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June 10, 2017

Mana and Papa In The Gym

Mana and I Working Out


Angie came to visit a group of my students who were spending time with me during their graduation from the Love~4~Mastery program and brought Mana with her to visit them too. He LOVES people.

While he was visiting, I spent some time in the gym teaching him how to lift weights, which he really loves to do without any encouragement from Mom or Dad.

He’s been enjoying my rubber kettlebell that I can add water to, and my little 2.5-pound dumbbells. He’s so cute and funny because he practices all the moves that Daddy does, and even includes all of the sound effects too. It’s so funny. Sometimes I’m hurting from laughing at my little guy’s impressions of Papa!

Intense Studying!


Mana watches me on my rest periods and notices that I’m often taking notes (as I listen to educational audiobooks). On one of our rest periods, Mana decided that he should study for the next set. He just didn’t realize his notes were upside-down… Still, Mana had very good intentions and, quite possibly, can read Daddy’s writing just fine that way.