January 25, 2012


Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a very productive day yesterday.

I was happy to finish filming my Monthly Message and Q&A with Paul segments for www.chekconnect.com.

I had a great coaching session with a client as well.

I got into the gym for a nice lunge session with some wood copping movements on the cable and some lower body rotation training for my core on the Swiss ball.

After my evening tai-chi session, I rebuilt some of my little decorative stacks that the wind had blown over on my newest rock creation.

It’s quite fun working with stones in the dark because you have to rely much more on your inner-guidance and instincts in absence of vision. Great training!

I’m constantly amazed at the limitations that emerge in me when over-reliant on the physical senses relative to the spiritual senses.

Any form of inner-development is a useful practice in my opinion.


My son (Paul Chek Jr.) has begun his own blog site.

His first blog post is a beautiful expression of his experiences with a lady who came to him for help as a Chek Practitioner due to problems with her cervical spine.

Her name is Bola, and he developed a deep and mutually respectful friendship with her that lasted many years.

Bola died of cancer recently and my son was with her, supporting her any way he could through the long and challenging process.

The experience moved him deeply and he shares many pearls of wisdom gained from the experience on his new blog.

There is some deep and beautiful wisdom all can benefit from in his blog. I’m really excited to see him sharing more of his knowledge and inner-world through his blog.

I hope you take a moment to give it a read. I really enjoyed it and it carries his unique personality. He’s a deep thinker, as you will see!

For a great read, go to: www.theconfidencegame.com


I don’t know about you, but with all the negative energy around 2012, I found that I had to confide in my soul to get answers I could trust.

The environment is so powerful an influence that if you get enough people moving in one direction, the tide of such energies can become powerful enough to make one begin questioning their own sense of truth.

Though I found much of the information to be scary, mysterious, and gray, it gave me the impetus to check in with my soul and find solace there.

I distinctly remember waking up around 2:00 AM the morning of 1-1-12 with a palpable sense of lightness.

I felt the energy shifting toward an energy of levity; one that supports letting go of old habits and ideas. It was lovely and reassuring.

When I did my annual mandala for 2012, my ego-mind was wondering, “do I really want to see what’s coming, or do I want to play dead and take it as it comes?

I’m used to listening to the dialogue of the ego.

Over the many years of working to develop my relationship with my soul, I’ve learned that the ego is very fragile and loves co-dependency; it loves to jump on the bandwagon of social construct.

The myriad of times I’ve asked my soul, “Is it true what my ego is telling me?” and got a definite answer “NO!”, has taught me not to pay too much attention to that scarecrow; too much of it is built of the past when I didn’t understand enough about life to see through the pains.

Well, with bravery, I sat down and let my soul guide my hands as I let my 2012 mandala flow out of me, unobstructed by my ego-mind’s influences.

After seeing what my soul offered me as a map for my year, I felt blessed and reassured.

I feet that regardless of what challenges I, We, or All go through, the outcome will be one of beauty and social awareness and healing.

Philosopher/Sage Paul Brunton has some beautiful insights in this regard, which he shares in his book titled, Human Experience – The Arts in Culture, Vol. 9, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (p.213):



! “Just as the nineteenth century was the era of scientific enlightenment, so our own is the century of universal enlightenment. This is taking three forms.

First, general education, intellectual knowledge and scientific discovery will continue to spread throughout the whole world and will not reside mainly in the West.

Second, they will become available to all classes and not be confined mostly to the middle and upper classes. Third, religion, mysticism, and metaphysics will reveal their realities and shed their superstitions, will be made more rational and thus will no longer be regarded as being displaced by science but rather as being necessary to complete it.

Furthermore, the philosophy of truth, which is the highest kind of enlightenment possible to mankind, will become as easily accessible as it was remotely hidden in former centuries.

Because we are at a cyclic turning-point, this is the century when truth will be let loose on the world. Not only ultimate truth which philosophy reveals for the few but also political, economic, social, religious, and scientific truth for the many.

The falsehoods which dominate human society, the illusions which individuals and groups hug so fondly, and their lies under which society lives are being—and, we venture to predict, will be still more—shown up for what they are.”!(paragraph 225)

“If we are to restore contentment to our hearts, we must restore balance to our strivings.”


As Paul Brunton beautifully highlighted, we are all now very hip to the corruption of governments, big business, religion, school systems, military pursuits, science, medicine, biotechnology, commercial farming, and the rest!

Many become paralyzed just watching the news each night, just as many become numb, and all too many use the state of the world as they perceive it as an excuse to indulge in drugs and habits of instant gratification without realizing that much of this behavior is a stress response.

The wise are hip to the fact that much of this behavior is highly profitable (at large) to the same organizations responsible for the stressors we are discussing.

Therefore, the wise activist makes their first move toward social reform through their own commitment to change by improving self-management.

While the ignorant, deluded and defeated repeat the same behaviors in their own life that they criticize at the corporate or governmental level, they feed the dinosaur of over-consumption and social delusion.

Only when we take responsibility for loving and nurturing ourselves in such a way that we produce well-being will we ever have the energy or mental clarity to constructively contribute to social change.
We must remember that just as a family is made of a collection of individuals, and a tribe a collection of inter-woven families, and a society a collection of interwoven tribes, and a culture a collection of interwoven societies, humanity itself is a construct of which the basic atoms of creation are the individuals themselves.

Just as the human body is composed of approximately 100 trillion cells, humanity is a being composed of about 7 billion individuals.

Each step we take as individuals to be more aware of what love and nurture is makes us more aware of what love and nurture is to all the living beings for whom our very lives depend upon.

One who loves and cares for themselves authentically, naturally feels the importance for caring for trees, wildlife, water, farmers, school teachers, children, and other human beings.

Each act that externalizes our love requires an act of will on our part. When any act to love draws from the resources of a diminished body-mind, it is actually an act of self-destruction, and therefore, part of the problem.

If everyone in any family, town or city were, on any given day, coordinate their efforts in any one direction, be it saving water, feeding the poor, cleaning up the town, etc., people witnessing would be shocked at what can be done in a short period of time.

It is not a grand leap of logic to see that if the very same people got together for any one such pursuit, but they were all sick and tired and addicted, the same project would inevitably take far longer to complete and may not get completed at all!

As I often tell my students, “Don’t worry about the world. Get yourself sorted out and the world will match your beauty every step of the way!”

I’ve created our 2012 Dream Big Contest so that you have an opportunity to share your BIG DREAM with us through www.PPSsuccess.com. There is only five more days before the contest ends so I encourage you to make your submissions.

I’ve already know that several of you have submitted your Big Dreams and I am really excited to review all the submissions. We will be announcing the winner in February.

When we focus our energy to fuel our Dreams, miracles can happen!

Well I’m off to Los Vegas this afternoon with Penny to present at ECA BALANCE. If you are there, I look forward to connecting with you.

Enjoy your day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek