September 7, 2012


Happy Friday to You!

I hope you are getting ready for an incredible weekend! I am.

I’m taking the day off today and getting a massage, having a steam, doing art, and spending some time with my orange and lime trees giving them a big drink and plucking off the old fruits that didn’t get eaten.

I may get a rock stack or two in there as well.

Tomorrow, I’ll be coming to work on editing my new program on healing from fungal and parasite infections. We are working toward completion now so if you’d like to be notified of the release and get the early bird discount, feel free to sign up to be notified here:

Sunday, Penny and I are going out to the mountains to hike together. That will be fun and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with her. My wife is a real mountain woman and you need to be in shape to keep up with her in the mountains; have you ever seen Penny’s calves?

HLC 3 begins next Thursday as well, which is exciting. There will be two CHEK Level 4 Practitioners in class, which is very rare.They are taking the course as a refresher.

One of them, Ashley Mazurek, is a TEAM CHEK Presenter for the institute, and I’m excited to get to see Ashley and spend some quality time with her.

The others are Wayne Daniel; ee is a great friend of mine and I’m happy to share with him again in this setting, and Hanna Dalsgard-Korso who just finished CP4 with me.

So many people will be attending like Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut, Angie Lustrick, The 2011 Ultimate CHEK Professional, and many others. This will be a great group of students. If you are coming to the class, I’m looking forward to having a great time healing together.


We are born human beings. That requires that we be born to parents, who have preconceived ideas of what is right or wrong, good or bad, and what God is or isn’t. Yet, we are each born individuals. We are an authentic, novel expression of the Universe.

With that comes an open mind. An unfettered mind.

In due time, we find our child-minds seeking new experiences and pleasures, but we have often got no idea that suggests we are “wrong” for wanting to touch, to feel, to see, to experience and to know.

Soon enough, we begin hearing the word “NO” from parents and family members. We often feel emotional surges because we don’t like “NO” because it feels as though we are being cut off from the joys of natural exploration.

Because we have no experience with handling our emotions, they often come out very pure, sometimes very loud, and even explosively. This leads to reprimand in many instances.

As this chain of experiences progresses, we often become afraid to express ourselves honestly and openly. Soon our spirit is suffocated and thoughts of pain and separation emerge more and more often.

Fears emerge whenever we feel the natural urge to do the things we have a big urge to feel and experience.

This can progress to the point that we begin to break down inside and feel listless, sluggish, even defeated and depressed.

Many of the great spiritual teachers teach the use of pure thought. Pure thought is any thought without judgment or thoughts that induce separation.

Examples of some of the pure thoughts I use in my own meditations are:

“The sun rises in my being!the moon settles in my being”

“I am One with the Universe – I sense my purpose effortlessly”

“Love is God and I am Love”

“I am Safe, I am Home, I am Whole”

Whenever you feel inner-judgment of self or others arise, if you take a moment to witness such thoughts and ask yourself honestly if such thoughts are creating, or detracting from your dream, you will usually find that they are habitual distractions from experiencing what you’ve wanted to experience since you were a child.

By witnessing as a detached observer and not giving such thoughts any power, you can replace those thoughts quickly with a pure thought.

In time, you will find that your mind begins to accept the pure thoughts as reality and you begin to create in ways that express your pure thoughts.

In so doing, you become a healing light to all others and you are free in the sanctity of your own mind.


Two amazing women who are also student’s sent me art this week. I’m excited to share Andie Carroll and Patti Wedegis art today.

These ladies are both amazing human beings and their love is apparent in their art and their words.

(Soon, I’ll be sharing a piece of art I’m working on that has amazing parallels to Andie’s, even though we didn’t (consciously) know we were swimming the cosmic seas together as we began creating!)

“The Cosmic Garden” by Andie Carrol

“Soon after beginning this piece, I read Paul’s Blog about the Mayan Calendar, which included art pieces of his interpretation of the ending of this cycle. He invited others to send in their artistic representations of the same thing and what it meant to them and the more I worked on this piece, the more it became clear to me that this was exactly what I was creating.

From what I understand, this shift that will be taking place means we will be experiencing a great deal of acceleration, a higher vibration and an increase in our conscious awareness. For me, I have already experienced a tremendous amount of accelerated growth in 2012, more than I would have ever thought possible in this lifetime, let alone in a few months. I know that with growth and expansion comes the release of what was previously blocking us from being (back) in that peak state already, ie. Pain. And it is easy as the pain is being released, to actually get tangled up in it before it makes its way out, as if we’re experiencing it all over again for the first time, and fear that we’re actually moving in the wrong direction because of what has all of sudden risen to the surface.

To me, beginning this new cycle with the awareness that I/we have (since many of us don’t), means a responsibility- to do something with it; to make the choice to take advantage of it; to be brave enough to move into it fearlessly, knowing that any discomfort we may experience is simply a release of the old, and remembering that this release process is actually the water needed for more beautiful things to grow within us. As depicted in this art piece, the being is shedding tears-pain, fear, programming, destructive thoughts and beliefs, and so on. These tears feed the flowers that are connected to the same being, allowing them to grow. More tears shed means more flowers grow-more opportunities, more beauty, more miracles, more magic, more growth, more fulfillment, and more love, until it becomes a beautiful garden that this being has created within itself. This piece to me, depicts a part of my legacy which is to do precisely that-grow, learn, heal, expand, share, and love, as much as possible, becoming the most beautiful being I can, expressing that beauty through my art, allowing others to see, feel, and experience that beauty, love and potential in themselves. The creature in this piece is a depiction of the higher self, the center of the eye working like a time machine, where we can jump in at any moment, leaving all time, space, and thought behind, allowing us to fly anywhere, be anyone, know anything, at any given moment. It’s our soul, and it’s always waiting for us to reconnect and take a ride.

I don’t normally give much (if any) information about what my art is depicting, sometimes not even a title. I like to leave it wide open to the viewer since a great deal of my creating art is for the experience of the viewer, and we all see and feel different things when looking at a piece, especially mine! So of course feel free to disregard what I’m saying as being the ‘meaning’ of this piece ☺ Experience it as you wish!”

Thank you Paul!



Hi Vidya,
I have been loving the blogs and beautiful artwork everyone is sharing. I am sending you two of my latest favorites. I have a new meditation garden, designed and installed as a barter from one of my clients. It has been the source of most of my artwork this summer.

I practice my chi ruler in the morning and some afternoons, whenever possible. In the afternoons, I often do my artwork there.

Sending you, Paul, and all our CHEK Family love and appreciation,
Patti Wedegis

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and the amazing expressions of love through art from the CHEK Community! Perhaps even inspiring you to get out your pens, paints and pads?

Have a great weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek