January 5, 2023

Once Upon a Skeptic With Ishtar

Happy Friday!

Every single one of you has at least one special gift to share with the world that is uniquely yours, but only if you believe in it and learn how to use it wisely…

You could be blessed with the powers of Superman, but if you believe that you can’t fly (or listen to other people who succeed in convincing you), you won’t.

The very famous spiritual teacher and mentor, Ishtar, knew she had psychic gifts and was very clairvoyant early in her life but she pushed it aside, believing those abilities were more trouble than they were worth.

So, Ishtar pursued a very conventional career in journalism for many years, until her mid-forties when she encountered a teacher who was a powerful channel of the ascended masters. Her initial reactions involved lots of head-nodding and skepticism.

That is, until the teacher channeled Lord Buddha, and Ishtar experienced a wordless, high vibrational frequency through a channel for the very first time.

What happened in the days and months following that initial connection made a believer out of Ishtar, now internationally known as an Ascended Master Channel.

Ishtar’s journey to acknowledge and learn how to use those special gifts is the subject of this very special blog/vlog.



If you are as moved as I was by Ishtar’s origin story, I hope you’ll listen our lengthy and amazing conversation we shared recently on my Living 4D podcast.

Love and chi,