August 27, 2013

Perfection – As Unconditional Love and Support

Happy Tuesday to You!

I hope your day was Abundant yesterday, and that it is equally Abundant today too!

I was very busy working with clients yesterday myself, but it was a great day. I got to spend half a day with my buddy and business mentor, Sean Greeley, Founder of NPE (Net Profit Explosion), which is always fun.

Sean has some exciting business development workshops coming up you many want to know about if growing a healthy, abundant business is your goal. I’m always excited when I hear of CHEK Practitioners joining NPE for training and support because so far, every one of them that has followed NPE’s advice has really been happy with the results!

I got into the gym for a quick deadlift, high cable pulling, and weighted bag work yesterday. I’ve been very busy lately, so gym time has been limited. As long as I get a concentrated 20 minutes in the gym, I can maintain my youthfulness, but I really enjoy moving more slowly in the gym when I can.

I’ve found that consistency is the key to long term health and well being with pretty much any life affirmative practice, such as exercising, tai-chi, meditation, eating well, sleeping well, etc.

Developing good habits and sticking to them, even when time is short, goes a long way toward progressive development of one’s well-being.

Last night before bed, I got to enjoy my favorite TV show, which is Longmire. Excellent story, acting, actors, and great Native American metaphysics woven deeply into the storyline. Longmire is a very real, complex, rich character, who is surprisingly like my father in many ways.

I often feel like I’m watching my father acting; my father is a very strong, intelligent, capable man of few words, but when they do come, listening is a good idea!

I also did some drawing. I started a new movie documentary called “Samsara”, which I got on Amazon’s video system. The cinematography is excellent! There is some very profound expressions of what it means to be God in a human body in this movie!

Perfection – As Unconditional Love and Support – Universal Principle #5


Today, my vlog explores Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle 5: Perfection (From his book, The Journey)

This Universal Principle (UP) explains God as Unconditional Love, and inspires us to enjoy using the Unconditional Love that is ever-present and available to us in our human journey.

Because Unconditional Love is an elusive concept, and is often misunderstood by many, I spend a few minutes expanding on Arnold Patent’s teachings here in hopes of bringing some clarity.

I really find it challenging to use the word “God” because there are so many “ideas” as to what that word means, and at large, they are only “ideas”.

When we truly understand what God is, a paradox emerges; you don’t need ideas about God to live and love well because ideas always create limitations. All one needs is to be present, and to witness the unfolding of the universe, and the world.

There is so much astounding beauty, that to spend time arguing over ideas about what God does or doesn’t want is no different that spending time arguing over ideas with your spouse, all the while, missing the miracles of your children growing all around you!

When we realize that God does not want anything because God IS, and has EVERYTHING, including ourselves, then life becomes an act of sharing experiences within, and as the Mystery itself.

All we can take with us when we leave the earth plane is what we’ve become. If we’ve learned to live and love fully, with or without ideas of “God” in our heads, then we have become harmonized to what gives life meaning and joy.

Heaven isn’t a destination. Neither is hell. They are places we create within our own mind. If you can’t recognize and experience heaven on earth, you certainly won’t know how to recognize and harmonize with heaven elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy this video today!

Perfection: God is perfect and expresses this perfection as unconditional love and support. Whatever unfolds is God happening. When we see and feel other than unconditional love, we are seeing and feeling the disguises we have created with our beliefs. We create disguises to explore the experiences that make up our human journey. When we are ready to see and feel with greater clarity, we embrace whatever is before us in unconditional love, trusting that the Universe, in Its constant expression of unconditional love, is sending us the perfect support to expand our joyfulness. With practice, our clarity grows, along with our gratitude for the unconditional love, support and joyfulness that is always present.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek