January 11, 2016

New Year 2016 Planning Tips

Happy Monday!

I hope you are enjoying the New Year!

We are getting lots of rain here in San Diego, which is lovely, and much needed!

I chose to leave “Exploring Pornography Pt. 3” up for an additional week to give people time to work through it and digest the important messages I share regarding the development of consciousness.

As I’m sure some of you have figured out, I used the issue of pornography as a means of drawing your attention to a much more important realization.

The views one has on pornography are generally a reflection of how they view many essential things in life, and are typically exemplary of the individual’s overall level of conscious development.

It is important to understand this issue, particularly if you are someone that enjoys sexual play or orgiastic practices and feel you must conceal your true nature from others with harsh opinions of “your freedom”.

By understanding where an individual is at in their conscious development, we can understand, and have empathy for their judgments.

If your six year old says, “Mommy, you are ugly!”, Mommy isn’t likely to take it personally – she knows her daughter is “six”….

The Buddhists have a teaching story:

“If you are out fishing in your row boat, and another boat bangs into you and there’s no one in it, do you get upset?”

When people are at the traditional and modern levels of conscious development, they are likely to give childish responses to “adult themes”, including the use of food, medical drugs, recreational drugs, money, power, sex, and many other things that are typically controlled by and “invisible Father in the sky.”

The one more is developed, empathy will naturally arise and you won’t get too wound up about such opinions because to do so means that you’ve gotten upset when banged into by “an empty boat”!

In my blog today, I share:
1. New Year Planning Tips
2. Bone Broth Benefits
3. Show-N-Tell
4. Healthy ME – Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Summit with Jo Rushton

New Year Planning Tips

At the beginning of each New Year, it is normal to reflect back on the events of the past year. We can cultivate greater awareness as to “what worked, and what didn’t work to facilitate the creation of our dreams.”

Most people that use goals to accomplish their chief objectives write their new goals at this time every year so they can more effectively direct the flow of their own creative, life-force energy.

New Year Planning 2016
In my video blog today, I share four key tips for effective New Year planning and goal completion.

I begin by taking you through the A, B, C’s of effective dreaming, and show you some options you can use if you “don’t have a dream”. I highlight the importance of both “core values” and, making it a goal to achieve baseline health, if nothing else.

I then give several tips for effective goal setting and execution, and share my thoughts on the importance of actually writing your goals down instead of just letting them rattle around in your head.

I finish this 25:00 video by giving you some essential training on how to “actualize” your dreams/goals that comes directly from PPS Success Mastery Lesson 3. Goal Setting.

The resources I recommend for any of you wanting to maximize your ability to live fully and create your dreams this year are:

1. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy
2. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2. Self Mastery
3. PPS Success Mastery Lesson 3. Goal Setting

I hope you enjoy this short, but important lesson on planning for the New Year!

Bone Broth Benefits

Chef Lance and Rob Yang (CHEK Practitioner Level 4, Nutritionist) recently did a short video on bone broth and gut healing.

Rob is “a picture of health” and shares a brief explanation regarding how bone broth can support gut healing. You may enjoy this short video:

I use bone broths extensively in my personal practice with clients healing from many different health challenges.

I find it very useful for general nutritional support, bone and cartilage healing, warming the body, gut healing, and much more.

I encourage all the new mothers I coach to use bone broth regularly because it is so deeply nutritious.

Bone broth is a very good food for anyone wanting to prevent osteoporosis as well.

Because soda pop in general is very acidic, the body tends to pull calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid, which can accelerate early osteoporosis.

Therefore, anyone who regularly consumes soda pop would be wise to supplement their diet with bone broth.

Chef Lance makes incredible organic bone broths and ships in the US. You can visit Chef Lance’s web site: Shop now: www.bonebroth.com/shop/


Cut Your Head Off J Campbell Jason
I encourage my clients and patients to use artistic expression regularly to activate their right brain hemisphere, induce a parasympathetic state, and express their creative impulse. When we create art, we are adding life to life.

We are alive as we create art, and we are adding something novel to life that others can also enjoy.

Art is an excellent way to allow your subconscious mind to “speak to you”.

We often leave ourselves messages in our art; even if the rational mind doesn’t pick up on them, our psyche does.

Art is a very effective means of moving stuck emotional energies too. Many people’s emotional constipation is an expression of adaptation to a culture that has been trained to “follow orders and not do what they want to do”.

We are also so use to being graded in school, and feeling afraid to feel inferior to others that we get into the habit of grading ourselves constantly.

When we open ourselves to creative self expression and practice non-judgment, we begin to regain our natural creative impulse and “feel inside ourselves again”.

In time, this expanded awareness of feeling inspires our intellectual mind, and we make choices with not only the “information from the head”, but from the body (instincts) and heart (soul/feelings).

Jason has been using art as a form of creative self-expression under my guidance for a few years now, and I really love what he creates.

Today, he combines the wise words of Joseph Campbell with his own mixed media, artistic expression of a very relevant theme for today.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for sharing with us Jason!

Tomi Toles Grandson Liam deadlift
CHEK Instructor Tomi Toles sent me this great photo of his grandson getting ready to show Tomi how to perform the deadlift.

It’s so cute to see how motivated children are to try anything fearlessly. Great to see the signs of a great CHEK Practitioner in development Tomi!

He will probably be very surprised to find out just how wise “Grandpa is” as he grows up!

In Bliss

I have been painting and drawing to create gifts for my instructors for a few years now because I’d rather give them something novel from my heart than buy something just to fulfill a socio-cultural role.

I painted this piece as a gift for Dan Hellman, one of our senior instructors. I hope Dan enjoys it, and I hope you enjoy feeling what occurs in you as you look at it; you can double click on the image and it should enlarge.

Sun Kite
This year, I had 52 people on my list to create an artistic gift for. My tendency is to “get lost in my art”, and many of the pieces I created took me a whole day to complete.

I realized I’d have to get much more “zen” if I was to finish this much art in the few days I had, so this was one of my “zen” pieces.

I hope you enjoy it. There’s a little story being told there; FYI, in symbolic interpretation of art and dreams, the sun is a common symbol for the ego.

Healthy ME – Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Summit with Jo Rushton

Today is the last day for you to view my presentation with Jo Rushton through the Healthy ME Summit.

Click today to learn what I have to say about this illness and what we can do about this.

I hope you enjoy my blog today.

I hope you enjoy using the New Years planning tips I shared today.

I hope you feel inspired to get out some paper and some color and play!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek