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October 14, 2013

Rotation Dieting, Pt. 3: Types of Rotation Diets

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you all had a great weekend and that you are enjoying my current vblog series on rotation dieting.

I had a great weekend composed largely of rest, art, great food, some walking in the hills, and some rock stacking in my front yard.

Love Heart

I also enjoyed some pleasant, peaceful detoxification and meditation in my HealthMate IR sauna; if you are interested in the healing benefits of IR (infrared) saunas, I have arranged a 30% discount and free delivery in the US for anyone that mentions my name when purchasing from HealthMate Sauna.

Underground Wellness Raido with Sean Croxton!

I will be on Sean Croxton’s very popular Underground Wellness Radio Show tomorrow evening at 5:00 PM (PDT). We will be discussing my presentation titled, Your E.C.H.O. Pattern™: How Man and Nature Influence Each Other for Sean’s upcoming Real Food Summit.

In my program (airing Thursday, October 25), I explain how we are in a constant give-and-take relationship with our environment. In our exchange with the global and local environment, we must have, and give back:

Energy: We are influence by the energies of nature, and nature is also influenced by the energy types we create and induce into the environment, for better of for worse.

Chemistry: I explain the basic chemical nature of our needs and how it relates to what nature provides.

Hydration: Water is essential for the survival of all the plants and animals we eat, and for our own survival. In the program with Sean, I talk about the key qualities that water must have to support life.

Organics/Organisms: We all have to find, and cultivate healthy organisms for our own dietary needs. Knowing the benefits of organic food and farming is essential today.

We are being fed a constant stream of miss-information about organic foods and organic farming, which I’ve addressed in some detail in my vlog/youtube series titled, What Is Organics (click on the link to learn much more).

Sean’s radio shows are always exciting and I get LOADS of questions from listeners, making them a great education opportunity for you! To join in tomorrow evening at 5:00 PM (PST), please go to this link:

Rotation Dieting, Pt. 3: Types of Rotation Diets

I hope you’ve been enjoying my rotation dieting series. So far in Pt.1, I covered the basics of what a rotation diet is, and gave a general overview of why rotation dieting is helpful in a modern world.

In Pt.2, I covered the basics of digestion and how leaky gut syndrome is commonly created.

Once I covered the basics of digestion, I explained how stress, medical drugs, alcohol consumption and fungal and/or parasite infections commonly lead to leaky gut syndrome. I then showed how the immune system attacks undigested food antigens (food particles).

I explained that whatever the liver can’t manage, ends up in general circulation where the kidneys will try and filter the antigens from the blood. I described how having undigested food antigens in your kidneys can, and often does lead to serious kidney pain and hospital visits, where they usually can’t find anything wrong with the kidneys.

I explained why it is that people have so many painful joint conditions when their gut is leaking, exciting the immune system.

Pt.3 Types of Rotation Diets

Today in my vlog on rotation dieting, I cover three different classifications of rotation dieting I created to better help my clients achieve health and well-being.

Before I get into a summary of what’s in my vlog, I’d like to point out that before a rotation diet plan can reach it’s health-giving potential, it is critical that you understand how to individualize your dietary needs.

While rotation dieting does increase food/nutrient variety and decrease stress on the immune system, if you don’t know how to choose and proportion foods for your individual needs, rotation dieting will be yet another attempt to balance imbalances created by choosing the wrong foods in the wrong proportions for your unique individual needs.

To learn how to fully customize your food and drink choices, as well as your food proportions to your individual needs, you can study my audio program, Identifying Your Primal Pattern Diet, which is available by clicking the link.

I created three different levels of rotation dieting to make it easier for my clients/patients to embrace rotation dieting, as well as specify what must be done with rotation dieting to heal as dictated by each individual’s specific health/healing needs.

The three types are:

1. Training Rotation Diet: I developed the training rotation diet concept to help people whose gut health is adequate enough that being on a more strict rotation diet.

In my practice, I found that unless someone is in pain, or is facing notable health challenges, they are unlikely to manage the behavior modifications needed for a classic rotation diet, or medical rotation diet.

The training rotation diet is one in which you don’t worry about the taxonomy, or genetics of a given food or genus, but seek to rotate all foods on a four-day cycle to maximize nutrient variety.

I also use the training rotation diet as a means of developing the habit, and discipline needed to perform a classic or medical grade rotation diet.

2. Rotation Diet: The standard version of rotation dieting requires some discipline, largely in developing the new shopping and food preparation practices that are required for effective rotation dieting.

Rotation dieting, as I explain in my vlogs, is a system of food rotation based on genetics or taxonomy. The standard rotation diet approach is designed to increase food variety, while at the same time avoiding foods of the same or very similar genetic sources.

This approach is essential for improving the overall function of our immune system.

3. Medical Rotation Diet: When I’m working with people that are sick, or diseased, I often have to introduce a strict rotation diet plan.

The Medical Rotation Diet plan that I’ve developed is one in which the individual must rotate not only foods, or drinks with food particles/residues (such as tea or any liquid you can’t see through), but spices, fats, and anything they consume that may trigger excessive immune reactions.

This form of rotation dieting requires a lot more diligence to implement, and naturally, takes more time and discipline to effectively utilize.

That said, I’ve been able to help people heal where it seemed as though nothing they tried would get the job done.

Often, we have a piece, or a couple pieces of the puzzle as we pursue the restoration of our own health and vitality, but can’t seem to finish the job, or stop the reoccurrences of our challenges.

Using the holistic approach I teach my students in the C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (Levels 1-3) Advanced Training program, we are typically able to identify the missing links and support people in their desire for long-term healing.

To learn more about the C.H.E.K Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (Levels 1-3) program, click here: Advanced_Training_Programs/HLC

I hope you enjoy Pt. 3: Types Of Rotation Diet today and find it useful when applying Rotation Dieting to either yourself or your clients lives.

We will be posting Part 4., Tips For Rotation Dieting on Wednesday.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek