February 16, 2023

Minding Your Business With Matt Maruca

I’ve heard so many people talking about using the power of manifestation to help them overcome roadblocks that allow them to achieve their dreams, yet not truly understand what that process really means.

Many have a superficial belief that, if they hold onto an intention long enough, the Law of Attraction will automatically kick into high gear and get that goal accomplished without any effort on their part.

Life never works that way, but too many people never really understand this very simple concept.

Minding Your Business With Matt Maruca

Recently, I invited Matt Maruca to join me for a second Living 4D conversation to share what he’s learned about running his business and living his best life as the young, enlightened and very successful founder of Ra Optics.

As with running any successful business, you’re always challenged to re-evaluate what you’re doing and a lot of this can be painful.

But what’s more painful… Giving up your life to be successful in ways that fill your bank account at the expense of others, or lying to everyone including yourself that this is the only (and best) path forward?



If you want to start your business and need some good advice, Matt shares some great recommendations that any young person would be wise to follow in our full Living 4D conversation.

Love and chi,