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January 7, 2016

Overcome Depression & Anxiety at the Healthy ME Summit!

Happy Thursday!

This is a special blog announcement of the launch of the “Healthy Me Summit – Overcoming Anxiety and Depression“.

This summit was created by one of my favorite people in the world, CHEK HLC Instructor, Chef, Australian TV personality – Joanna Rushton.

Jo Rushton felt it was time for the public, and healthcare professionals to become more aware of the many effective “natural” solutions for overcoming anxiety and depression.

According to Professor Jason M. Satterfield, Director of Behavioral Medicine at UCSF

• Depression affects 6.7% of the US population annually

• The WHO predicts that depression will be the second most common disorder behind cardiovascular disease by 2020

• Anxiety affects about 1 in 4 people

• Anxiety disorders are the largest class of psychiatric disorders

With that in mind, consider that drug companies have a plethora of drugs designed to treat it, but I rarely ever hear of doctors having any interest in addressing the actual causes.

Additionally, there is a long list of very dangerous side-effects from using anxiety and depression drugs, a common one being suicide.

I have had three people in my own circle of friends who’ve had a family member commit suicide when their drug prescription ran out and they had gotten too busy to refill the prescription.

Other sources indicate that:

• Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for 15 to 24-year-olds and 2nd for 24 to 35-year-olds, and suicide is common among those that are depressed, particularly when depression is undiagnosed and not treated effectively.

To address this issue, in plain language anyone can understand, Jo gathered a team of experts from around the world to share their understanding of anxiety and depression, and a host of natural approaches anyone can take to balance and heal themselves, usually without medical drugs.

In my one-hour interview with Jo (which is available as part of the summit), I covered such topics as:

– Looking at how often genetic factors are blamed for people’s anxiety and depression, and what factors about genetics the public isn’t aware of but needs to be.

– What model I use in my own practice to help people heal from anxiety and depression.

– How an individual’s archetypal influences, and personal mythology relate to the high rates of anxiety and depression.

In this section, I speak about the negative influences the fashion industry has on people, particularly females around the world.

Note: Your “myth” is “your story” and archetypes represent the “characters we act out” as we live our story, for better or for worse.

Jo is a fantastic, skillful interviewer (host) with a wealth of clinical and practical knowledge.

She is very skilled, with a wide variety of training from experts around the world, and I’m sure you will find this summit very educational and engaging.

Jo is also the author of “Rocket Fuel On A Budget”, which is a fantastic book for anyone wanting to consume holistic, organic food on a budget.

I highly recommend it to my students to support their clients in making health transitions from commercial food consumption to much healthier food choices.

The book is colorful and well written. You won’t be disappointed!

I know you will enjoy Jo Rushton’s “Healthy Me Summit” and all the informed speakers. But don’t delay, It’s FREE to listen and view for the next 10 days!

When you sign up you will also receive my multimedia ebook: The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Every Need – How To Get Healthy Now!


I’m sure you will be amazed at all the simple, natural things you can do to prevent, and heal from anxiety and depression.

It’s time to get beyond simply treating symptoms…

Join myself and 49 other health and wellness experts for a free online summit on how to overcome depression and anxiety this Jan. 7-17.

Register today at:

Thank you Jo for doing such a fantastic job with this summit, and for getting such an amazing group of experts together to share their wisdom with all of us.

My next blog will go live Monday, in which I share my tips for planning your New Year.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek