and I will be sharing as well, which will be fun for us.

Seize the Day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek