November 15, 2011


Welcome to Tuesday!

I hope you are all in well-being.

I had a productive day of film preparations yesterday. My office now looks like a Hollywood film set with lights, cords and equipment everywhere. I’ll let you know what I’m filming as soon as I can!

My day began and ended with tai-chi; it was dark by the time I got home and it was fun doing tai-chi in the dark.

I am always amazed at how the loss of the visual sense enhances the ability to feel subtle energies moving through the body-mind.

I snuck into the gym for a nice pushing session yesterday. I did a combination of heavy Swiss ball dumbbell bench presses in circuit with Swiss ball Bruce Lee pushups, push-jacks, club bell snatches with a touch-back and finished my circuit with Swiss ball supine lateral ball rolls.

A few of those was just what I needed to stimulate my system and not leave me depleted such that I couldn’t work productively.


Last night I watched a show on TV about Chinese medicine as an alternative to Western medical approaches.

The show’s host was British and seemed to have a medical background. He took a group of six people from the US that had chronic problems that hadn’t responded to countless attempts by western medical approaches to China to see if they would have better results there.

Of the six, only two gained any benefits lasting longer than a day or two. The two people they focused most of their attention on were a man with chronic back pain and another man (in his late 20’s by the look of him) who’d lost his sense of smell at an early age due largely to polyps in his nose.

Needless to say, I watched this whole thing in amazement. None of the Chinese physicians they worked with did any significant evaluation what-so-ever.

The man with the chronic back pain was an X marine turned biker. His body was in very poor condition. He professed a “life of hard living”, which included plenty of drinking and the rest!

He had no abdominal wall other than a Budweiser tumor and very poor posture; no physical conditioning what-so-ever.

The younger man was shown shopping and his trip to the store consisted of buying a bunch of candy bars and bagged chips and related garbage. He also showed every sign of a sick body, riddled with fungal infection, poor skin tone, and no muscle tone to speak of.

None of the Chinese medical professionals gave any diet or lifestyle modifications at all. None of them gave any exercises at all.

The treatment for the man with back pain consisted of cupping, acupuncture, and a variety of chi balancing approaches. He also was given a herbal concoction that he couldn’t stomach; he puked after his first attempt and discontinued the treatment.

Eventually, he was taken to a Chinese acupuncture expert that had developed his own system of treating via the tongue. After treatment, his improvement lasted a few days.

On the follow-up visit, they said at the end of the show he was still showing improvements, yet we don’t know how many days later the follow-up occurred.

Looking at his body and knowing what I know, I would be very surprised if the improvement lasted very long because the confounding factors were multiple and balancing chi flow with needles in a session or two is no match for living without awareness of how to care for a human body!

The younger man did get some improvement in his ability to smell. There was no mention at all of the fact that nasal polyps are a recognized sign of food allergy and intolerance, as is loss of smell.

Loss of smell is common among smokers as well. This young man looked to me to be a budding cancer patient and though his smell did improve, I was amazed at what he ate as his “diet”.

His total lack of understanding of nutrition was highlighted when the show host was taking him out into the markets and letting him smell different fruits and vegetables.

The host picked up an onion to see if he could smell it and the young man asked the host, “What’s that?”!This guy, from New York, didn’t even know what an onion was!

Sadly, that degree of departure from nature, nutrition and lifestyle is now the norm in society at large, particularly among those that grew up in the computer generation.

Not long ago, I saw Jamie Oliver, the British Chef test some children about 8 years of age with a series of images on flash cards. He showed them a combination of pictures of corporate logos and fruits, vegetables and farm animals.

Every child knew each of the corporate logos, yet many didn’t recognize common vegetables, such as a potato, nor did some of them recognize common farm animals!

These children have been raised on a steady diet of digital information, yet had dangerously lost touch with what ultimately nourishes, and keeps them alive! These are our children today!

This is sadly is the result of governments misplaced priorities! Without any legitimate agenda for the people, they are interested only in keeping the money rolling in from the corporate giants that essentially buy lobbyists and control government!

Watching this show gave me a great sense of inspiration to keep teaching the CHEK system of body-mind healing.

I’ve done my best to integrate Western medical technology, related sciences, and a holistic approach to body-mind healing.

I’m happy that I know any CHEK Practitioner with at least CHEK Level 2 and HLC 2 would have done a far better job than any of the medical practitioners these people saw, East or West!

Thank you to all of my students who are brave enough to heal themselves and be different in our sick society. I’m grateful you are willing to heal and grow with me so we can authentically share our journey with others that really do want to get healthy, and not just burry symptoms with pills and the likes!.

On that note, I’ve just received word from Jade Johnson who is the amazing British long jumper that works with CHEK Practitioner Warren Williams in London and I in prep for the upcoming 2012 Olympic games.

Jade has informed me that the BBC is interested in following her recovery and return to the Olympics, which is just brilliant! She said the reporter was very intrigued by the CHEK approach and would like to look into it further with her.

As the saying  goes, the cream always rises to the top.

We are getting more and more media attention because CHEK Practitioners are getting such good results around the world.

If you’ve not seen Jade and Warren’s beautiful blog site, feel free to visit and have a look! Jade and Warren are amazing people and share a lot that can help others heal on their own journey too!

Thanks for all the great work Jade and Warren!

Here’s a little poem from Rumi for you today:




Today, I’d like to share a passage from the book, Rumi: Poet and Mystic, Selections from his Writings, Translated from the Persian with Introduction and Notes by Raynold A. Nicholson (p.42), Third Impression, 1964.



Beyond the stars are Stars in which there is no combust
nor sinister aspect,

Stars moving in other Heavens, not the seven heavens known to all,

Stars immanent in the radiance of the Light of God,
neither joined to each other nor separate.

Whoso hath his fortune,
his soul drives off and consumes the unbelivers.

God sprinkled His Light over all spirits, but only the blest
held up their skirts to receive it;
And, having gained that largesse of light, they turned their
faces away from all but God.

That which is of the sea is going to the sea; it is going to
the place whence it came—

From the mountain the swift-rushing torrent, and from our
body the soul whose motion is inspired by love.


This is a complex poem that would be very hard to understand by reading the words and their direct English translations alone. Without going into a lot of detail, what (I feel) Rumi is essentially saying here is:

There are stars beyond the physical stars we comprehend through our senses; beyond the seven heavens (chakras) known to all.

There, they are neither joined, nor separate. Thus is the reality of God; nothing separate is really separate and no two things joined are really joined, for their separateness or individuality is only an illusion.

But this illusion is a mystery to those that live in and of their senses alone; that live within the realm of existence depicted in the themes of the seven chakras; beyond the realm of body-mind or ego comprehension.

Rumi’s saying that God sprinkled His Light over all, but only the blessed lifted their skirts to receive it. This essentially is the same today and every moment.

God’s Light is ALL-WAYS sprinkled over all, but only those that are (blessed) willing and aware of the limitations of physical existence are aware that this Love (Light) is always there to be received.

Once one does receive this light, they turn their faces away from all but God; always from all that is not essential to their own Self-Realization.

His closing verses imply that what is “of body” (from the sea is going to the sea) is going back to the place from which it came; ashes to ashes, dust to dust!

The Love of you is the truth of God, and is essentially what you are; the radiance and providence of the Stars beyond the stars.

My wish for you is to realize that truth and continue to share your vital radiance with ALL!

Enjoy your day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek