July 31, 2013

Quiet Births Movement

Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a great, and much need day of rest at home yesterday. It has been a very busy year for the institute and me so far, so rest is cherished when I can take it.

My day off began with a beautiful long sauna and a review of Itzhak Bendov’s excellent book, Stalking The Wild Pendulum.



I read it many years ago, but was amazed to see how much more depth of understanding and experience I perceive the same words through today. This is one of the best books there is for “metaphysical skeptics” to read for a better understanding of the physics of metaphysics.

Itzhak Bentov was a respected scientist and inventor; he invented the pacemaker used today for cardiac patients around the world.

Bentov was also a very experienced meditator and remote viewer. He was able to accurately describe the composition of the rings around Saturn by remote viewing. His findings were found to be bang on accurate many years later when the first space probes sent conclusive images.

This book and my Health Mate IR sauna was a fantastic start to my day of fasting, herbal tea, garden joy, art, and laziness.

I spent half the day yesterday in my garden watering fruit trees and plants. I re-potted a beautiful plant that has been the centerpiece of my dining table for years. She started struggling and dropping leaves so I had a little chat with her and asked if there was anything I could do to help her. She told me she needed more room in her pot. I found a beautiful clay pot for her and gave her a lovely new home. I then put a circle of beautiful gemstones of her choosing around her to energize her soil.

After lots of sun and connecting to the earth, I sat down to work on a character drawing of my client Jason, who I share more about below. Jason is my longest standing Zero Force Coaching client and we always have amazing times together. His spirit is big and blazing, like the Sun.

I am full of inner-smiles from out time together, so I though I’d put it into artistic expression. I’m still working on it so maybe I’ll share it when done.

Quiet Births Movement

PC with Morning Art

All things in motion require something to propel them, which is naturally some form of energy; a ball won’t throw itself.

When we spend our days being busy, we make energetic demands on our body-mind; we throw the ball. If we don’t take the time to rest and recover, we become progressively energy depleted. As we become energy deficient, we are prone to increased use of stimulants such as coffee and sugar.

We are also much more prone to time consuming interruptions from others; we are tired and often unconsciously welcome any break from focused work, which is energy demanding.

The lesson in all this is that Dr. Quiet is the Chief Physician of any healthy lifestyle. Without Dr. Quiet, there is no time to charge yourself with life-force energy, and both our willingness to love others and create effectively diminishes.

Today, I share a simple, quick method I use as one of my methods for starting my day with the right intention. I like doing this kind of art-start to my day in the morning because my mid is fresh and the day is just starting. I like to forecast my day in advance. This way, I’m clear in my intentions as to what is, and what isn’t part of my day; I take responsibility for getting clear with Dr. Happiness within myself. This way, if I’m offered a distraction, I’m already clear on my compass bearings for my day…I’ve drawn it.

I find that when I start my day this way, I’m more consistent in achieving my objectives, feel better, and sleep better. I hope you enjoy this short video and that it inspires you to practice this simple form of active meditation.

Morning art

A Busy Weekend

Due to schedule conflicts, I chose to work through the weekend with my Zero Force Coaching client, Jason. Here you can see me teaching Jason how to perform the Reverse Swiss Ball Crunch exercise.

JP Reverse Crunch

Jason is very dedicated to his training and loves mastering the fine details. We spent half a day assessing him and going through his new program. He did very well, as usual.

Jason P Spiritual Practice
Here you can see Jason and I concluding our four day Zero Force Coaching retreat. After reviewing what came up as the most important aspects of Jason’s life for optimal balance and growth potential, Jason synthesized his learning to three key areas for his own optimal growth.

I have listed them here, with some short comments I feel are relevant:

1. QUIET: Quiet is the foundation of movement and life is movement.

2. LOVE: Love is created through connection, and the flow of energy and information. All love begins with connecting to ourselves first, and being honest about what energy and information we can share without being unrealistic to our own authentic needs.

When we love ourselves less effectively in attempt to love others, we are merely taking from Peter to pay Paul so-to-speak. There is no net gain in the love in the world, only a sense of real or imagined barter between self and Self, often influenced by the behavior of others in pain from living that way.

When we love and nurture ourselves adequately that we have genuine love to share with others, we add love to the world and in so-doing, we show others what love looks like so they can recreate that experience for themselves.

3. SPIRIT: Spirit means transition; this becomes that – that becomes this. All things in the created Universe are in the process of becoming something more, or something less; often becoming something less (materialistic) results in becoming something more (holistic/spiritual). To be a “spiritual person” simply means to take responsibility for what you create moment with your choices.

It was an amazing four days with Jason. We covered a lot of ground together and I feel great knowing that he’s sharing his life wisdom with his family, friends and co-workers each day.

You are a Star Jason!


Right after Jason’s car picked him up, I got into my stone lifting clothes and headed out to my stone circle for a solid workout.

I started off with the stack you see on my right. Fortunately, Rory came around right when I was trying to get that big 200-pound crystal up you see next to my right shoulder. He was able to help me stand it up carefully, which was very hard to do without tipping the other stones over.


PC Twin Stack

After Rory and I got that section built, I continued until I capped it. I had so much energy built up in me from not being able to do my normal training routine for the past week, I built a second stack, which you see on my left; I needed a little help from Rory again alone the way, but we both had great fun! Thanks Rory!

RM Twin Stack

A short while before Jason came to see me, he and his partner Jacquie painted this stack Jason built.

Jason Jacquie Painted Stack

I think it is very beautiful and am happy I can share it with you. I hope you and your children (if you have any) feel inspired to play in nature and share your beauty with others.

I hope you all have a lovely day of intentional creativity, movement and happiness today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek