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May 9, 2014

Movement As Medicine Pt 5/7: Work-In

Happy Friday to You!

Well, I’ve been busy as a beaver here in Australia meeting with people and teaching.

I’m pressed for time, so forgive me for being brief today as we continue our series with Movement As Medicine.

Movement As Medicine Pt 5/7: Work-In – Pumping

MAM Pt 5 Work-In blk bd

Today, I share an overview of my “Work-In” concept and discusses the many benefits of pumping.

As you will see when watching my video, there is a LOT of benefits to be gained with working-in and pumping your body.


How To Eat Move and Be Healthy – book

HLC2 Lake Macquarie Sydney

Breathing HLC2 Mercure
My HLC 2 course here at Lake Macquarie Resort North of Sydney about an hour and a half drive is going fantastic.

My students are fully ready and have clearly applied their HLC 1 teachings, which came largely by way of CHEK Faculty Instructors, Donal Carr and Jo Rushton. Thank you for a great job getting them ready Donal and Jo!

Breathing Ass HLC2 Mercure Australia

The photos above are from our “work-in” training yesterday. We are having a great time and I’m motivated to go teach this morning and continue our “journey inward”.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I’ll do my best to keep you updated as time permits.

BTW, THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER for my 4 upcoming workshops at for those of you in Australia that would like to attend some of my newest, hottest workshops I’ve ever put together!

We are getting such a great turnout, we had to move the workshops to a much bigger venue, so it will be exciting to have so many hungry Australian students working with me.

Angie Lustrick will be arriving here in a few days to assist me with my workshops, so that will be fun. Angie is always a great inspiration to the students. They love meeting a real shaman and I love having her with me too. She is always helpful if I get too boyish with my training and need some rapid healing .

Penny is having a great time here too. She’s been busy with our business, but loves Australia, so it’s fun for her.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek