April 24, 2012


Good Tuesday to You!

I hope you began your day by affirming your Abundance so you are tuned to that reality today.

I know that in my own world, there are many opportunities to let old habits and past programming to lead me off my chosen path.

By affirming my day first thing when I’m looking in the mirror at the miracle of myself, I can marvel at what events had to take place in order for me to enjoy this opportunity to enjoy life’s experiences.

Yesterday I had the joy of getting back into the gym for some heavy deadlifting.

After several days away from the gym playing in my garden, I had the urge to harmonize my body-mind with some high intensity lifting and reptilian crawling.

What few realize about high resistance weight training is that once the load reaches about 4 repetition maximum (RM) intensity or greater, every aspect of your body-mind has to cooperate in harmony or you won’t make the set, or even the lift in some instances.

This training is particularly useful for people with monkey-mind; there’s no monkeying around with a load two times your body weight ☺.

Additionally, when we load ourselves with specific task that requires all body-mind systems to participate in harmony, we essentially reset all systems, bringing them into congruence with one objective.

This is very helpful because it teaches us how to overcome resistance in other areas of our life as well.

Once you put a load of significant intensity down, there is a flood of energy throughout the body.

This is the energy stored in the connective tissues of the body combined with the hormonal energy released to support the nervous system in meeting the objective.

By using an exercise like the deadlift that requires participation from every muscle in the body, we are able to nourish and harmonize all our chakras (energy centers).

This has a lasting effect throughout the day, improving the likelihood that you will learn to feel harmony and act such that you maintain that state.

If you want to try harmonizing yourself through high intensity, you don’t need a gym or any special equipment. Simply find an immovable object, such as a wall or a steel post in a building.

Then, align your body so you can push against it with good posture.

Then, begin to push on the wall (or post) with about 50% intensity for 10 seconds.

Next, rest for ten seconds and repeat, bringing the intensity up about 10%.

Progressively increase the intensity over several ten second sets until you are able to give it your all (safely) for ten seconds.

Usually as little as 3-5 ten second maximum pushes (or pulls if you can find a solid object like a stair rail) will significantly increase the energy and harmony in your body.

These high intensity efforts also significantly increase the amount of anabolic hormones released into the blood stream.

The result is that in just a few minutes, you can feel an incredible, almost palpable boost in your sense of well-being. I often do this kind of “tuning” in airports and even on the plane to keep myself balanced.

Give it a try!


Last night after I did my tai-chi and ate dinner, I was ready to relax a little and scanned the channels for something that suited my desires.

I came across Oprah’s Life Class program, which featured Deepak Chopra.

It was excellent!

As I watched Deepak and Oprah interact with each other, the audience, and the guests on the show, I was flooded with joy, peace, happiness, bliss and the sense that healing for all has arrived.

With the number of teachers now gaining access to world wide TV networks, the perils and confusion of religious programming and the true function of the ego is being “enlightened” for all.

We are now in an age where socio-cultural healing is free for all to “choose” to participate in!

What a joy!

As I watched the program, my third eye opened and showed me the energy being created by the mergence of Deepak’s and Oprah’s energy fields.

I drew the being I saw created of the two of them, as One.

Oprah’s Life Class show is excellent and probably can be viewed via the web. Her next show looks fantastic too!

There is also one coming soon featuring Oprah’s meeting with Deepak in India. The shorts looked great!

You can learn more by going to Oprah’s site and looking under the tab at the top labeled “Life Solutions Class”.
Go to: https://www.oprah.com/oprahs-lifeclass/oprahs-lifeclass.html

Thanks for sharing with me today.

Enjoy being the change.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek