November 11, 2021

Music That Makes You Feel Something with Ian Morris

Happy Thursday!

When you go to the gym, what kind of music usually plays in the background?

No matter where I’ve traveled all over this beautiful planet of ours, I’m amazed to hear the kinds of noise that passes for music, from chaotic heavy metal headbanging to songs filled with killing and hating the world.

Hearing that kind of music stresses me to the core of my being and weakens me to my very soul. Yet, some people gravitate to loud, angry music because they use it like a homeopathic remedy that calms them down.

Music That Makes You Feel Something with Ian Morris

So, you probably expected this subject was going to come up in my recent Living 4D conversation with the amazing musician and composer Ian Morris, and it did. Preferences certainly play a role, but so does the music’s vibrational state…

Ian and I also explore the kinds of music he composes more focused on sacred frequencies and binaural beats that create a natural synchronization of the left and right hemispheres in the brain in this Living 4D excerpt.


Explore the music Ian creates by checking out Listening to Smile website and his shop on Bandcamp. If you like what your hear, save 40 percent on any digital albums Ian has released by using the promo code Living 4D at checkout!

Love and chi,