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September 5, 2016

Rhythm, Order, Thought and Emotions

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all well. If you are in the U.S., I hope you are enjoying the Labor Day holiday!

I’m going to work on my painting today and enjoy a nice workout without any schedule… Yay!

Tonight, like most nights, I will enjoy meditating in my Health Mate IR sauna too. Check them out and let them know I sent you for quite a good discount!

Today in my blog, I will share:

1. Rhythm, Order, Thought and Emotions

2. CHEK Advanced Training Completions

3. Show-N-Tell with Paul

Rhythm, Order, Thought and Emotions

Is there a connection among the rhythms we maintain, the order we create in our lives and the depths of thought and quality of emotional experience we have day-to-day?

In my personal and professional experience, there definitely is!

I have been both a student of my own life, and a guiding influence in thousands of lives as a teacher, therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Whenever there are challenges with meeting the essentials of healthy living, they are mirrored in our capacity for constructive thinking, deep exploratory thinking and emotional self-expression.

I was listening to an interview between Jeffery Mishlove and a very wise professor of philosophy recently. Mishlove asked the professor if he felt that the added complexity of society (and the information age) had resulted in the development of our thinking abilities as individuals.

The professor answered, “NO.” He went on to share that even though people in general are thinking more and have more complicated thought processes, the depth and quality of their thoughts have progressively declined.

He cited many of the great philosophies and teachers from centuries past to make his point. I agree with his assessment whole-heartedly.

What I’ve witnessed in my now 32-year career, most of which has been spent in the role of a teacher in one form or another (often exposed to large audiences of students worldwide), is that we’ve gone from “fast food nations” to becoming addicted to a worldwide phenomenon of “fast food education.”

The result is a lot of people say the words, but don’t do the deeds associated with authentic mastery of most topics of which they claim expertise.

It seems to me the majority of people have mental-emotional challenges that could be addressed with some simple changes in the way they engage life on a daily basis.

9-5-16 Blog Rhythm Order Thought and Emotions Blk Bd

In my vlog today, I share a simple, grounded explanation of how our environment changes throughout the day, and what energies naturally go with each portion of a daily cycle.

I explain how this relates to the effective use of our minds, and how disrupted daily rhythms that lead to body stress are common sources of emotional turbulence.

In my explanations, I look at the concept of habit, and how we can use awareness and creativity to remove the bonds of unconscious choices/habits and create a life that more authentically reflects the life we desire to live each day.

I finish by sharing a simple 1-2-3-4 approach to balancing ourselves so we can enjoy the stability needed for quality, clear, deep, productive thinking, as well as improved emotional stability.

I conclude by suggesting the following references:

1. How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy! – Book
2. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need! – multimedia ebook
3. Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 (live or on-line)
4. PPS Lesson 1
5. C4Q Coaching Mastery (Workshop) September 15-18, 2016

I hope you enjoy my video blog presentation today!

CHEK Advanced Training Completions

C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 2, UK with Matt Wallden


Please help me congratulate our newest CP2s in the UK!

At each level of the CHEK training, students commit themselves to learning more about the complex human, more comprehensive assessments and rehabilitative techniques.

With Mathew Wallden as your teacher, I am positive that your experience was deep and fun!

Congratulations! C.H.E.K Level 3 will boost your knowledge of the neck, shoulder and spinal pathologies. I look forward to seeing you there!

Exercise Coach, UK with Leigh Brandon

EC_London UK_083116

Congratulations for completing Exercise Coach.

I am sure you realized that Leigh is a fantastic coach and his knowledge of CHEK assessments, application and program design are superior.

Please enjoy working with your clients and practice, practice, practice assessing so that you are proficient and your clients reach their dreams!

Show-N-Tell with Paul

Mana LOVES his little play pool!

Mana and Momma swimming pool 9-3-16
Mana really loves water in general too. He’s a Pisces, so that makes sense.

We all really enjoy letting him play in his pool, and giving him baths at night before bed because the water is such a highlight for him each day.

Angie is an incredible mother, and loves being with and guiding the growth and development of his beautiful mind and body, as do Penny and I.

I am grateful to Mana’s two mommies who care and love him so completely!

Here is Mana with Momma Penny after a morning at the Vista Farmer’s Market!

Mana loves all the food, colors, people and activities there. He got pooped out from it all and came home to have a lovely three-hour nap.

One of his favorite things to do with Daddy is stand up while I make the swing do BIG SWINGS and surf the swing.


It’s so much fun to do with him and watch him get excited and make his little sounds of joy.

We practice “Laird Hamilton big wave surfing” together. So fun!

Mana at park with Mommy 9-4-16.JPG
This morning, he went to the park to meet his Grandma and her husband.

He loves Grandma time. She got stuck in traffic, so this is how Mana keeps himself occupied while he waited.

Agni Painting

Agni painting PC 9-3-16
I started this painting of “Agni,” the Sun god on my birthday and am plugging away at it whenever I can.

I’m a Virgo in Western astrology, with Leo rising and I have a strong affinity with the sun.

I have had many powerful spiritual experiences with the use of an Egyptian sun-gazing practice.

I finally got the look and feel I want for the snake (coiled up), as it represents the serpent or kundulini (life force) energy the sun gives us all.

There is a lot to do yet, but I’m having a great time using my painting time as meditation, and love feeling the vibration change within myself with the addition of each brush stroke, and the addition of each successive new color… Very fun!

I hope you all enjoyed my blog for this week.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week, and hope you all enjoy living fully until then.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek