October 18, 2013

Rotation Dieting, Pt. 5: Commonly Asked Questions

Happy Friday!

In my blog today, I share:

1. My joy of the weekend
2. The new hand spun, hand knitted sweaters my mother gave Penny and I, and some comments about her sculptures.
3. Rotation Dieting, Pt. 5: Common Questions

Wow, I’m so happy the weekend is here. I’ve been incredibly busy for some time now, and worked the last two weekends to fit clients in. I’m a person that definitely needs ample time for unbound play or my creativity starts to feel stifled.

One of my most common forms of meditative practice is doing art in the evenings after dinner, and on the weekends. Most of my art is healing art directed toward my own healing and spiritual awakening, and it always makes me feel more whole inside.

Love Blossom Mandala

The mandala above is one that I did while enjoying myself during a restful weekend and I thought I’d share it with you today in hopes that looking at it facilitates an inner-opening within you, as it does for me.

Yesterday was a special day for Penny (my amazing wife) and I. We both got a new, hand spun and knitted sweater from my mother, Meera.

Penny's new sweater
My mother is a very skilled sculptor, weaver, spinner, knitter and all around craftswoman.


I suspect she gets some of her natural abilities from my Grandfather, who taught woodworking and a variety of arts and crafts to handicapped children in the LA school district for a very long time. He was also an expert at gemology, and make very beautiful jewelry as a hobby.

If you’d like to see some of my mother’s sculptures, feel free to visit: www.meeracensor.com. Once there, you may want to purchase her book, which features the many sculptures she’s made of the world’s great non-violent peacemakers.

When people come to my office to see me, they are generally quite amazed at the sculptures I have, all of which my mother made. They are so life-like, sometimes people can’t stop looking at them.

Paul's new sweater
Here you can see me in my new sweater and matching hat. The hat has tai-chi symbols knitted into it that interlock and go all the way around my head, which is pretty much the truth of me . I asked her to do a random pattern of black and white because they are my favorite colors in combination with each other, for metaphysical reasons.

Everywhere I go with one of my mother’s hand crafted sweaters, people ask me if she sells them. The answer is “yes”, but they are very labor intensive. She literally starts from loose wool off the sheep’s back, prepares it, spins the yarn by hand, and then knits the sweaters to your unique dimensions. It is a long process, and selling a sweater of this level of craftsmanship at commercial prices would require that she work for poverty wages.

I asked her what price she would need to “make the job worth it and enjoyable for her”; she said if my clients or students want a sweater, she’d be interested in doing it for $1,500 USD, which is still a great deal when you factor in how many hours it takes her to create one from scratch.

If you have any interest, you can go to her web site and send her an email through the “Contact Meera” section at the top right of her web page. She sells some of her sculptures in hydra-stone, which is a less expensive option if you like sculpture.

You are more than welcome to explore the options on her web site. I love having the figures of great people around me. They inspire me and help me through the challenges I face “being me” because I know what the great ones have endured to share their love with the world.

Rotation Dieting, Pt. 5: Commonly Asked Questions

I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on rotation dieting thus far. Though my series originally had four parts, I decided to add Pt. 5 to address commonly asked questions on rotation dieting.

In my vlog today, I answer the following questions to help you better understand rotation dieting and how to effectively implement a rotation diet:

1. Why is there fish on the same day as other meats, such as pork day?

2. Can I eat bacon and eggs together on a rotation diet?

3. What do I do when I don’t like the carbohydrate options (foods without eyeballs) on one of the days?

4. What do I do if I have food intolerance or allergy to many of the foods on a given day of the rotation diet?

5. How long do I need to stay on a rotation diet?

I’ve been getting questions (again) regarding the issue of vegetarianism on my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/paulcheklive), and requests to do videos on the topic. I may do that, but I’ve written two quite comprehensive articles addressing the topic of vegetarianism head on.

In these articles, I look at vegetarianism from a physiological perspective, and in part two, I look at the issues of vegetarianism from a spiritual growth perspective. If you’d like to read them, feel free to go to: https://www.ppssuccess.com/FoodforThought/ArticlesbyPaul/tabid/104/Default.aspx

I hope you enjoy the final segment of my rotation dieting series, and that you take some time to enjoy unbound play, catch up on your sleep, and hopefully, have some great love making too!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek