August 5, 2013

Quiet In Action

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

7 Stacks in Heaven

I’ve been very busy catching up on back work due to what seems like an endless stream of meetings over the past couple months. I rested at home Friday and did pretty much nothing all day but hang out with the spirits in my garden. I got some reading and some tai-chi in, and a little art in the process.

I enjoyed two lovely saunas in my Health Mate IR sauna, which is a God-send in my life. I have the most amazing, deep meditations in there. I put some essential oils in to open the gates of the higher mind and relax the ego mind, which helps. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the essential oils of eucalyptus and balsam fir together.

Saturday and Sunday, I came to the office and enjoyed the stillness that emerges when the weekend arrives. For my exercise, aside from my tai-chi, I got out into my stone circle and started creating.

Saturday, I created the first three stacks you see one behind the other in the center. Sunday, I continued my project and created the remaining four stacks.

While building the tallest one Saturday, I had to stack three big stones atop of each other to get high enough to put the top few stones on. All the sudden, I felt as though the earth was moving under me. In a moment of pause, I noticed the whole stack was falling toward me. I had to jump off my perch backward and do a plyometric backward hop outside the circle to avoid being crushed by several hundred pounds of rocks!

Needless to say, it sure added some excitement to my day and gave me one hell of an adrenaline buzz! I love it though. It’s these very moments that serve as reminders that one should never be distracted or fall asleep while stacking rocks!

Today, I share Arnold M. Patent and Victor R. Beasley’s 1988 Universal Principle #1: Universal Intelligence’s Perfection in my vlog below.

Here are the words if you want to have them so it’s easier to follow along:

Universal Intelligence’s Perfection

“I align all the frequencies of my consciousness with the perfectly operating principles of Intelligent Infinity, The All, God.

Intelligent Infinity is inherently perfect and expresses this perfection through Universal Laws, which operate at all levels of phenomena, all dimensions of the created worlds.

As human beings we are created, and we function, according to Universal Law expressing itself perfectly in our lives. Not only is each of us perfect, everyone else is also. See/feel the perfection in all things, in all people, in all situations.

When we see everyone else as perfect, we allow ourselves to experience our own perfection. This leads us to function intuitively without conscious-mind distortion.”

I have personally found the Universal Principles to be a great tool for my own spiritual growth and development, so I feel inspired each day to share them with others.

I hope you enjoy Universal Principle #1 today!

Quiet In Action 

Many people, particularly in the western world, have a hard time calming their mind, or “meditating”. One of the main reasons for this is that most people learn to think that meditation is an active practice; that you “make your mind meditate”.

Anytime you “try and meditate”, you are not meditating!

Meditating is a “witnessing” experience; you don’t “try and watch TV, you simply watch it.” The difference between watching TV and meditating is that while watching TV, you are being immersed in a constant stream of information, which contains both obvious and subtle messages, all of which constitute “information”.

Therefore, the brain relaxes, but relaxes into a stream of thoughts to be interpreted for meaning. There are also the reactions to the unconscious messaging, which can cause quite a stir in someone’s mind.

When I create rock art, I am engaged in a very physical process. I use the physical work to facilitate a state of inner-calm.

To induce this inner-calm so my mind follows suit, I begin warming up with very simple, safe lifting tasks, such as flipping some big stones over and over again, or stacking a couple big stones atop each other that don’t require too much alertness or awareness.

Once I’m tired, I may sit or lay down on the rocks or ground and simply let go and sleep awake. That’s meditation – I just witness the clouds in the sky, the birds flying, or watch the ants in their busy scurry and allow myself to be one with them.

No thinking, just being present.

Once I get ready for the real work, I then completely relax my mind and ask my inner-self (soul) to guide me to the first rock for my project.

If my mind is active with my own thoughts, I can’t hear or feel the guidance coming from within; the soul’s language is one of expressions of energy from within silence. If one can’t get silent, they can’t learn to differentiate their thoughts from intuition.

Intuition is a process of deep listening. Intuition responds to intention. If my intention is to build a nice piece of rock art, I ask my soul to guide me to creating something that is aesthetically pleasing to me and the neighbors, yet is also beneficial to the land; stones and stone stacks have a similar function to the earth as acupuncture needles do when inserted into a human body.

I feel myself being drawn to the rock that is to be next. I have to completely empty my ego-mind and go into a deep feeling, receptive mode.

In that practice, over many years, I’ve come to realize that we are all being guided by the Universe all the time, but are seldom taught how to listen to, or communicate with the Wholeness that expresses itself in and as appearances, such as you and I, and the planet and stars.

Through quiet, my actions are guided.

As I’ve learned to trust my intuitive mind through the practice of healing art therapy, food and exercise selection, coaching clients, stacking rocks, asking which route to take for the greatest ease of arrival when traveling by jet, etc…

I’ve found life to be much more fun and supportive.

I hope you take a little time to apply some of these principles in your own life. You will be amazed at what happens when you let action lead you to quiet, and just as amazed when you see what actions emerge through you out of quiet.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek