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December 9, 2021

Music That Heals You With Ian Morris

Happy Thursday!

The last time I shared a portion from my recent Living 4D conversation with the talented and gifted Ian Morris on my blog/vlog, we talked about the ways that music makes you feel something.

In this excerpt, Ian describes the science and philosophy behind the music he creates for people so he can take them on the road toward healing.

The back-and-forth of beats, tempo, chords and frequency are the foundation, but it’s the selection of instruments and how they affect the body that really builds the road.

For example, Ian points out how the guitar or flute can provide relief for the throat chakra or other respiratory problems a listener may be experiencing.

Music That Heals You With Ian Morris

I’ve encountered this too working for years with rattles, part of the Native American healing philosophy that represents rain as a means to wash pain out of someone’s body. Rattles are also very good tools to clear away a lot of blocked up emotional energy people are feeling.

Do you have a connection to certain instruments when you hear them? Ian shares his three favorites, including a traditional Chinese instrument many of you have probably never heard before…

Here’s a simple test to gauge the power of music in your life. The next time you watch a blockbuster film on TV, watch it first with the sound off, then turned on comfortably. Your perceptions will definitely change.


Just one more reminder, that if you haven’t checked out tracks from his Listening to Smile website and his shop on Bandcamp, you’re really missing out on something special. And, if you find some music you enjoy, save 40 percent on any digital albums Ian has released by using the promo code Living4D at checkout!

Love and chi,