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May 23, 2024

Navigate Past Relationship Problems With Gary Reiss

Navigate Past Relationship Problems With Gary ReissWhat’s the most prevalent reason for damaging problems in relationships? As smart as many of you are, I really doubt you’ll guess the one cited by Dr. Gary Reiss recently in our Living 4D conversation.

Based on his experience as a master of process-oriented psychology, Gary believes many of our social problems stem from an unconscious use of rank and power.

Rank manifests in ourselves in a myriad of ways, from gender, education, race and wealth to the psychological and spiritual. The more rank you have, the less aware of it you are.

The real balancing act that helps relationships grow and flourish, Gary says, is being more aware of that same rank, carrying it consciously and sensitively and using it in ways to benefit others.

In fact, Gary shares a personal example of how he feared that he was using his economic rank in his relationship with his wife in ways that would make her leave him. After brushing the suggestion off, Gary’s wife, Sage, called him back an hour later and asked, “How did you know?


But, rank is only one of several interpersonal challenges you will face in relationships, as Gary shares much more in my latest blog/vlog.

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