June 20, 2012


Happy Wednesday!

I began my day early yesterday. I woke up with the sun, which was surprisingly early, just like I was experiencing in Sweden.

I thought it must be around 6:00 AM when the light was sneaking through the curtains but it was 3:40 AM. I tried to sleep but finally at a little before 5:00 AM, I got up and headed out to do some tai-chi before I started reviewing slides for the day of presenting on TMJ here in London.

I went down the street and around the corner to the park, but it was all barricaded off by police and cleanup crews. They are busy getting ready for the Olympics all over the place here and traffic is crazy!

I finally found a tree with a little sunshine hitting it and stopped there. In a few minutes, a couple people eating junk food and smoking cigarettes began to hover around me like flies.

I’m use to that when doing tai-chi!sure enough, a few minutes later, the female came up to me and said, “Are you meditating?” My answer was, “I was! And I smiled. She said, “Oh, I thought so. I hope you enjoy it.” People seem to be enamored by my mother-made sweater and scarf.

After I did my morning session and got some pumping in to help energize my tired body and mind, I went to the room and prepared for the day. Then I met Andre Hedger and Duncan Reeve for a nice breakfast of kippers and vegetables.

Here you can see me taking the class through a clapping drill to harmonize them with me and each other.


I began by letting them know that I felt that TMJ represented Time, Mat(t)er, and Joint (a joint has at least two sides so there is a Relationship). After they clapped individually with me and we got tuned as a group. I had them experience what it means to be “in time with the other, while expressing themselves through mater/body, in joint relationship.

I had them do their best to stay in tune with me while using their partner’s hands to clap, as you can see in the photo. This was much trickier, as you can imagine.

I did this to point out that most people with TMJ disorders have issues of:
-Time management; rhythm and flow challenges
– Matter and mater management: problems with dealing with multiple matters in their life, and taking time to heal or restore the mater of their bodies optimally. And,
– Joint interactions or “relationships” are often challenging for them.

There were several CHEK Practitioners (CP’s) there for the day and they all looked great! You can see CHEK Instructor Leigh Brandon standing closest to you on the right of the isle wearing a white shirt. It was great to have the CP’s there to network with these intelligent, open-minded, dentists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

There were over 60 people in attendance with vendors and guests and I enjoyed sharing my holistic approach.

After I gave my first talk, Duncan Reeve gave a talk about what a CHEK Trained Professional does. He did a great job and I was excited to see Duncan speaking.

I’ve been teaching and sharing a friendship with Duncan for about 13 years now and he’s really grown beautifully as a practitioner. He’s now working towards being certified with the institute as an instructor. He and his partner (Jennie) are moving to set up their new business in Switzerland in a golf center and they will live nearby in France.

I’ll be excited to come visit them (hopefully with Penny) on my next trip this way.

Andre Hedger gave a good talk over viewing his holistic approach to dentistry after Duncan spoke. His talk was quite informative and he shared some good humor and photos of his mountain climbing expeditions. It was great to share the stage with them both.

It was lovely to see Cass Ingram and his wife Judy, owners of American Wild Foods at the lecture.

I love their company and their products so I was glad to let the audience know about them. I hope they had good sales that day.

After the lecture was over, I was swarmed with people wanting photos and books signed.

I spent some time getting everyone’s needs met and got to talk to a lot of lovely, intelligent people. The man you see in the photo purchased all the books available through CHEK Europe, which was cool! I signed everything for him and look forward to seeing him go through the training programs.

I started my day early today with a long steam bath in the Turkish baths downstairs. Then Duncan and I had a chat over breakfast. I’m forever amazed at how bad the service in English hotels and restaurants is! Amazing! They would all be broke if they tried to run businesses this way in the US where the competition would eat them alive!

I’m now going to finish packing and Duncan and I will drive across town to visit Warren Williams and Jade Johnson in route to our next destination, where I’ll be teaching a Scientific Stretching and Swiss Ball Training workshop.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and that you appreciate the beauty of your own home.

May the sun shine warmly on you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek