May 5, 2007

March – April 2007


Sorry to be out of touch for a while. I’ve been very busy. Since we last shared time together, I’ve been to New York, England, Denmark, back home for a little over a week, then off to Sydney, Australia where I am now.

While in England, I participated in a panel discussion titled “Who Owns Low Back Pain”, which was put on by my buddy and CHEK Instructor Matthew Wallden in concert with Dianne Lee’s promotor. There were about 600 people there and it was quite fun. Here, you can see me giving my presentation, which I did with only this one slide.

Who Owns LBP

While in the UK, I taught several workshops, which included a new one day version of my Golf Biomechanics certification course and my Dynamic Medicine Ball training workshop.

UK Medicine Ball training

Someone was roaming around with the camera so as you can see here, I took the chance to ham it up a bit!

Posing in the UK

The night I returned home from my trip to England and Denmark, Layne Redmond was playing a concert in Escondio, which is a small town near Vista where I live. Layne is probably the best female drummer in the world.

Paul & Layne

The concert was excellent, not to mention there were a lot of very lovely ladies there dancing away, which helped me stay awake. Penny and I had been traveling for about 30 hours by the time we got home and both of us were exhausted, but!I couldn’t miss a chance to see Layne. She’s VERY cool. Layne is also a shaman and her music is very effective for helping people shift consciousness. She is able to create what I would call a wormhole, or a gate to other dimensions of reality through the vibrational matrix she creates with her drums. Listening to her music is really quite an experience. If you want a sample, look for her CD titled “Wave Of Bliss”. It’s truly incredible, particularly on a good stereo! My friend and co-teacher of the Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program, Cliff Oliver was playing with Layne, which made it even more special. Great job Dr. Oliver! By the way, this lovely photo of Layne and I was taken by Dr. Oliver.

Richard, Doug & Paul

Once I got my feet on the ground, I got the chance to catch up with some of my best buddies. Here you can see me with my friend Richard Learmont (left) and Doug Hetrick (right) I’m holding up a drawing I did to symbolize the spiritual exploration work we did together that day. If you look carefully, you may be able to see the poems I wrote for the day as well.

Lion Poem

Richard is a sound healer and shaman. You can find out more about his excellent work at and you can call him at: (619) 549-5088 to book an appointment if you like. He’s GOOD! This guy can shut of anyone’s mind with his voice and his music. Thanks for taking such good care of my Richard!

Richard & Doug

Doug Hetrick is a highly skilled chiropractor and modern shaman. Doug and I have worked on some very challenging cases together. Some of you may know of the famous skateboard star, Danny Way. Well, Doug and I worked together to rehabilitate Danny from a spinal cord injury back in the late 80’s and we were able to get Danny back I action. Doug is not only one of my very best buddies, he’s taught me a lot about how to tap into the spiritual realm; how to access creativity and increase my intuitive powers. Doug is also an expert at a form of astrology called “Human Design”. If any of you want to contact Doug for a reading, you can reach him at: [email protected]

While resting at home, I also created some other drawings with my color pens. This is one of them

Artwork 2

In the daytime at my home, the Hawks often put on amazing aerial acrobatic shows for me and my friends.


One day, five beautiful red tail hawks were doing stunts for my assistant Nancy, Richard and I for a few hours. It was really amazing! These birds can dive at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour. Now and then, I see them flying away with rodents from the nearby fields. The crows don’t like the hawks and they attack them. It’s pretty funny to watch because the crows are pretty inferior flyers compared to hawks, and they are not nearly as strong. One day I saw four crows going at one big hawk and it just manhandled them.

The evening sky at my home is very frequently beautiful.

Evening sky - Sydney

The sunsets are often amazing too.

Well, I’m now in Sydney giving a series of lectures and workshops. I’m also taking part in the launch of a new web based program for managing the professional aspects of program design and business management for C.H.E.K Practitioners, which is exciting.

Espresso in Sydney

Here in you can see me enjoying a lovely espresso with my baby travel espresso machine, which is a Velox machine from Italy. It works great and is easy to travel with. So far, I’ve given my “4 Wisdoms” workshop and start lecturing and giving workshops at Australia’s largest fitness convention called “Filex” tomorrow morning (April 20.). After that, I get a little break and I’m seeing some clients. From there, we move to a resort outside Sydney a few hours. At the resort, I’ll be teaching HLC II and III with Dr. Oliver. Should be good. I’ve got my Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and a great sense of creativity and imagination. I’ll try to take some photos to share with our next visit.

If you’ve not seen my site, you may find it interesting. We’ve just created a new program where you can purchase the program by the month. Take a look if you feel some personal, professional and spiritual guidance would be beneficial to you.

By for now All!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek