May 25, 2022

My 5-Exercise Circuit Workout

My 5-Exercise Circuit WorkoutBecause I get LOTS of questions about my workouts, this week’s blog/vlog covers a routine 5-exercise circuit workout I do.

As you’ll see, I use fairly light weights so I can do 10 reps comfortably (and can probably do 10 more just as easily).

However, the stress in doing this workout does build up throughout the 5 circuits because I give myself a minute of rest between each one.

To get the most out of this workout, it’s also important for you to take into account undulating periodization, a type of training in which volume and intensity go up and down either daily or weekly within a given training period.

My favorite way to lift is to do it heavy. My mind and body like weights 6rm (rep max) or heavier. But if you keep repeating the same workouts with the same intensities, your body will adapt to it so, paradoxically, you won’t get as much out of it.

My 5-Exercise Circuit Workout

However, you can achieve good results by moving from high-intensity training to bodybuilding training to circuit workouts which allow your body to experience different phases of adaptation and stimulate different metabolic systems. The goal: By the time you’re looping back to high intensity training, your body will be fresh.

Sometimes, I’ll maintain a high intensity level for up to two weeks (1 day of pushing, 1 day of pulling, 1 day of rest, 1 day of legs, 1 day of pushing and 1 day of rest).

Sometimes, I may need to two days of rest because I’m 60 years old and my body doesn’t recover like it did, even in my 40s. I just listen to my body and let it guide me. I’m not training to be a superhero, but I want to maintain my muscle mass.

That said, if I want to feel young, I’d better act young in the gym. When I start not wanting to lift heavy things or making excuses, I’ll notice my body aging within a few days. But, if I lift heavy things that require me to generate a lot of force and focus, I’ll experience a surge of testosterone (a lot of research supports this).

For this vlog, here are the exercises I’ll be performing that are along the lines of a strength-endurance circuit that provokes an aerobic response:

  • The box lift (deadlift)
  • Cross-arm barbell row
  • Arch to pike
  • Walking lunges
  • Lateral lunge pull


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Love and chi,