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March 20, 2012



I hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

I was very busy with meetings and meeting deadlines in preparation to head to Tulum, Mexico with my son tomorrow for a couple weeks.

While I’m gone, Vidya will continue to share my Tao-Te-zen sutras with you and I’ll send her updates and photos along the way in hopes that you can enjoy the Mexico journey with us.

Yesterday, I got into the gym for a lovely deadlifting session with some single arm dumbbell rows and reptilian crawling.

I always feel so toned, upright and alive after heavy lifting. What a simply joy.


In Hazrat Inayat Khan’s beautiful little book titled “The Gayan – Notes from the Unstruck Music” (p. 61), he says:



My intuition never fails me, but I fail whenever I do not listen to my intuition.

In the previous two blogs, I spoke of the body as temple, and gave a basic explanation of instinct, intellect and intuition.

I have shared the importance of including worship of the body-temple and being aware of the influences the body has on the mind as a means of improving emotional self-management.

I explained that intuition is crowded out by imbalances of body and mind.

Once one get’s healthy enough in body and mind to truly become still inside, they have the best opportunity to hear the voice of silence within themselves.

This is the best means by which we can access our intuition.

Cultivating your intuition is a life-long practice. I’ve been working with my own intuition daily for many years and still grow in leaps and bounds.

One’s intuition is most needed in times when our ego-minds are unsure of how to best handle making key choices in our lives.

One who practices using it soon learns that it is most commonly the cries of the body or the unbridled desires of the ego that speak the loudest, and paradoxically, such imbalances tend to be magnified in times of stress.

I have found that the best way to access my intuition in stressful times is to trust that if GOD (Unconditional Love) is God (Consciousness of All), then there can ultimately be nothing wrong in the world, or in my own life. What stresses or challenges me is usually the result of my own inability to see the bigger picture.

I know that whatever challenges me in relationship to self or others can easily be the fodder of judgment for my ego-mind, yet if there is judgment in my ego, it must be a means by which I’ve chosen to cultivate more awareness of my authentic needs or the needs of others.

When I’m in a state where achieving optimal stillness for listening to my intuition is occurring, I find that if I just turn the whole situation over to my soul and ask to be shown the way to balance or healthy resolution, I am always shown.

To do this effectively, we must be willing to admit to ourselves that our perceptions of self or others were incomplete to the degree that the message from our soul guides us in a direction different than our judgments were leading us.

Each time this occurs, I find that I realize how flimsy the ego is and how subject it is to prior programming.

As we become more confident in the guidance of the soul, our awareness of the nature of our ego grows.

In time, we realize that the ego is a necessary tool for experiencing love, friendship, companionship, and ultimately for cultivating empathy and compassion for those that are still finding the path to inner-guidance in life.

The drawing above is one I created after asking my soul to show me my anima; the feminine aspect of my soul.

Because I’m a fiery person by nature (male/yang aspect), most of my challenges boil down to me reacting to situations too quickly or with more energy than is often optimal.

By getting in touch with the feminine aspect or “water element” of my soul, I can use that awareness of my potential to cool and slow down to find balance within more efficiently.

The water in her head represents the concept that when our minds are still, they become receptive, like still water is receptive to any input.

The symbol between her yes is a mathematical symbol used in quantum physics to symbolize the wave function.

Since all creation is an expression of vibration or waves, what we perceive through our senses is all waves of energy and/or information of one form or another.

Her earrings are the same symbol turned upside-down. This is my reminder to listen with both ears.

The right ear being the receptive pole of the left brain and the left ear the receptive pole of the right brain.

This encourages me to listen for both what is being said, and at the same time, what is between the words or lines that isn’t being said, but is as much or more of the story than what is expressed.

With this pre-frame, I become more conscious of what questions to ask myself or the other to gain clarity before I take action.

When I do this, it most always pays off as smoother experiences with self or others.

When I don’t, I usually get plenty of motive to remember to be more centered next time a situation occurs where stillness is likely to be the best first step to resolution.

I’m still amazed that with all the practice I’ve had, I can still fall asleep at the wheel so-to-speak and be led on yet another trip down the rapids of the ego-mind!

The treble clef symbol on her throat chakra also symbolizes vibration, but is a reminder from my soul that as a teacher, I reach my potential when my message can be heard by the broadest range of people.

Since the treble clef is often used to indicate middle C, or the place on a piano key board that symbolizes the division of the keys played by the left and right hands, it is a good reminder to create beauty with a balance of the left (yin) and right (yang) energies.

That is what is symbolized in the pattern on her chest and neck.

Her body is made of the marriage of the elements, represented symbolically as earth, water, fire, air, and ether (unbound space or potential for relationships).

It is through these elemental relationships that consciousness (as soul) creates its own embodiment.

Well, that’s my show-n-tell for the day.

I hope that you feel inspired to take the needed time to gain stillness when challenges emerge so you can take guidance from that part of yourself that is more whole than the ego-construct is.

I’m headed to Mexico with the specific intent to go get very still while sitting on some of the Mayan temples and connecting with the amazing spirits there.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek