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June 13, 2013

Mental-Emotional Balance in Minutes!

Happy Thursday!

I had a lovely, and very productive day at work yesterday. I started my day with some rattling and singing with April, Vidya’s granddaughter. That was fun. I was moving non-stop with client program development and consulting, and didn’t get a chance to get into the gym. I went home and built a nice big rock stack and then jumped in my IR sauna for 40 minutes.

I then enjoyed watching “The Voice”, and some of the “America’s Got Talent” show. There were two groups of kids doing Latin dance on the show. Truly AMAZING. I’ve NEVER seen anyone, not even adults perform at the level these kids did. The judges were floored and the audience was blown away. I feel so much emotion in me, watching the amazing children lead the way, as inspiration for the rest of the world. While watching these shows, I was working on a birthday gift for my father. His birthday is tomorrow and I’m drawing him an exotic looking hawk. I find I can’t draw well unless the shows I’m watching are happy making. A very interesting experiment would be to have people draw while watching different TV shows. I’m very confident that you’d see a huge influence from the “vibration” of each show in the artistic expressions. After all, we do see the influence of TV in many ways, but not all of them are as beautiful as watching people share their love.

Mental-Emotional Balance in Minutes!

It is not at all unusual to have periods on any given day where your mind feels cluttered or blocked. It’s also not unusual to feel emotionally congested, blocked, or confused.

There are a myriad of factors that play into such body-mind experiences, some common factors are:

  • Poor food and drink choices
  • Postural imbalances
  • Holding onto judgment, pain, or resentment in relationship to self or others
  • Environmental chaos
  • Electromagnetic pollution
  • Lack of movement
  • Poor air quality
  • Lacking a sense of direction in life

Though I address most of the key issues that lead to such challenges in PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2. Self-Management, today I’d like to share a simple, effective method I developed to offer fast relief.

Microcosmic Orbit

Most of you are familiar with acupuncture and the related meridian system of acupuncture points. There are meridians (energy lines or channels) that feed and interconnect the organs and glands of the body, all of which emerge from a primary meridian system often referred to as the central meridian, or microcosmic orbit. In the image above you can see how the microcosmic orbit circles the body, running through the center of the body, front (conception vessel) and back (governing vessel).

Lake Stream System

If you think of the microcosmic orbit as though within yourself you had a lake of chi, from which the other meridians (streams) draw chi (life-force energy), you will have a good working image.

When our central meridian system becomes blocked up, it is much like when a beaver builds a dam that disrupts flow through a stream, decreasing water flow downstream. The blockage in your microcosmic orbit (or central meridian) typically causes symptoms that are treated as “causes” in and of themselves. This, as you can imagine, leads to a LOT of drug prescription and palliative therapies, but ultimately, these approaches don’t work in the long run because they are not addressing the actual cause of the problem(s).

Sitting Posture

By far one of the most common causes of postural distortion that leads to the symptoms I’ve listed above, is sitting too much relative to how much physical activity you are getting.

In my diagram above, you can see three different seated postures. By alternating between postures A and B, you can pump fluids and energy through your body, helping to keep the energy flow from stagnating.

Paul Sitting on SB

By alternating between sitting on a chair, and sitting on a Swiss Ball, you can get the postural conditioning you need to keep your meridians open and flowing naturally. The secret to using a Swiss ball as a chair is to remember, that the ball has no back to rest on. If you sit on a Swiss ball for longer than your postural muscles can hold you up effectively, you simply begin to slouch on a Swiss ball, defeating the purpose! I recommend setting a timer for about the length of time you can sit with good form on the Swiss ball, and then switching to a chair for an equal time. Doing this throughout the day can really change your energetic experience of yourself and others.

Ab Stretch

If you feel you need to clear your head, or clear blocked emotional energy, lay over a Swiss ball and as you inhale through your nose, lay over the ball and let your arms stretch overhead. Allow the arms and head to be pulled back by gravity and make a conscious effort to totally relax your body.

When you naturally want to exhale, follow the out-breath with synchronous movement of the arms and trunk into forward flexion, as though you were doing a crunch. Only take the movement to the point that you arms are down on your thighs, and your head is looking down at your beltline. You don’t actually need to do a full crunch; that only encourages more forward migration of the head and the poor posture crunching encourages. Just go far enough that your head and torso have moved forward of the horizontal.

Doing as little as one minute of this exercise can really open your energy flow naturally. You may notice you don’t need to stimulate yourself with tea, coffee, and sugar so much by doing this regularly throughout the day. I’d recommend people sitting in desks set their clocks to beep on the hour and do at least one minute of this exercise.

For those with a greater degree of energetic congestion, performing the exercise for ten minutes can have a profound healing effect.

You can certainly spend a LOT of money and time hoping someone will fix you, but why not try something natural, simple, non-invasive and free first. That’s how my farm-boy logic works.

Enjoy keeping your body-mind balanced each day and maybe soon, I’ll see you sharing your love on “The Voice”, or “America’s Got Talent”, or a similar means of expressing your unbound love as play.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek