October 26, 2011


Good Day to All of You!

I hope you are all well.

I had a lovely day of rest yesterday. As you can imagine, I was ready to stop talking after talking non-stop for six days.

I got up and came in to write my blog. Then I headed to Encinitas for a massage and a steam bath, which was lovely on both accounts.

I then headed to Frazier Farms, a local organic food store for a fresh squeezed juice, where I found some great organic corn and sweet potato chips; a great little snack with some guacamole.

After that, I finally created time to get my tires rotated on my car. While I waited almost an hour for the tire crew to do that, I got some lovely reading in.

After a pit-stop here at the office to pick up my current art book, I went home and did some more reading, note taking and created a new drawing.

That took me right up to bedtime. I took the day off of exercise so my massage could sink in.



A common question I get is, “how can I see nature spirits like you do?”

I thought I’d share some tips with you today.

I drew this picture of two humming birds and the Over-soul of the humming birds.

I saw this while watching the humming birds in my garden and held the vision so I could draw it to share with others, which now includes you!

Wherever nature is, there are nature spirits. Some of the spirits are the spirits within the plants and animals; the spirit-body is what gives each living being consciousness.

Plant spirits often look like sparkling fog initially. Once the spirit knows you are safe and loving, it can take on a variety of shapes.

The spirit of one of my little Bonsai trees often appears to me as an Asian lady; sometimes the spirit takes on other shapes.

I’ve found that the shapes they take are influenced by my consciousness; if I can better relate to them in human forms or images, they may create something that resonates with me.

Sometimes, they appear to me as a sparkling could that has what look like little sparkling eyes peeking at me through the spaces between the branches and leaves.

Animal spirits look just like the animal body they inhabited; the image I drew above represents that so you can get a feeling for what I mean.

A simple example of how they appear is to think of the difference between seeing an animal on TV and in person. The animal on TV is an image of its actual physical embodiment.

Animal spirits appear exactly as their animal self, and move, and act generally the same.

They don’t communicate through their normal voices though. They communicate with me telepathically.

They may tell me things, yet I don’t hear them with my physical ears – I perceive their messages inside myself as a knowing.

Sometimes, I have to ask them several times if I’ve understood them correctly. In general, I’ve found that they love finding human beings conscious enough to convey their messages to.

Once while I was hiking in the hills, I had a tug on my own spirit. I was attracted to some of the brush and sage plants.

I stopped, touched them and asked if they wanted to talk to me. They said, “yes”.

They then asked, “where are the rest of the people like you?”

I said, “who do you mean?”

They said “the people that use to live here and travel here.”

I said, “do you mean the native Indians that once lived here?”

They said, “yes, they use to talk to us and they were concerned about our needs, not just theirs.”

They then said, people walking these trails don’t hear us, they don’t see us, and many don’t even care about us. We are concerned because the people here keep killing our home. We notice you are different. We’ve seen you here many times. We’ve heard your music when you play your rattles and your instruments as you hike. Where are the people like you. We want to talk to you.”

This is the kind of conversation I have with plant spirits quite often.

Some people may think I’m nuts, but, it’s usually the ones that think I’m nuts that are tired, sick, unhappy with themselves inside, and need my help!

I’m not nuts when I’m helping them solve their problems though!

When animals die, they too go through a period where they are still in the earth plane, just as humans do.

Because animals have a much simpler mental construct, and are not so bogged down with unmet desires, addictions, judgments, and typically have no desire for revenge, they generally move on more quickly than humans so at large.

Animals that are raised by, and have emotional attachments to humans and places that are common to them, such as the home they lived in, may stay in the earth plane after they die to be around the people they love.

They may also feel so comfortable where they lived in a home (for example) that they don’t want to move on.

Several years ago, I was staying with our then UK distributor, Alex McKenzie in her new home, which she’d only been in for a year or so if memory serves me correctly.

Alex had bought a dog to keep her company and I’d not had any time to come to know the dog at all because it was a new edition to her home and life since the last time I was there teaching.

One evening, while I was upstairs sitting in one of her big chairs next to her couch while watching TV, I felt a presence in the room and looked in the direction I could feel the presence.

I saw a pretty, longhaired cat laying on the couch looking at me. I could see immediately that the cat was a ghost and that this must have been it’s home because it seemed to have a stately presence, as though “I was in it’s house.”

I called down to Alex and asked her to come up to the living room where I was.

I said, “Alex, do you know you’ve got a disembodied cat living here in your house with you?”

She immediately displayed a lot of emotion and said something like, “Oh my God, you’re kidding me!”

I said, “No, I’m not kidding you. Why the reaction?”

She then informed me that for no apparent reason, her dog would start running wildly through the house as though it were chasing something and would be barking and acting aggressively.

She now realized that the dog must be seeing the cat and now want it in “it’s territory.”

This is actually quite a common occurrence. Because animals don’t have cluttered minds and don’t suffer “disbelief”, they can actually often see what’s there with them in reality. When we can relax and be open to exploring reality without projecting our own fears, we too can be like Alex’s dog and see the cat, so-to-speak.

There are other such experiences I could share, but I don’t want to drag on too much.

This explanation is also an explanation as to why most humans don’t see nature spirits; if your mind is busy, it is also busy projecting.

When your mind thinks, it creates pictures and feelings. The more thinking and picture projecting one does, the less of what’s in front of, or around them they can perceive.

Simply put, the more people you have trying to talk to you at once, the less you can perceive of any of their messages.

Additionally, it is our unmet desires that polarize us into thinking patterns.

To the degree that your mind is busy ruminating on anything, but particularly issues of strong polarity, such as being upset at someone, feeling resentful, being judgmental, or negative thinking in general, the more enshrouded in your own shadow you become and the less of Nature’s truth and beauty you see.

Unfortunately, the less truth in nature you see, the more afraid and alone you feel.

Tips For Seeing Nature Spirits:

1. Check out Kingdom Of The Gods, by Geoffrey Hodson is an excellent book with beautiful illustrations of many classes of nature spirits.



It may help to know what many of them look like so you can have some idea of what you are seeing when you see it.

When I saw this book the first time, I realized that indeed, I had already seen many nature spirits but didn’t have a frame of reference within which to contextualize them.

Previously, I simply didn’t know what to make of what I was seeing, with the exception of animal spirits and human spirits, which as I shared above, tend to hold their form.

2. Become clear as to what is more important to you, believing in what others have told you (largely out of their own ignorance), or experiencing what’s actually going on in life.

To the degree that you are open to experiencing the truth of life, ask your own soul to guide you to the experiences you are now ready for.

3. Spend time in nature as often as possible, even if it’s just being in your own yard.

Spending time cultivating a relationship with house plants can be extremely helpful.

Talk to them, pet them, share love with them just as you would any other animal or human that you love.

If you can do tai-chi, Qi-going, meditation, playful art, or any other means of relaxing your mind around them and invite them to show you their spirit body, or let you “feel it”, they will show you.

You will need to be very relaxed and have a soft gaze to see them. Many of you will feel the plant spirits before you see them.

If you pet a plant with love, you may notice that a warmth or tingling begins to occur around your hand. As you continue, if you stay in an inviting, loving spirit or state of mind, that energy will begin to move around you, and can feel like a tiny being crawling around on you, but it’s very subtle, gentle.

If you feel this form of connection, begin to converse with the plant spirit.

Ask it to touch you somewhere specific, like your nose so you can be sure you aren’t just imagining things.

I often say, “dear plant spirit, if that’s you, touch my nose three times in a row so I know it’s you”, and they do.

In time, this feeling process will teach you to relax enough that you can begin seeing them.

They don’t show up “outside you”, like a cup being held in your hand does.

Spirits show up in your inner-vision; your brain actually is capable of sensing and seeing much more than you have been conditioned to believe and can, if you relax, show you what you’ve been editing out based on your conditioning.

4. Read books by those that have relationships with nature spirits, such as Rudolph Steiner and others. It won’t take long searching Amazon for such books that can give more tips.

5. Take courses from people like myself that can guide you deeper into the experience so you learn faster and have a teacher that can give you feedback.

6. Begin treating all living beings in nature with love and respect.

When you finally begin breaking through to the subtle realms, you are likely to remember all the times in your life you acted disrespectfully to nature and her beings.

This experience can create a lot of empathy for nature and a willingness to educate others as to the destructive behaviors they display out of ignorance.

For instance, a few months ago, I was sitting in my office writing and I started hearing “whack – whack – whack!” and I had a big surge of fright-energy go through my body.

I jumped up and went to the window where I saw a boy about 10 years old with a big stick whacking down the beautiful flowers in the flowerbed in front of my office.

I had a talk with him and explained that the flowers are living beings just like him. I asked him, “how would you feel if all the sudden the flowers picked up sticks and started whacking you back?”

The look in his eyes was priceless, to say the least. He threw the stick down and took off running.

7. Reevaluate your concept of God!

If you, for any reason, think that there is anything other than God here in the universe and the world, then you’ve been misled and suffer a mind-virus. That mind-virus will have a blinding effect on you.

The word “God” means ALL. God is Prime Source. There can be no other if God exists. If God doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter.

All the beings of nature have only each other and to be disrespectful to any life-form is to harvest negative energy in your field, once again, blinding you to the truth, to reality.

Art From A Student and Friend


I thought I would share this lovely, most interesting piece of art sent to me by a student and friend, Brandyn Wicklund, from Palm Desert.

Brandyn and his girlfriend Cherie have done a lot of PPS and CHEK training and work daily to be the best they can be for themselves and others.

Brandyn has a lot of experience in martial arts and is a skilled CHEK Practitioner for any of you in the Palm Desert area that may want help with CHEK or HLC issues!

Thanks for sharing your cool art Brandyn! Love to you and Cherie!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog today.

I’ll see what Spirit suggests we share tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek