June 3, 2011

Osho vs Chek on Lesbian & Gay People


I had a lovely productive day yesterday. I hope you did too!

We are gearing up for the 2011 CHEK Conference here in San Diego, which will be fun Labor Day Weekend. Although I’m not really into birthdays, we will be celebrating in style.

We are all excited to share many informative new presentations with you by myself and many of our faculty and partners. I think all who attend will be quite pleased with the quality of presentations the presenters will offer, plus the networking opportunities to renew acquaintances and friendships forged over the years with so many.

I’m constantly amazed at how my students and instructors have evolved to be self-responsible, self-responsive, loving and caring people. Many of them have developed genuine expertise of their own and are very good at sharing their love with others.

This morning, I’ll be doing some relationship coaching with a client and then I will go get a welcomed massage and have a nice long steam bath. Then I think I’ll go home and draw. I’ve been having a vision of a Thunderbird Shaman. He’s beautiful and I hope I can do him justice with my pens.

My visions are often so clear as to be as real and present as the life in front of me, but when I draw, it’s hard to transform the vision with the clarity I see and feel inside.

Vidya always amazes me because her art is amazingly clear and she produces amazing shape and color combinations with tremendous feminine beauty, which naturally reflects her own! I’ve learned how to express more of my own femininity from her. It’s amazing what one can experience when in the presence of one who loves themselves enough to share openly and honestly! Thank You Vidya!

Tomorrow, I will spend time creating a stone cauldron to store and charge the natural medicines I create to heal myself and others.

I’ve had a great time learning from the nature spirits and the creations they have guided me to constantly amaze me because they are way beyond what I can create with my ego-mind.

I hope you can spend some time in nature this weekend enjoying the amazing variety of life-forms and their expressions of consciousness. When I’ve taught my students how to communicate with the plant kingdom, they are quite shocked and amazed at how communicative plants and trees are!

Many come to me in tears having now realized how much of life, and how much wisdom they’ve overlooked throughout their life. Their joy often emerges from a deep sense of safety and security knowing that Mother Nature, in Her many forms, is willing to guide them to well-being.

I dream of sharing that with everyone. She’s so empathetic and compassionate to all Her children, I ache when I see people who suffer from detachment and are in pain because they so often feel terribly alone, isolated.

But life is a process of learning to love. As we learn to feel love, we learn to recognize love. Then we see it everywhere, even where we once only saw the surface of life.

Today, I’d like to discuss OSHO’s and my perspectives with regard to gay and lesbian relationships.


Diversity in Love

Diversity in Love

First and foremost, before I begin addressing OSHO’s views on gay and lesbian relationships, I want everyone to be crystal clear on my views of OSHO.

As I stated in the post on vegetarianism, I’ve studied OSHO intensively. I devoted almost every spare minute reading, listening to, and watching OSHO on DVD and other media forms for almost five years.

I’ve read and studied many of his teachings several times over to allow myself time to both process and practice his teachings in my own life. Of the hundreds of hours of study and practice, I found great clarity and prosperity with his teachings. OSHO has confirmed many of my own ideas and beliefs and gave me a sense of companionship.

The only two areas I’ve found myself unable to gain union with OSHO’s teachings were his views on diet, and on gay/lesbian relationships.

What I shared yesterday, and what I share today are not intended as attacks on OSHO as an individual.

I view them as a means of rounding out perspective. Giving others another viewpoint so they have a more holistic vantage point from which to form their own opinion.

All my blogs are my opinions that are based on my experiences. My experiences are the basis of the wisdom that resides within me.

It is my personal viewpoint that if OSHO were alive today, his own opinions may be different on these topics because the nature of love is inclusive.

OSHO was full of love and wisdom and I’m sure he had his own good reasons for his opinions when he gave them.

OSHO, in a few of his lectures, made it clear that:

– Being gay or lesbian indicated a distortion in the individual.

– Being gay or lesbian was essentially incorrect.

There have been many times when my own gay and lesbian students, largely influenced to study OSHO by me, have come to me feeling sad and confused after hearing OSHO’s opinions of their sexual orientation. The most common statement I hear from them is, “Paul, how could someone so evolved hold such bias toward gay people?”

I generally respond by telling them that we are each a product of our culture and our era. OSHO’s own body-mind programming had it’s basis in a culture and was certainly influenced by parental and family beliefs, as well as a combination of religious beliefs.

Now, I’d like to share my perspective on gay and lesbian relationships:

If you look at my diagram, at the top you see “TAO”. TAO is ALL INCLUSIVE. It represents PRIME SOURCE, THE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS. TAO REPRESENTS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

TAO is the equal of the true meaning of the word “GOD”, yet is not a God that can be known as this, or that.

The spiritual path is one of learning what and who you truly are and how to love in and as that. Therefore, the greatest reward of any and all spiritual paths is SELF-Realization; realizing that if GOD is GOD, you can be none other.

If you study astronomy, you will find Big-Bang theorists, and you will find people like John Wheeler and Fred Hoyle that are multi-bang proponents. Either way, the origins of life are such that at various points in the cycles of time contained within infinity, the evidence suggests that we were all at one time or another sleeping together with incredible intimacy within either the First Star, or repeatedly in uncountable stars.

This by definition would mean that we all began in a homo (one) sexual (relatedness) relationship.

If you look at my diagram, you see that TAO expresses itself as the full (yin) and the empty (light/yang). Because GOD is ONE, GOD can only love GOD. By definition, if you view GOD from a male perspective, then GOD is gay. If your view of GOD is inclined toward the feminine, then GOD is Lesbian.

Because GOD represents UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to have any viewpoint against any form of love would be a departure from the offerings of THE TEACHER.

Opinions regarding gay/lesbian relationships are also very linked to culture, era, and religious programming.

If you study the history of the Greeks, you will find that gay/lesbian relationships were the norm for some time.

If you study shamanism (Joseph Campbell beautifully highlights this), you may be quite surprised to find that there is a high percentage of shaman that are either gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered (berdache).

If you study the Right Eye and Left Eye schools of Horus, which were the training schools for Egyptian priests, you learn that in their training, they were tasked to live almost every sexual orientation you can imagine as a means of developing authentic wisdom and compassion for the challenges people face. This is the only way one can truly develop compassion, which means to understand.

My personal view is that regardless of how it emerges, Love is Love.

What does it matter as to sexual orientation when we understand that love is the ultimate source of nurture, nutrition and experience?

Who could honestly feel good about an anti-gay/lesbian viewpoint once they understand that some are born with different genetics, different brain chemistry. Or come from broken families that resulted in them having different needs in order to feel safe and fulfill the emptiness within?

I’ve come to realize that as humans, we all seek love. Some of us have been hurt in such a way as to be afraid to continue relationships with the opposite sex and can only feel safe, or heard by those of same sex orientation.

When I see people of gay or lesbian orientation loving each other, I’m glad to see love, for I know the nature of love.

The nature of love is to create good, truth and beauty. Who am I to judge the culture when I can clearly see that the culture is nurturing the seed of Self-realization?

Who am I to judge GOD’s creation when I too am part of it?

Sure, I observe. Sure there are times I don’t understand. Sure there was a time when I too held biases against various people for their views and behaviors. Yet, love opened my eyes so that I could see, feel, and understand GOD enough to trust and truly love GOD.

I used to feel the world was totally fucked up. A seemingly endless land of struggle. I found myself being pissed off at Hitler when I studied him and his exploits. And many of that bent. But was I too close to the screen to see the image for what it was?

I’ve learned that when I have views of bias, it is a symptom of my own misunderstanding and now I use such feelings or ideas as a motive to get still, go deeper and ask better questions of my soul, God within me.

I’ve found that whenever I’m brave enough to hear the answer, I’m led to see beauty where I once saw the ugly.

I’ve learned to trust that the Intelligent Creative Force that created the Universe has the wisdom to manage IT’s creation. After all, most of us have a hard enough time managing our own tiny world, let alone trying to understand the Universe or GOD.

As I’ve come to understand myself better, I’ve come to understand others and the world better.

Today, my view is that I should never judge the wrapper, for you never know what’s inside the package until you are brave enough to look with an open mind.

May we all be brave enough to look at and experience GOD, TAO, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TOGETHER, for there is no greater teacher.

To gay love,
To lesbian love,
To heterosexual love,
TO LOVE in All the many splendorous ways of honest expression!

  • Surinder Shastri

    Osho was unfair to his own Hindu philosophy, namely, Tantrism which has a special place for homosexuality. Osho’s disdain for homosexuality, could have arisen from a deep seated fear of his own homosexual feelings … or on the other hand, he could have been so selfish because of his obsession with heterosexual desires that he could not see homosexuality as human.

  • Brad

    Homosexual activity is an act separate from the individual. Our sexual desires don’t define who we are! We are designed for greatness. Homosexual activity cannot biologically produce life like marriage between a man and woman. Leading someone to believe that they can achieve what is only possible between a man and a woman is a grave disservice. I am not anti gay in any sense. I love everyone and believe they should hear the truth. The word “gay” is a political term and has become a label. We are human beings first and foremost, made in the image and likeness of God. You are created by love, from love, for love.

    Check out http://www.couragerc.net for more info

  • Pascal

    What of Freud’s perception of homosexuality, as being of “arrested development”? Homosexuality wasn’t a disease to him ; it was a development issue.

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  • Neelesh

    Far Beyond the Stars:
    Darshan Diary.
    Monday July 25. 1977.

    [A sannyasin said he had a problem with his homosexuality, and he is afraid to be here.]

    first thing: heterosexual or homosexual, the answer is not in sex — so
    it is not the question of homosexuality. Even if you are a
    heterosexual, the answer is not there. Looking in the direction of sex
    there is no answer, so they are both the same.

    The first thing:
    drop worrying about it! Just by being a heterosexual nothing better is
    going to happen — it will be the same. So accept your homosexuality
    just as you accept other things — hunger…. Now life’s answer is not
    there in eating food — every day you will feel hungry again, again
    full, and again hungry. The answer is not there, but that does not mean
    that because the answer is not there you stop taking food, otherwise you
    will die.

    The answer is not in taking a bath, but that doesn’t
    mean you should stop taking a bath, otherwise you will become dirty and
    nauseous. The answer is somewhere else, that is true, but to look
    somewhere else the basic requirement is to accept your normal things.
    Don’t bother about them too much. If you feel homosexual it is perfectly
    good, nothing is wrong in it. That is also a way of relating — nothing
    wrong in it… a little strange, but nothing abnormal about it.

    [The sannyasin says: But I can’t relate, that’s the problem: I cannot relate to people.]

    think that heterosexuals are relating? Who is relating? Everybody is in
    the same boat! Relating is a great problem — you cannot relate unless
    you are rooted in your being… you cannot relate. It has nothing to do
    with relationship to the other; it has something to do with your inner

    Only an integrated person can relate, and the
    paradox is that he does not bother! An integrated person is not bothered
    about relating or not relating: if it happens, good; if it doesn’t
    happen, it’s good. He is happy with himself, his happiness does not
    depend on relationship… but only he can relate. And the person who is
    not self-integrated cannot relate, is continuously bothered about how to
    relate, and thinks that everything will be good if he can relate.

    have to come to your consciousness, and I am saying that the first
    requirement is: don’t be disturbed too much about your ordinary life,
    don’t create any obsession. If you feel to be homosexual, it is good; if
    it changes some day and you become heterosexual, that too is good. If
    you again become homosexual, that too is good. These are ordinary
    things, nothing worth being worried about. You need not force your
    attention on them — they should be taken for granted.

    If you eat
    this type of food, that is good; if you eat another type of food, that
    too is good. The problem is not there. For example, somebody comes and
    he says, ‘I smoke a certain brand of cigarettes — now this is my
    problem.’ The brand cannot be the problem: you can change the brand of
    cigarettes, but the problem will remain the same. That is exactly the
    thing with the heterosexual and the homosexual: you just change the
    brand of the cigarette, nothing else.

    The first and very
    fundamental thing is to accept the way you are so there is no need to be
    bothered about it, no more energy is to be put there. Once that has
    happened, your energy is available to move inwards. Then you can put
    your energy more into meditation, not into thinking about how to relate.
    How to be, let that be your problem: not how to relate… because you
    can relate only when you are. How can you relate? — because you can
    relate only when you are. How can you relate when you are not?

    man came to Buddha — he was a very rich man — and he wanted to serve
    humanity. He wanted Buddha to bless him so that he could open many
    charitable institutions, hospitals, colleges, schools, and serve
    humanity. Buddha looked at him with deep compassion — as if he were
    very sorry for the man. The man became a little embarrassed. and he
    said, ‘Why are you looking at me as if I am in some trouble? I am not in
    any trouble — I have enough money, don’t be worried about that!’
    Buddha said, ‘I am not worried about that… I am worried about how you
    can help humanity. You are not, so whatsoever you will do will be
    harmful. Please, first be, then only do something!’

    So shift the
    emphasis. It has nothing to do with heterosexuality, homosexuality;
    nothing to do with it. I accept it as it is: It is good; don’t make a
    problem out of it. If you make a problem out of it you will be
    continuously stuck there. Not making a problem of it means that now your
    energy is available, you can move somewhere else.

    relationship remains difficult…. Only a very few people who have come
    home can relate. Those who are rooted, grounded in their being, only
    they can relate; otherwise communication is difficult. In fact there is
    nothing to relate to, nobody to relate from. With whom are you trying to
    relate? You are not and the person you are trying to relate to is not
    — just two ghosts trying to relate, trying to hug each other, and
    passing through each other because they are not; so the hugging never
    happens. They are shadows…. First become substantial. So please accept
    your homosexuality — it is perfectly normal, nothing is wrong about
    it. And this is my feeling: once you have known the world of the
    homosexual, the world of the heterosexual will never appeal to you.
    There are a thousand and one reasons for it….

    A man easily
    understands the language of the other man — the woman has a different
    attitude about everything. If you cannot relate with a man, it will be
    more difficult to relate with women, because they don’t speak the same

    I used to stay with a family and I watched the problem.
    Both the husband and wife are good people, very good people, but are
    constantly arguing and nagging and constantly at the edge, never at
    ease. I watched them and I saw what the problem was: they were not
    speaking the same language. In fact no woman speaks the same language as
    the man — cannot! And no man speaks the same language as the woman —
    he cannot! They are different types of creatures.

    When a woman
    wants to think about something she talks about it. When a man wants to
    think about something he keeps quiet. When a man is thinking and the
    woman comes and disturbs him — for small things: she may ask ‘Would you
    like to have another cup of coffee?’ — he is angry and he says, ‘If I
    need, I will ask!’

    Now, she was very loving and he is very blunt.
    On the surface it seems that it is very ugly of the man to rebuff her
    in that way, but what is happening inside? He was thinking about
    something — now she brings a cup of coffee and disturbs his whole track
    of thought. He thinks only when he is silent, and when the woman wants
    to think, she talks — that is her way of thinking: she thinks aloud.

    husband sitting silently looks as if he is angry or something, sad or
    something, and when the wife continuously talks the husband thinks, ‘She
    never thinks! What is the matter? She just goes on talking — never
    thinks. She has nothing to say and goes on talking!’ Two different kinds
    of psychologies… so remember that. Once you are interested
    homosexually you have found a relationship which is easier, less
    challenging, less risky, with less conflict. That’s why homosexuals are
    called ‘gay’ — they are gay! Heterosexuals are always sad, there is
    always some problem or other.

    Homosexuals are really gay, happy
    people — they understand each other. If you understand yourself a
    little bit, you understand the other man you love. There is a great ‘
    understanding between the persons… and it is so with lesbians.

    woman understands another woman. Once a woman is a lesbian it is very
    difficult to turn her energy into heterosexuality, very difficult
    because she relates well — better — with a woman. She understands her
    heart — it is her own heart; they belong to the same world and the same

    So once it happens it becomes very difficult to
    change. But I am not saying that there is any need to move to the other
    — there is no need: accept it, nothing is wrong in it. Accept yourself
    totally and be happy the way you are.

    [The sannyasin says: Really, I want to just get up and dance all the time…. But I feel very restricted.]

    No, no, nobody is restricting you. Be gay!

    • Dear Neelesh,

      Thank you for your quoted passages from Far Beyond the Stars:
      Darshan Diary. Monday July 25. 1977.

      Some estimates of Osho’s book titles are as high as 500. Of them, Osho seems to have only written one, which was said to be “The Book Of Secrets”. The remainder of the books attributed to OSHO are edited, and often rewritten transcripts that were composed by select students of OSHO. You can learn a lot about the inner-workings of OSHO’s organization by reading the book, “My Dance With A Madman” By Anand Subhuti (available on Amazon.com).

      In my library, right here next to me, I have aproximately 170 books with Osho as the author. I have every book written with his name as the author in English ever published up to a few years ago, and some of the recent ones, which are all reproductions compiled from previously written or recorded materials, and largely tell the same stories as the previous materials. I also have every VHS video, DVD, CDR, audio CD, and cassette tape of his recorded lectures ever produced.

      For many years I studied Osho daily. I listened to every one of the available lectures, totaling hundreds of hours. Also in my library, in the Osho section, I have about 800 pages of my own hand written notes from my studies of his works.

      I have heard Osho make very negative comments regarding homosexuality and lesbianism multiple times in his lectures. What you are sharing here is but one facet of Osho’s expression, and is very likely to have been edited to make his voice more neutral, palatable to the “consumer”.

      I love Osho deeply, and my commitment to the study of his works reflects that love, and my commitment to truly understanding Osho’s viewpoints, which can’t be effectively gained by reading his books alone for the above reasons.

      One of Osho’s preferred methods of “waking people up” was to be antagonistic with his own words. He stated himself, on more than one occasion, “I am a paradox”. The quote you left on my blog here, and my experiences of extensive Osho study and communicating directly with many people that lived and studied with him exemplify this truth of Osho.

      My comments in this post were based on Osho’s on voice in his lectures, and not edited books written by students for the enterprise of capitalism; he was good at that too!

      The beauty is that you found a sweet spot to share and that’s beautiful.

      To Osho, and all forms of Love!

      Love and chi,

      Paul Chek

  • Dhyani

    THANKYOU! so similar to my own reflections about osho’s talks on this subject. he is right. and he is wrong. and he is beyond right or wrong. just a light on evrybdy’s individual’s path. dont cling to the finger pointing to the moon

  • Crystal

    Owen thanks for your post. I found it interesting. I don’t know the details of your life but if you are truly sorry and say it from that trueness, which may include tears, etc. it should be it. If someone spit in my face, and they apologized? god,apologies are so rare, I would be so happy and I would want them to just let it go. People always act their best when they are in the moment, free from fear and regret. Life is supposed to be fun, god people forget that and I think it’s one of the most important spiritual laws. If people knew it and didn’t settle for less, people wouldn’t hate their jobs. I help people b/c it makes me feel good, I feel everything is built in, reward and punishment and it’s impersonal. I don’t do things b/c I “should” that’s the worst reason in the world. It just sucks when people don’t know how it good it feels not to put money first, they ruin the fun. Time will tell how I turn out but if I do drink the water and become an asshole, I still am worth of love and the magic of life can still come through. My assholeness won’t be wasted just like on Lost where Sayid’s torture skills and ability to tell when someone is lying were put to good use in season 2.
    Paul thanks for your posts and this dialogue. take care

  • Paul Chek

    Oh, by the way, the fourth stage of our “Love Development” is “UNION with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”, which is called attaining “Nirvana”. As I said in Part 3. of DOES FEAR OF DEATH = FEAR OF LIFE?, Nirvana isn’t something to rush into!

    I hope this brings some clarity to your questions Crystal.

    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

  • Paul Chek

    Dear Crystal,
    First off, if you haven’t reviewed my blog series titled “How Life Works” and some of the other posts where I describe the growth and development of the soul, I’d start there. Next, if you go to my youtube.com channel, which is http://www.youtube.com/paulcheklive you can find my series on the 10 Commandments, where I compare Christian, Atheist and Native American 10 Commandments based on the Love Model I developed under OSHO’s inspiration.

    There I show that our capacity to understand and express love as a human being grows in four states:
    1. We are all born through an act of sex and violence (the birthing process itself can be violent, as can the environment of gestation and childhood be violent, particularly as the child learns the laws of nature, such as gravity.
    2. Conditional Love: We next learn to love through conditions. “I love you if”, “I love you when”, “I love you butt…” Legal contracts are an exemplify this kind of love. Eventually, we realize that even contracts with each other don’t work and the only way to live naturally is through:
    3. Empathic and Compassionate Love: In this stage, one has enough life experience (wisdom) to see and understand all the follies others are living out as they learn to love – to take responsibility for themselves authentically, and then to participate in relationships with equal authenticity and honesty. In time, living through the eyes of empathy and compassion, periods of intuitive opening emerge. In these intuitive openings, one self-reflects and comes to realize that each stage of soul-development was perfect for creating the environment needed to learn about the two inherent forces of nature (yin and yang). They come to realize what God is. They come to realize that without polarity, we both can’t know, nor appreciate unconditioned bliss, peace; one can’t appreciate the middle of the coin until they’ve found that living heads, or living tails never brings long-term fulfillment. Only after adequate trials and tribulations does one find peace and joy living “in the Middle”; that is “The Way” (TAO). This is a place of: A. Allowing, B. Observation or “witnessing in awareness”, C. “Doing not Doing”; not trying to climb ladders to gain social rank and acceptance as this or that.

    I feel you would find a lot of practical wisdom and useful tools for seeing the world more clearly and living among the Miami crowd by studying my program titled “The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease”. The program is about 11 hours of audio and a workbook designed to take you through the necessary steps for inner-processing so that you can be “aware” of how to grow and experience ways of living that are more congruent with your dream or dreams. In the program, Vidya and I do a lot of sharing on how the Love Model I’ve developed works and how to live it.

    Just as a baby chick must stay in the egg, working against the shell until it has the strength to break the shell or it won’t have the strength to survive outside the shell, we are all here developing our spiritual muscles so we can “break out of the body-shell”. Once we crack the shell, intuitive openings show us that where we are is but a tiny little kindergarten for budding souls and that there are infinite worlds offering a vast array of experiences; we are only here to develop our spiritual “wings” and the strength to fly. With that realization, being in Miami is akin to living smack dab in the middle of a “spiritual gym!”

    Each day is an opportunity for you to live in accord with your own values. To the degree that your values are life affirmative, favorable for the masses, and you realize that authentically within yourself, then your growth in the gym is an offering to all others around you. Whenever I go to a gym anywhere in the world, there are eyes on me from every angle. Without my saying a word, people are learning how to have better form, how to use a variety of new exercises, and the like. I don’t walk around the gym attempting to correct people’s form; that would ruin my own training and if you try that, regardless of how much “love you think you are expressing”, most people will not be receptive to your so-called “help”. Instead, they act as though they are being criticized. Yet, if someone sees that you do have “gym wisdom”, they are likely to come on their own accord and ask you for help. This is a person ready to learn that will be likely to apply your shared wisdom.

    My own professional career has been one of great polarities: A. People have always attacked me when presenting new ideas, such as the Swiss ball; when I first introduced the Swiss ball to the athletic training world, I was told I was nuts, an idiot, called a “fag” by body builders… now I walk into gyms all over the world and often end up with trainers walking up to me and telling me that I shouldn’t be doing the exercises I’m doing because they are dangerous…They have no idea who they are talking to. B. I worked hard to educate people as to the very intimate relationships between the organs/glands and the musculoskeletal system, pointing out that most of their aches and pains were the direct result of diet and lifestyle mismanagement…Again, I got a LOT of resistance from the medical community. Now, I get letters from all over the world asking me why so few are aware of, or even discussing this in the medical community?… I could give a long list of such issues. The point being, whenever we introduce new ideas, was of living, there are three distinct stages that all such new ideas generally go through:
    1. First is it violently opposed; Einstein said, “Great minds will always meet violent opposition from mediocre minds.” He was dead right!
    2. The idea is still criticized, but “used”, usually secretively. And finally:
    3. The idea is used as though it always existed and there is little if any recognition of who introduced it. Again, Swiss balls are everywhere in gyms and being used in amateur and elite athletics, yet few have any idea who birthed and perfected the concept.

    The true sign of spiritual growth is that we can live our truth and stay centered in that truth without letting the opinions of others demean us or alter the way we live. We realize that in time, each will find their own truth and that to the degree that our actions are “life affirmative”, we know that they too may one day remember the wisdom we offered and begin to live it. Your quest for spiritual freedom is essentially an offering of spiritual-medicine for everyone you are in relationship with to the degree that you don’t live their disease to “fit in”. Therefore, Miami is a perfect place to grow and develop your own authenticity. One day, you may be walking the streets of Miami only to become amazed at how many people are emulating your way of living, yet, have no idea where the ideas they now act out came from! Now, you will have left The Garden a little more beautiful than when you came. This awareness, my Dear, makes death a beautiful welcoming to “graduate kindergarten”.
    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

  • Owen

    Hi Crystal,
    Sorry for butting in.
    I recently spat in someone’s face that i’m close to, not literally but it was equally as bad if not worse. I have very little knowledge and understanding regarding human behaviour but I have done some terrible things in my life and have always been a greedy person. All I know is the only way to make it up to the people I’ve hurt is to become the person I know I can/want to be and attempt to learn all I can from the genuine people in my life. I dont know your profession but you say you help others,if this is the case, people like me would rarely if ever get better if people like you were only in it for the money and greed, especially if you lost your passion to help others. Although it is those very other people creating the experiences that are trying to mold you into something you naturally aren’t. So its a tough one.
    In my logical opinion when I find the love inside myself, I can truly begin to make it up to the people I’ve hurt but it wont stop me from trying in the meantime. I will just have to wait and see who is still in my life when I find that love, so I can genuinely express it.
    Im sure those people like me in your life, will try to make it up to you in whatever way they can so you can continue to be who you naturally are.
    I will let Paul give you a real answer, it just fitted one of my recent experiences.
    I hope everything works out.

  • Crystal

    No you don’t hunt them down at all. You are a good and respected teacher, people come to you. I am just sort of musing about modern technology and it’s new experiences it’s bringing us. I have a question: if you are your authentic self but you are also a product of your environment (b/c this is something that is a huge influence on us in ways that can’t be grasped by our consciousness) and you try to act in a life affirming way in let’s say your job, by being very focused on the person you are helping vs. money and your society’s greed (I live in Miami) keeps pressing in on you, swiftly and surely punishing any trust or values other than money, wouldn’t a person be then defending their position? I am defending this and that defense does produce the very pain you speak of. Sometimes I think it’s like that show Spartacus where he became what he hated, a slave fighting for other people, but that is where life was backing him into. He could resist and die or become what he hated to amass the strength from those newly acquired dark tools to get his freedom when the time is right. So what do you think? Do I let go and let life mold me into what those experiences keep trying to turn me into or do I keep being the change in the world I want to see, which is a more socialist society, yes I said the word, that values people outside of a monetary perspective. I don’t think there’s a right answer for everyone, some people have things they need to learn about with money while they are here. Getting tough with money is what I just may need to learn but I don’t want to be like the people around me in terms of how they are with money. But resisting this lesson that life keeps bringing me is kicking my ass. For spartacus it was embrace life as a slave advancing a horrible person’s agenda or death. I feel for me it’s be what I don’t like (maybe to understand these people’s p.o.v or I don’t know why) or continue to get spit in my face. Both equal suffering, which that is what life is but isn’t being true to yourself defending your position to a degree, isn’t there a place for everything, like defending your position? Especially if you are living a warrior archetype vs. a yogi archetype. Do I keep fighting by holding out my position or do we blog this time next year and I am someone then puts money before helping people. The warrior or scorpio archetype needs the fight, it brings forth a transformation but the fight has to be fruitful. Becoming what I don’t like, that’s sounds so hard but did spartacus have the right idea? …OR there are people who die for their ideas, we call them martyrs, is it them who has the right idea? Resist even unto pain and death? (I won’t die from this but you get the picture)

  • Paul Chek

    Thanks for your comments Crystal.
    My blog is my “offering” to the world of people that are interested in my views. Though opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, there are opinions from those with legitimate experience, and there are dogmas and projections. If you ask some guy on the street to help you because your care is making a funny noise and that guy has no legitimate experience as a mechanic, he may indeed try and help you, but may terribly mislead you if you don’t have enough knowledge of auto mechanics to differentiate a useful opinion from a guess. I’m a mechanic. If you ask me what the noise coming from you engine is, chances are pretty good I’ll give you sound, logical advice based on many years experience as a mechanic.

    I have lived a very full, very intensely active life. I’ve asked myself as many tough questions as I can because I don’t like deluding myself. I’ve done this in every field of endeavor I’ve participated in. The only proof of authenticity if have for my wisdom is that it has created a deep inner trust and sense of safety and security in me, and, I’ve been able to help thousands of people find that within themselves.

    It doesn’t really matter if I write sound wisdom on a black board in front of a student, or on my blog. Students that aren’t ready to be open minded and question their own thoughts in a class room are no different than the people that read my blog. It doesn’t matter how well I live, it is always up to a student of any teacher to “practice the teachings”, or they will NEVER KNOW IF THE TEACHER IS ACTUALLY AUTHENTIC.

    To learn is by definition, “to change”.
    To change is by definition an inherent process of learning, to the degree that the student is “aware”. Therefore, if one isn’t willing to change, they can’t learn, and if they choose not to learn, but to defend their own ideas, which in my experience, paradoxically, are producing the very pain they state they “don’t want”, they won’t change. People like that usually attract an “event or events” to them that force them to hold still and begin a legitimate process of introspection, inner work. Out of my own love for humanity and life itself, my soul has guided me to share as much of what I’ve learned with others so they can simply choose, have an option to try thinking and living in a new way that may serve them. I put some seeds out for the birds, but I certainly don’t hunt them down and force them to eat!

    There is nothing about the nature of human beings that can’t be said to be the nature of the Universe at one and the same time. We are that. It is us.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

  • Crystal

    Love is a boomerang, that’s nice. It’s all about what your beliefs add up. All this talk is sort of a game, that we are allowed to enjoy and it’s interesting to go through the cycles of I know a lot, I know nothing, I know a lot. It’s fun to take up a position and influence and be influenced, to let views exist side by side to do their thing but also be yourself, ie I am the mercury in Sagittarius loving debate. I learn most from these exchanges and my own experiences rather than reading. On a side not sometimes I wonder if certain ideas should be blogged about when in past times teachers could look a student in the eye and sense their readiness. Ouspensky talks about importance of schools but this is before the internet where personal interactions are replaced by internet interactions so it’s interesting seeing what happens with this modern twist. I just want to say it’s not your blog here that is going to make a difference, anyone can come up with clever thoughts and writing. It’s how you showed love to all the people’s responses on here regardless of position and that has already made all the difference. Sexuality is immensely complex influenced from everything from childhood experiences to parent’s p.o.v. on the matter. One book that is very interesting is called getting the love you need, it’s about how we choose our partner based on the healing we need, something animals don’t do probably b/c they don’t have all seven chakras and it’s very interesting, if you haven’t already heard about it. We all just want to be whole in the end and we all just want to belong. I don’t feel I have belonging and wholeness, I know it’s relative but just compared to everyone else, I know I am far from it, and part of it is our society. I hope I can keep my cup empty to find the answers but it’s hard with a strong intellect that gets in the way. I know what you mean about the self, I feel jealousy and hurt in someone and how do I know, b/c I know what that feels like in me. “know yourself as a machine,…know the structure of one’s machine”…

  • Paul Chek

    Hi Crystal,
    Lovely post! Thank you.
    One of the truths that few people grow spiritually enough to realize is that what we call God, is Absolutely Fearless! God’s love of God is so through, so complete, so Unconditional, God never says “NO” to any possible experience. What we, or any sentient being experiences is both “IN God” and “Of God”. Clearly, God is coming to know God through All that is Life, All that is in Existence.

    That which is Perfect, does not change, or it was never perfect to begin with. When the EMPTY of GOD meets the FULL of GOD, God is born. Where there’s a male, there’s a natural urge to explore and come to understand the female, and vice versa. One could rightly say, “my God, how long is this going to go on…?” Well, I can say, I’ve been deeply interested in females my entire life, AND I’M STILL LEARNING EVERY DAY! Since no man or woman can ever come to fully know the experience of the other as long as there is “another”, the process goes on infinitely. Once one realizes that life is a journey, and that no journey is much fun if you already know everything, then one comes to the point where they can embrace all the differences, challenges and variety in the world. After all, no matter how much we may abhor gays, rich slobs, starvation, corruption, prostitution, pornography, murder, etc., as long as man has been on the planet, these have been issues of exploration.

    If we remember a basic tenant of non-violent communication, which is that “all judgments represent unmet needs”, then we can use our judgments as a means of meditation. Most judgments come because we simply “don’t understand” the nature of of another’s behavior. The human ego-mind has a miniscule capacity to “know” what is actually behind the world, let alone the Universe! If we all seek to find the unmet needs, to the degree that we have love to share, we can offer assistance where we have the wisdom to share. To the degree that we don’t understand, and don’t have the wisdom or desire to learn how to help, we can choose to hate, deface, or destroy. Or, we can do what we need to do to create safety so we can live in our own unique way.

    In my life, I’ve come to realize that “Love is a boomerang”. I’ve seen it come home to roost more times than I can count, in my life and the lives of my clients and students. When I was young, I thought I could take on the world. Now, I know better. I now know that I “do have the ability to love the world”, because I’ve had Union experiences with God and gained deep inner security in knowing that all that is, the good, bad and the ugly, is the beauty of God’s willingness to know God. I am committed to doing my best to facilitate that process and I’ve learned the best way to do that is to be honest in my exploration of my “self”, which is the only way to regain Union with my “SELF”.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

  • Crystal

    I realize I better given an example: my friend who is a lesbian ended up sleeping with my friend, who is a very conscious male who knows how to treat a goddess. He asked her why she is attracted to women over men and she said “b/c they are gentle” I can concur many males out there are really exploitative when it comes to getting off. Look at how much is spent on porn every year. There’s estimate that 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused before the age of 18. We have to pay attention to what all of it is telling us.

  • Crystal

    Paul, thanks for your reply. As I am sure you know everything is a half truth so within same genders, there is the male and female represented in some ways but in some ways it isn’t. I feel as a woman who has strongly identified with her animus I could never fully comprehend life as a man. It’s a beautiful mystery to me. There are different layers of reality for sure and the most prevalent aspect of the universe is clear in all, which is love and non-resistance to anything that exists, you achieved that with your article. I just think sometimes we have to take a position, we have to be imbalanced to create balance and we let differing views exist to do their thing. You have done that with allowing posts to what you have posted. The universe seems okay with letting us choose the direction of how we are making itself known to itself. It’s not about morality judgments which are unique to time and place, more so about the freedom to choose what brings collective joy and when the feminine is comes out from under the shadow she has been under by our invitation, things are going to be amazing. Homosexuals have their very important roles in his. You identify imbalances in your clients’s bodies and you love them for how they are with those imbalances but you also address the symptoms to help them bring balance to themselves. My wish is for spiritual leaders out there while preaching acceptance not neglect the other side that leads up the spiral which is transformation. We are all groaning under the burden of the repression of the feminine, I just think in some cases homosexuality is the result of that, not all but some. It’s a given that I am going to love and accept these people as I have have love and accepted my own symptoms from the result of that repression. Again this is so beyond morality (which is just one tool in our tool box) most people don’t get where I am coming from. The human heart is so pure, people have no idea. Morality is like a dated, horse and buggy in the face of the ferrari that is the heart so this is not about judgement. It’s just about submitting to the process of life and if you aren’t the yogi isolating himself out in the woods, and you are participating fully in life, you are going to get your hands dirty, it means pointing out distortions like Osho did. I am distorted as heck, that’s okay, we are all in this together. Only when seeing something can you heal it for those that need it. I am not saying homosexuality = need for healing. I am just saying it takes a person with incredible discernment or maybe just good intuition to know when something is off and there are times with some people, I just know something is off but “”Where you stumble, there lies your treasure” so nothing is wasted.

  • Owen

    Thank you

  • Paul Chek

    Dear Owen,
    There is no need to wait for anything “until you are healthy”…Each day you allow yourself to feel and think that way is a day of reinforcing “what you don’t want”… That you are willing and brave enough to question your own thoughts indicates that you are far healthier than most people in society “RIGHT NOW!” Conditioned minds are often challenged by my words because they put the responsibility for your own body-mind and Spirit in your own hands. This can be challenging for people for many reasons; a common one is being upset because “their god in the sky hasn’t saved them or gave them what they want”…

    An exercise you may find helpful is to draw a big circle on an art pad. Then, ask yourself what qualities would help you get clear on, and live your dreams. Once you’ve gotten clear on the qualities you feel would support your dream creation, be that strength, wisdom, courage, honesty, responsibility, gracefulness, etc, choose a person or an animal, or even a plant or tree that you feel exemplifies each quality; for example, you may choose a lion for strength, a wolverine for courage, OSHO for honesty, the Dali Lama for responsibility, a dove for gracefulness, etc. Then, either draw each animal and person, create a symbol for each person or animal if you wish, or cut out a photo of each animal, plant or person that symbolizes your chosen qualities and put them in your circle. Write down what qualities “you will express within yourself when you allow that being to be present within you and in what situations you are likely to need one or more of each such qualities.

    When you are in a situation where you feel more strength is needed to get through your day, open your heart and mind to the Lion kingdom and allow that part of your inherent nature to come forward; a lion never rushes and only uses force as needed to feed and protect itself. It doesn’t waste energy getting involved in petty self-expression, for that would diminish it’s likelihood of survival and therefor, it’s lionhood. I even teach people to emulate, to “act out” such icons so they can more fully “embody them”.

    If you begin each day with a prayer of affirmation, such as: Great Spirit, Spirit beyond Spirits, Spirit with no name, no shape, no form, Divine Father-Mother of the Universe, My Beautiful Soul, Mother Nature, Lion Spirit, Wolverine Spirit, OSHO (etc.), I thank you for this Beautiful day. I thank you for the strength, courage, wisdom and grace you express through me so that I may live and love fully. I thank you for my challenges, for they are my calling to wisdom and they teach me empathy and compassion for others. I thank you for the beautiful, productive day of living and loving. We are safe. We are home. We are whole.
    It is done!
    It is done!
    It is done!
    and accept and exemplify “what you already have” (not what may or may not come!), you will learn to channel your life-force into living your dreams. Knowing that there are potentially millions with the kind of pain you have and many much worse off, you can step forward as an offering to all such people who may not be so fortunate to know how to create love and beauty in their life and become a living example of effective dreaming, living and loving.

    Knowing that each of is is being watched by others, by children, even by animals (haven’t you ever seen a dog sitting in the driver’s seat looking like it may drive away? How did a dog learn that?), you can have the inner solace of knowing that you are living by example and any that emulate you are moving toward loving and living “with you”.

    When emotions, pains or thoughts that aren’t part of your dream for the day arise, access the appropriate spirits from your Mastermind Group that can guide you to effectively self-managing them. All thoughts and emotions are essentially energy-forms, like water; if you encounter coldness in relationship to self or other, instead of withdrawing, or becoming angry, simply “warm the waters with lion breath, or express the open, unbounded joy and truth of the Dali Lama and warm the relationship between self and/or other. If one is in heated moments, you may choose to express the strength and patients of a beautiful cactus (it can withstand the extreme heat and cold of the desert!). Without adding more “heat” to the “heated”, it will naturally cool. This practice is on in which you take responsibility for your humanity and use your human fore-brain to create novel solutions in any situation.

    Soon, with practice, you will look back and see that much of your strength and beauty was sitting, waiting in the ego’s shadow for you enlighten and enliven it. That gift to yourself is an essential first step toward healing and sharing what many in the world need but don’t know how to give themselves, which leaves them terribly co-dependent upon others – most of which are no better off then you are. As you see how great it feels to choose to live and love over waddling in the past, your Spirit-light will grow and glow in and through you, attracting the people, places and things that nourish your dreamer.

    Soon, you will naturally free yourself from even having to think of those qualities because you will be a living example of them. What was once deemed as “resistance to growth” becomes the gift of resistance; no athlete can get stronger without resistance; you may choose to be an emotional athlete, a mental athlete, a love athlete. That my dear friend, is how you grow your love muscles! That is how you “become the person you desire to share love with in relationships”. Each step of the way, we attract ourselves to ourselves so we can experience ourselves; this is called “The Mirror Of self” by Sufi’s. Only we can polish that mirror. Once we do, when we look into ourselves, we chuckle with the realization that life is, and has been perfect all along. Now, we know with assurance that all people’s challenges are but mountains to climb, rivers to swim, and weights to strengthen ourselves with.

    You are Safe,
    You are Whole,
    You are Home!
    Ah Ho Great Spirit!
    It is Done!
    It is Done!
    It is Done!

    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

  • Owen

    Hi Paul,

    I recently promised myself I wouldn’t read your blog again because at times I find it too painful.I believe that was 5 days ago.I’m happy that I caved in so easliy.

    I’m a 26 year old male that has always struggled with any form of intimacy. For the last six months I have been working with a female practitioner in the attempt to get to the root cause of my issues. About a month ago I started various types of energy work using crystals and sounds and found they opened up gay thoughts and fantasies. I believe I repressed these feeling as a child and until recently hadn’t ever considered I might have these feelings for men.
    At this moment I’m not going to label my sexuality because I honestly don’t know it. I just wanted to thank you and everyone for their comments, as always your blogs seem to come at just the right time.

    When I’m healthy it is one of my goals to attend your Zen in the garden, I look forward to being able to thank you in person for all of the time you spend writing these blogs. Although I do find myself getting easily angered by some of them and dont always appreciate the hard work involved.
    Thanks for everything,

  • Paul Chek

    Dear Marlos,
    Having studied OSHO daily for 5 years or more, with over 700 pages of hand written notes to verify those studies, I can assure you that:
    A. OSHO “was not” against sex. In fact, he encouraged people to “play and learn” through sex.
    B. He did indeed have opinions clearly suggesting that being in same sex relationships were NOT in line with his teachings.
    I’ve had numerous students of mine studying OSHO over the years and many of them who are in same-sex relationships have come to me, sometimes very sad, with questions regarding why he would express himself this way. You can rest assured, I would NOT even write about this on my blog if I were not 100% sure. I have listened to OSHO’s recordings where he expressed his views and you can’t get any more authentic than OSHO’s own voice. Additionally, I’ve studied him enough to have a good grasp of when he’s joking around and when he’s not. He was NOT joking around.

    If you know of any resource what-so-ever where OSHO condemned sex, I’d love to know about it. I don’t have to walk far because I have about every book published with his name as the author while he was alive and most of them since (except rehashes, of which there are now many!) right here in my library.

    My bringing up the issues wasn’t meant to be about “OSHO”, it was to show that sexual bias exists even where most would think it doesn’t and that if one truly understands the nature of The Universe, GOD, or existence, then such biases are unnecessary. My discussions about God and Universe are not “theory” to me. I’ve been to the very edge of ego’s existence many times. This is my life’s work; to explore and carry home the fruits to share with others less fortunate to be able to have these experiences or those that are too afraid of them.

    Thanks for sharing Marlos!
    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

  • Paul Chek

    Dear Crystal,
    Thank you for your lovely post. It represents deep wisdom within you! The world is the place where we learn to explore the truth of ourselves, which can’t be done when we adhere to “our favorite side of reality and ignore what we don’t like or don’t understand.”
    We are ALL products of The Universe. The Universe creates, destroys/transforms, and Abides. Because we are “in” the universe, naturally, we are “of the universe”, since by definition, Uni-verse means “One Song”.

    Even among the most masculine of gay or lesbians in relationship, you will generally find by observation (or through research if you trust others more than your own eyes and ears) that one partner takes the (relative) role of male, and the other (relatively) female. Therefore, even in same-sex relationships, the work of understanding the nature of sexual difference is inescapable.

    In my diagram, TAO steps down into tai-chi, which is “the first relationship” and is exemplified by sexed interactions. It is the imbalance created by the sexed nature of this first relationship that creates movement, which creates time, which is essential for consciousness to be “conscious of” experiences. The Universe has no other to come to know but itself. When human beings wake up to the fact that all relationships are universal experiences and that we all exemplify universal qualities at the very core of our being, then maybe we can get past the worship of books and get into the worship of reality; every sexual orientation IS and expression of REALITY.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Love and chi,
    Paul Chek

    • Yani

      Wow thankyou for this insight ! I’ve been struggling with the same thoughts lately on Osho and homosexuality . As a woman who is in a committed relationship with another woman but also have a deep appreciation for Osho and his work , it was hard and a bit sad for me to embrace his view on this subject. Your post further validates the things I was already coming to terms with. Thankyou for your wise words and truly encompassing the totality of what love is and unity with the whole. !

  • marios Stampoulopoulos

    Hey Paul,
    I do not think Osho`s excluded or included gay people. As a straight man, he felt they are perverted. But he condemned sex also . Now what? Are we all going to burn his books and do not meditate? We just started having amazing feeling!!!
    With love

  • Dan Hellman

    Paul: My admiration for you grows even deeper after reading your last blog. There is so much hate and misunderstanding in the world for people that are “different.” I must say I was a bit saddened when I read OSHO’s philosophy and I found your entry here to be very uplifting. Thank you for being Paul Chek. Much love.


  • A dear friend and client of mine sent me this comment but also wanted to remain anonymous:

    How could Osho know about being gay? He could never know no matter how hard he tried. He could never really get it. And comments like his and many others including religious leaders cause a lot of hurt and create an environment of fear.

    Growing up gay presents many unique problems that are special to gay/lesbian people.

    I was taught to hate gay people early in life from many people that I admired and loved. And being one myself, presented many difficulties growing up. Because we are an invisible minority; our peers, loved ones and family have no problem being honest with their fears and negative stereotypes to our face leaving us to think: “if only they knew.”

    When I was ten, my older brother, while driving by a gay bar told me that they love little boys like me in that place. As a young gay child I actually expected that I would develop a lisp and my wrist would go limp. I prayed to God every night “please I don’t let me be gay.”

    Unlike other minorities that grow up with members of their own minorities and therefore some acceptance, gay people are alone because like themselves, other gay people learn to hide who they are at a very young age. Closeted gay people will avoid other gays least that might give themselves away.

    A gay person chooses to endure hiding “living in the closet” because of the shame and fear. We learn this very young from Osho’s way of thinking. Because of this, many people go there whole lives without being able to be authentic. For those that are outed at a young age they are most likely to be destined to constant hate and bullying.

    Memes. The word fag became a very powerful meme for myself. No white heterosexual male could ever understand this. There is no name that could invoke the pain on a white man such as fag, cock-sucker, queer, bit.., ni…, cu…, etc. And therefore, they can never really understand it, as much as they try. Today, many still considered it ok to use the word fag. They have no idea of the pain the word may invoke and it teaches young children fear.

    People cannot repress their ability to love. Eventually being real and true out weigh the consequences of coming out. And as this is happening more and more, exposure brings enlightenment and we learn that what we once thought was abnormal, deviant and something to be feared is just a natural part of life that can be found everywhere throughout nature and the animal kingdom.

    thanks for listening . . . Anonymous

  • Crystal

    Gore Vidal said “there are no homosexual people, only homosexual acts” I believe in a balanced society, there would be the freedom to choose. In a society that has rampant child molestation and sexual abuse, hormones in the water, and a prevalence of the masculine with the feminine suppressed (which Joseph Campbell talks about as well) then you have symptoms of this in the culture. In my own life, like everyone around me, I manifest symptoms of this imbalanced and unconscious society that is bent on destroying it’s own home. Do I deserve love and respect as a human being? That goes without saying but what the symptoms are saying to us is lost. Human love is so powerful that people can experience it amongst such atrocities as the holocaust, cancer wards, and all manner of places that include struggle and suffering but why not learn from cause and effect and have both? Love and co-creative existence? Plato says we choose our life and maybe homosexuals volunteered to come here to shows us that this current way of ignoring feminine principles of cycles, nurture, wisdom can not go on b/c we are destroying ourselves. Now we have people cutting of their genitals b/c they were “born in the wrong body” and we are encouraging this madness. Whatever the mainstream is in favor of you, you have to know the truth has been twisted and something is being missed. My health problems were a symptom of this imbalanced world and I deserved love and respect and acceptance b/c some won’t go away but I didn’t learn or benefit a bit from being saying “you were born this way” The goal here is freedom. When you are locked in to a way of life that isn’t supported by nature and you have no choice, something is wrong. There are many examples of homosexuals acts among even animals or throughout history but we have to look closer at this. In Greece it was prevalent in a time that was not female friendly. In Rome they didn’t have a word for homosexual and even there the female part in the male on male was looked down upon. Shamans were actually people who were inherently imbalanced and therefore suffered different types of afflictions where they were put out in the woods and they either died or came back with the power they amassed. Joseph Campbell speaks of mentally ill and shamans having the same visions and experiences. One in a mental hospital and the other in the woods trying to survive the vision quest and bring the boon back to his people. The point is Shamans are not everyday people and I have no doubt today’s homosexuals are shaman-like but some are abused, and suffered many abuses, some have their hormones measured and they are out of whack and this is unsafe for them. We can’t let politically correct pressures make us miss the message of the symptoms around us. When the feminine is no longer attacked and repressed, when our diets are no longer toxic, the landscape of relationships is going to change. Maybe everyone will be healthy person free pick who they want to sleep with, not locked into one sexual orientation where you find men who are disgusted by female genitalia and vice versa. You know how you can tell there is truth to some of these ideas? B/c although touching on history, philosophy and logic…although promoting balance, tolerance and love these ideas are not even permitted to be kicked around without being shunned. When that happens and their can’t be open discussion, you know you are dealing with brainwashing. sorry for the mistakes in this but the format won’t let me go back and edit. I hope people start waking up when the symptoms are right in front of our faces and we start getting people the help they need in addition to applauding how open-minded we are. The biggest sins of the planet (where we miss the mark) is scarcity thinking and denial/repression) there is only one mainstream idea regarding homosexuality and it’s blind acceptance. What about non-blind acceptance? That is a much greater challenge and there’s room for more than one idea about something. Not to put an end to for what some some people is a satisfying lifestyle but to bring to the stage a less denying consciousness that can help people who don’t even know they are looking for it.

  • Paul Chek

    Hi Scott and Marlos,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Scott, you can tell when someone “knows everything” by the fact that “they no longer have ANY questions”, not even deep within themselves. If such a person existed, they would have had to address THE QUESTION: Do I stay and help when I know it’s all “GOD Dreaming”, or do I play into GOD’s Dream (which is called REALITY? As long as one is living and breathing, they have chosen to participate in reality, which means the choice has been made and therefore, an ego is present! If an ego is present, an individual mind is present, and therefore, there will, by definition, be an unknown for every proposed “known”, for that is the nature of ego-mind.

    Marlos, OSHO’s self generated claim of being “Nothing” ends whenever he “excludes”, for only “something can exclude”. I applaud OSHO’s “goal of being nothing” though. It takes a lot of courage to step out of GOD’s Dream and become “NO_THING”, for at that moment (NIRVANA), there is not only no ego, there isn’t even a memory of having been this or that. As Joseph Campbell beautifully states, “Nirvana” means “to blow out”, to extinguish…so there’s not usually a rush to do that! He uses the metaphor of a moth that rushes into a candle flame, only to have it’s wings burned off to describe how yogis and the likes end up torturing themselves, being like the moth, rushing into extinction/Nirvana. You can’t end your story until you can do it naturally, unconditionally or you just end up back in the game again… After all, once one chooses Nirvana, they may wake up next as a cockroach, an ant, or a stone and have to start the whole process over, yet again… This story is written in the stones.

    Thanks for sharing guys!
    Much chi,

  • Paul-
    I really enjoyed both your posts on vegetarianism and homosexuality…very interesting. I find that when ever I come across contradictions in OSHO’s teachings I have to sit on it for a while…experience it to some extent or another and then I either agree or disagree with it based off of my own internal wisdom. Sometimes my opinion changes and I agree with him and other times it simply solidifies my believe that OSHO doesn’t know everything!
    Also, I try not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”, so to speak….sometimes I can get lots of great information from a teacher without having to agree with EVERY thing they say! You taught me that and it has come in quite handy!
    Thanks for giving us such great insights!

    With love Scott Shafer

  • marios Stampoulopoulos

    Maybe it is a chance for gay people to explore their sexuality. And maybe Osho stated these things because he felt like that right then. I cannot find any approval or condemnation for my life in his teachings in general and in particular.I would say that he was the Ultimate master, but he wasnt not even that. Just nothing.
    Peace and love

  • manish

    i think osho must had not said those comments about gays . Because one of the basic thing i have learnt from osho is that never be judgemental about anybody ,about anything . just accept the things as they are . then only you are true maditator .