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April 4, 2016

Paul Chek on Fasting & MORE!

Happy Monday!

I hope you’ve all been listening to the voice in your Heart, for if you are, I know you are living your dream!

I have been very busy, but having a great time with my work and my family.

In today’s blog I will share:
1. Paul Chek On Fasting (video blog)
2. Angie’s New Website Looks Awesome!
3. Advanced Training and Healing with Jason

Paul Chek On Fasting

Today, I’m responding to the many questions I get regarding fasting.

Like many forms of health practice, fasting has many benefits, but if used incorrectly or unskillfully, can produce as many problems as benefits; this is particularly true today when so many people that choose to fast are both ill, and ill-prepared for fasting.

Video Blog Summary: Fasting liberates fat stores as energy/nutrient resource.

Those with compromised detoxification can have significant challenges. Challenges to the liver are not seen with the naked eye, but sclerosis/scaring of the liver can occur.

Types Of Fasting:

1. Mini-fast:
A. A Day-Fast; no breakfast or lunch, and a light dinner, or
B. A 24-Hour Fast.

This form of fasting is best done on a day off from work.

– Allows the body to catch up on digestion and elimination.
– Allows the body to invest more energy into structural repair and general healing.
– Helps clear toxins and clear the mind
– Gives one a greater appreciation for the beauty of food when next meal is taken.
– Little risk associated with longer fasts.
– Allows one a chance to practice mindfulness.

2. The 3-Day Fast:
– Blood sugar management is critical; use of fasting teas or watered down orange or carrot juice is a standard practice.

– Not advised that one try to work or use any kind of dangerous tools until they are familiar with how their body will respond.
– Can cause significant detoxification response
– Can cause liver to be exposed to dangerous toxins stored in fat if the individual is malnourished.

– A deeper rest for organs of digestion.
– Can starve parasites and fungus, decreasing population
– A rest for organs of detox/elimination in those with good general health.
– Helps remove influences of foodstuffs and drinks from the mind, allowing better mental clarity, deeper meditation, and can open voyances.

3. Fasts > 3 Days:
Benefits: Effective for deep healing and deep detoxification, but should be overseen by someone with experience. Can bring spiritual clarity through visions and voyances.

Generally facilitates a deep appreciation for Mother Earth and the gift of food. Can result in reduced body weight.

– Generally results in some loss of muscle mass and should be carefully considered in that regard.
– Can starve parasites and fungus, decreasing population; the longer you go, the greater the risk of toxicity from dye off….
– Can expose organs, glands, brain and nervous system to toxins due to poor detoxification/nutrition capacity.
– Typically requires supervision from healthcare professional with experience at long term fasting to avoid unwanted complications.
– Preparation with hydration and nutrition to aid detoxification is wise.
– Physical exertion should be minimized (working-in) can be helpful.

ANGIE’S New Website is Up & Beautiful!

Angie Chek Red copy
Angie has spent about a year working with a web site development company to build her new web site, and after a lot of challenges along the way, it turned out beautifully.

Have a look at her great new site here:

Angie is a very skilled nutritionist, and has many great nutrition products available to you through the store on her site.

She has a unique ability through the system she uses to find the best quality organic supplements available on the market for you.

Angie is happy to help you choose what supplement program is best to help you balance your body-mind, or enhance athletic performance if you leave her an email describing your situation or what you desire to accomplish through supplementation; you can email her right through her web site.

A great product Angie recently turned me onto is an amazingly effective tincture called “IQ – The Ultimate Adaptogen Formula for Brain and Stress Response”.

“IQ” is a product that not only really impressed me, it tastes good.

I’m a very busy man that juggles several business and many projects on a daily basis. Sometimes, with travel, being up late with the baby feeding, and pushing to meet deadlines, I find my mind getting tired and it’s harder to juggle so many facts and issues.

I will often use flower essences to help harmonize my energy fields and support productive thinking, but this new “IQ” formula is MANY TIMES more powerful and effective than any other supplement I’ve tried.

As you can imagine, people send me a wide variety of products so I can test, and possibly endorse them. Most of them are weak, which is why you don’t see me talking much about such products.

If you are a busy person like I am, or a presenter that needs support for a clear mind while presenting, I think you’ll really be impressed with “IQ”, and Angie can supply it for you at if you leave her a request by her contact email on the site.

Advanced Training & Native Healing With Jason


I have been working with my client, Jason, for about six years now.

Jason is a very busy businessman who came to me with several health challenges and fully committed himself to my teachings as a Zero Force coaching client.

He has been highly committed to following the programs and doing the deep personal, professional, and spiritual healing I’ve guided him through.

Through the process of our work together, Jason has not only become one of the healthiest, productive people I know, we have developed a deep, loving, respectful friendship.

Whenever I get to work with Jason in person, it is as though two dolphins are swimming and playing in the ocean together.

Art therapy is a big part of my coaching and healing practice.

Jason painted the painting above on our first day together to symbolize what we would accomplish for our work together this visit.

As an art therapist, I can see that his precognition is working very well. When I do multi-day coaching/healing sessions with my clients, I access their soul and ask for a vision of what to pain for them as a balancing or healing support.

The O of LOVe Mandala by PC

The mandala above is what Jason’s soul shared with me as “visual medicine” for him.


We created this painting on our last day together.

Tai-chi, Qi-gong, and a variety of meditation practices are an essential part of my coaching and healing process.


I will be sharing a lot about meditation and the development of Higher Consciousness in my upcoming CHEK 4 Quadrant (C4Q) Coaching Mastery workshops in the UK and US

Jason began tai-chi training with me when we first started working tougher, but since then, Jason has done some 200 lessons with his Chinese, tai-chi Master. This has really helped Jason develop a very powerful chi-field, greatly enhancing his vitality.

I let my soul guide me as to what forms of healing practices I use to help balance my clients. Today, I was guided to use the Native American rattles.

Rattle Healing with Jason 4-2-16
I took Jason into a deep state of meditative relaxation, and used the rattles to reset his base rhythms and harmonize his chakras.

He said he felt much lighter and more connected to the earth when we finished, which is great.

Busy people that do a lot of thinking often bring so much of their life-force up into their head that balancing their energies lets them have a baseline so they are more sensitive to when they need to use grounding and harmonizing techniques in their day.

After harmonizing with our tai-chi practice, we moved into a more active meditation with each other.

Over the years I’ve worked with Jason, he has become an extremely fit, very skilled athlete. He LOVES a good challenge, and loves working with stones, so we spent time in my stone circle creating something challenging and fun together.

Stone lifting with big stones, and high stacks is very athletic, and requires exquisite awareness so you don’t get hurt.


Lifting big stones together requires that we be very well timed; if one person stumbles or drops a hold on a stone, blood can appear very quickly!

Crowning Jason and Paul Stack Heaven

We called this stack a wedding cake because we used a lot of large flat pieces with four legs to separate them so we could see through the stack.

Jason and Paul Stack Celebration

We had a lot of fun and got a GREAT workout in the Spring sunshine.

Paul closing the circle

After we built the stack, we closed the circle so the energy flows evenly.

Jason and Paul stack Heaven 4-2-16

This creates an energetic pump that radiates through the whole valley. My neighbors love seeing what we build and have told me they love looking out their window to see what I’ve left in my circle.

Jason came over to visit Mana for the first time in person.Mana sleeping arms up

Mana loves to sleep, and likes sleeping with his arms up, which is so cute.

When we got to the house, Mana was sleeping, so he was a bit caught in dream-world when Jason picked him up, but he soon woke up.

Jason Mana and Paul

Jason and his wife have had two beautiful daughters since he began coaching with me, and it’s been lovely to coach them on ways to support their children in the process.

My first son, Paul Jr. is now 36 years old, so I was a bit rusty on the intimate details of raising an infant when Mana arrived and it’s been fun having Jason give me tips he’s learned with his kids over the last couple years.

Thank You Jason for all your love and support. You exemplify my teachings and I love being a witness to your love, unfolding your life-dream. Your life is a great testimony to the C.H.E.K Institute teachings, and I feel blessed that our paths crossed in this amazing lifetime!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today!

Have a great week and I’ll see what Spirit wants me to share with you next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek