November 19, 2013

Paul Chek’s Coffee/Espresso TIPS PT 1 of 3

Happy Tuesday to You!

Sorry I didn’t get my blog up yesterday. It was one of those days where I seemed to be running from appointment to appointment; when it got to the point where it was a choice between writing the blog up, and getting into the gym, I had to stick to my own dictum, “I before We always”. This is what I call healthy selfishness.

That said, with all the business, I did have a fantastic pushing workout! I did five circuits of Olympic bar push-jerks, single arm cable pushing, Swiss ball arch-to-pikes, and finished my circuit with Swiss ball-dumbbell bench presses.

That made me quite hungry for the rest of the day; which is a good thing because I love to eat great food!

CHEK/NPE FAST FORWARD Event with Sean Greeley 

My workshop, How To Be A Healthy Business Owner last Friday went great! It was my first run of this new workshop and I was really excited to give it a test drive with my students.

I feel there is so much benefit to be had by business owners learning to care for themselves and live a more balanced lifestyle that I was quite motivated to put this workshop together.

The students seemed to really enjoy the message and plan for balanced living I shared with them. There were a lot of great people in my class, and in Sean’s class the next day.


Troy Casey attended both days, and Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness attended the day with Sean Greeley, so it was nice to see two of my buddies that have been very helpful in sharing the message of the CHEK Institute with many people – Thanks Guys!

I’m looking forward to offering my new workshop as a two-day event. My first run through was great, but I feel that having more time to explore work-In concepts and do some deeper meditation on dreams and directions in class would be more relaxing, and helpful.

I attended Sean’s workshop for a while and enjoyed listening to the questions students were asking him, and his intelligent answers. His workshop is a beautiful parallel to mine and it was a joy for both of us to know that anyone at the workshop who applied our teachings will be opening the gates of creativity and abundance in their lives.

Thanks for sharing so much, and so beautifully Sean! I love what NPE stands for.

Paul Chek’s Coffee/Espresso TIPS PT 1 of 3

Today I begin a three part series sharing my views and tips on the use of, how to make, and how to get off of coffee/espresso.


Above, you can see me doing two of my favorite things…having an espresso and talking to my wife, Penny. This photo was taken several years ago while teaching CHEK Level 3 in Sydney, Australia.

Back in those days, I was a sure thing for a double shot in the morning, and one after lunch to power me through my days of teaching while on the road, the road, the road…

JP Sears worked with me at the Institute for five years or more and we both share a deep love for a well-made espresso. We would often meet early in the morning and share an espresso together while we caught up on life and shared the highlights of our personal spiritual explorations.

JP Sears Love Cup

JP has always been a great friend to me and for New Years 2012, I drew him the piece you see above, which is me handing him a powerful shot of “Witches Brew” organic espresso from Jim’s Organic Coffee.

The word love subtly appears in the crème, and the energy of the sun is shooting out of the cup. This was my way of celebrating all the great times we’ve had sharing espresso together; “let me know when you are ready for another on JP!”

Today, I share my knowledge of the pros and cons of coffee/espresso, which comes from extensive experience experimenting with coffee in various forms and for a variety of purposes, from writing, to drawing, to speaking, to exercising, to good socializing, to having a quiet few minutes alone when I can.

I have worked with untold numbers of people from all walks of life that were suffering the negative effects of coffee consumption. In my learning and growing experiences, I have been on, and off of espresso many times, but when I was off of it, it was like being separated from my Muse, a secret lover, a silent but boisterous friend.

I have monitored the effects of espresso on my body-mind in many ways, from monitoring heart rate, to body signs such as skin changes and bowel patterns, to muscular performance and recoverability, to changes in my pH levels, etc.

My studies of myself gave me the awareness tools I needed to see the changes in others. Coffee is a double-edged sword! It can be very helpful when used wisely, but can be very dangerous in the hands of someone without knowledge of it’s power.

In my vlog about coffee and espresso today, I cover:


1. Aids athlete performance or enhances work capacity.

2. Clears the bowels.

3. Aids mental performance, linearizing thoughts; this is why coffee is referred to as “the writer’s drug”.

4. Beneficial nutrients: Coffee does have a variety of beneficial nutrients, but it oxidizes fast and shouldn’t be allowed to sit around like coffee pots so often do.

5. Time zone shifting: Coffee can be used to aid in adjusting to new time zones quickly when traveling.


1. Coffee is a stimulant that acts strongly on your sympathetic nervous system. It can lead to adrenal fatigue, is highly addictive, and often toxic due to commercial farming chemicals being heavily used, particularly in third-world countries where most of it is grown.

2. Coffee is a diuretic: Coffee irritates the lining of the bowel, causing increased likelihood of evacuation. Using coffee to move the bowels regularly can result in constipation if you end up without it for some reason. It can also cause constipation because of overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

3. Coffee is very stressful to the female physiology! It is very disruptive to females with any form of menstrual irregularity and particularly troublesome for premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal females.

4. Coffee is very drying to the body. This slows healing and often leads to connective tissues being congealed and causes connective tissue binding, which can lead to musculoskeletal problems, and often does!

5. Coffee can lead to immune system suppression from chronically elevated cortisol levels. This is particularly bad because it opens the door wide for both fungal and parasite infections!

I go into this common problem in my DVD series titled, Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections, The Absolute Essentials. You can read my FREE report on the CHEK Institute website.



I’ll be doling a GOOGLE hangout with Bill Wolcott, founder of Health Excel and the chief of the metabolic typing world overviewing my approach to fungal and parasite infections if you are interested in joining us: (see on ….Thursday, November 21, 12pm PT.

Bill is the author of the book, Metabolic Typing® from which we share a grounded approach to health by honoring the unique metabolic type® of individuals.

Most people are unaware of what a fungal infection is, and the fact that coffee is a major fungal feeder; toe and fingernail fungus, dandruff, jock itch, athletes foot, and vaginal yeast infections are all examples of common fungal infections.

6. Coffee use can decrease sexual performance. In males, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is responsible for pumping blood into, and maintaining erection, while the SNS is responsible for triggering ejaculation.

Because coffee has a significant stimulatory effect on the SNS, which functionally antagonizes the (erection maintaining) PNS, overuse typically leads an inability to maintain an erection long enough to please a partner. The excitation of the SNS also leads to premature ejaculation, neither of which are likely to make you popular for your love-making performances!

In females, the effect is usually seen as a loss of sex drive and drying of their sex organs, which can, and often does lead to health problems for females.

7. Empty Fire! The Native American Indians referred to coffee as “empty fire” because it caused the body to burn up excess energy and resources, but didn’t give anything significant back to the body in compensation. They found out quickly that too much coffee lead to health and vitality challenges.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today, and I look forward to sharing the rest of the series with you this week.

In my video blog tomorrow, I’ll show ways to put some good nutrition back into your coffee/espresso so it isn’t so stressful to the body.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek