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May 31, 2013

Movement as Medicine (Pt. 2): Biomotor Co-Dependence

Happy Thursday to You!

I hope you are all living and loving fully.

Today, we move forward from our discussion of posture and movement to explore bio-motor abilities; bio = life and motor = movement = life-movement abilities.

Hiking girl
We all engage in a wide variety of physical activities to meet the demands of daily living. Though we have become a sedentary populous, we still have essential physical needs to meet. Parents should be able to play with children. We all need to get on and off of toilet seats and get things out from low cupboards.

In my own research and development, I created the Primal Pattern™ system of movement analysis. I was able to demonstrate that to survive in nature, we would have had to be able to squat, lunge, bend, push, pull, twist, walk, jog and sprint, while maintaining our own balance.

Our bodies are designed for these functions under the influences technically referred to as the selective pressures of nature.

Having rehabilitated thousands of bodies from a wide variety of injuries, I can assure you that anyone who can’t perform these movements with body weight effectively, opens the door for painful challenges; sprinting and jogging aren’t so essential today, but walking is.

Leg Press
Many people go to gyms, but don’t realize that the equipment they are using is potentially as disruptive as beneficial. Very few pieces of gym equipment require normal activation of postural and stabilizer muscle systems.

These exercises on these machines create “false strength”; you can use strength you can’t stabilize or balance within yourself. Regardless of how big your bench press is, it’s is not guarantee that you will demonstrate that level of strength when standing on your feet playing a sport.

All of us athletes are familiar with “gym warriors” that look good in the gym, but get mopped up by little guys that are actually “effectively conditioned”.

Getting in car
Many people poo-poo exercise saying, “I don’t have to train for what I do every day…” Please note that getting into and out of a car requires a single-legged squat with a lateral shift and a twist! By any athletic standard, that’s a complex movement, and one that hurts a LOT of backs!

As you can see by my diagram, there are several bio-motor abilities that are needed to perform any functional activity; meaning you must balance your own body while doing them.

Bio-motor abilities are:
• Strength
• Endurance
• Power
• Flexibility
• Agility
• Coordination
• Speed, and
• Agility

Every functional activity you perform requires some element of each of the bio-motor abilities.

The CHEK system of movement provides all the necessary assessment and instruction on how to rebuild and restore optimal movement skills.

As our body restores it’s natural abilities to move and express, we begin to feel much more free, self-empowered, and are far more likely to explore and live life more fully!

For help restoring your optimal body function, movement skills and natural beauty, consider the following resources:

1. My book: How To Eat Move and Be Healthy!

2. Scientific Core Conditioning: elearning or Correspondence Course

3. Scientific Back Training: Correspondence Course

4. My book: Golf Biomechanic’s Manual

5. Primal Pattern Movements:elearning or Correspondence Course

I hope you have a weekend full of natural, flowing, joyous movement!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek