November 10, 2011


Good Day!

I finished my day yesterday, and started my day today with a morning tai-chi session with the rising sun.

It is during my chi cultivation (meditation) sessions that I find it easiest to share the love I feel accumulating within me with those in the world that I feel genuinely need support, be it for their own healing or challenges they are experiencing in their life.

Sometimes, it’s a bit overwhelming for me when so many people want my help. I get a constant stream of emails and calls and personal contact with people that feel stuck, are in pain and don’t know how to deal with it.

As we grow, and heal ourselves, we naturally suppose our life will get easier and easier. In some ways, it does; we become wiser and can see more clearly as to whose problems are their habits.

Many people were raised in chaotic environments, which sets their rhythms and drives to chaos; chaos breeds more chaos until one chooses to bring order into their lives.

Many of the people that repeatedly ask for my help are expressing the habit of asking for help to make the changes that can only be made by acts of self-sufficiency.

I created PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1., How To Find and Live Your Legacy as an essential first step to healing.


I’ve found that if a person isn’t willing to do that portion of their healing on their own, then they are generally unlikely to do anything on their own accord.

Helping such people only becomes something akin to giving a chain smoker more cigarettes!

Even after completing PPS Lesson 1, and getting help, many still choose to keep playing the same games with themselves and others.

Most often, they have learned to manipulate others in ways that gives them both a sense of power, control, or something to do. 

For people like this, taking responsibility for themselves is such a departure from their programming that it is as though become self-reliant is more scary than repeatedly creating havoc in relationships as a means of seeking attention or a desperate cry for love!

Some even stack up a pile of certificates from self-help courses, only to use that as a calling card to get more help from those that wanted to see some self-reliant behavior, yet, there is often no evidence of application.

After years of coaching people through these challenges, I still get fooled from time to time. I still find myself learning to see the warning signs more clearly.

That said, I’ve been blessed to have a great number of students, patients and clients that truly do make an honest effort and do follow the advice given in coaching sessions.

I regularly get letters from them expressing their gratitude, sharing all the positive changes they’ve experienced through the application of my guidance.

Those people and their letters are like nutrition, like a warm fire on a cold rainy day; they keep me motivated and give me inspiration to keep growing myself so I can share more effectively with all whom I can (safely) touch.

Each of us is on this path and each of us has people in our lives that give us opportunities to grow and heal.  




I originally drew this image as a means of expressing my own life-path.

As I experience and learn more, I see that my own life-path shares many commonalities with all people’s life-path. I felt that this drawing was a good example of what my soul calls me to share with you today.

At the top, you see the dotted circle, which exemplifies Unconditional Love (UCL) or the ABSOLUTE GOD. The GOD that can’t be known (as this or that), or expressed in words; words are all “things” that create edge and aspect and GOD has no edge and aspect what-so-ever.

The great Sufi’s teach that the Unspeakable GOD created existence so that GOD could come to know ITSELF.

This process is exemplified in the word “LOVE”.

Because GOD could not come to know God without something to love, existence emerged as a means of experiencing LOVE in, and of GOD as God.

The tai-chi symbol represents God; God is the totality of all that is, and isn’t, which equals zero mathematically. Yet, like a zero, regardless of what emerges from it’s potential, it always remains zero.

Tai-chi represents what love is. Love is yin – desire and yang – will. Desire may also be seen as receiving and will as giving.

When all desire (negative polarity) is reconciled with will (positive polarity), one comes either to zero, or infinity, depending on one’s own interpretation.

Below the tai-chi symbol, you see a flaming triangle, which represents the trinity.

Lao Tzu says, the One creates the two, from the two comes the three, and from the three comes the 10,000 things.

The trinity is composed of UCL, which is CONSCIOUSNESS, the Unchangeable, the FIRST PRINCIPLE OF CREATION, from which mysteriously emerges the two.

The two represents the creation of any subject~object relationship, or relationship in and of itself.

Hazrat Inayat Khan teaches that the subject-object relationship was created by GOD as a means of having something to love, but since GOD is GOD, GOD could only create God (tai-chi or 2) so that the experience of love could be.

The heart below the triangle or trinity is the product of love. This heart represents my heart, but can also represent anyone’s heart.

On the left you see that I’ve drawn an octagon, which exemplifies the six foundation principles that I live and teach to the best of my ability; Nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, thinking and movment.

The first three exemplify the principle of yin, while the later three represent the principle of yang.

The six pointed star represents the male and female merging to create life together. Within the six-pointed star, you see another octagon, which exemplifies that our love is most efficiently cultivated and expressed in harmony with each other and the earth by living the six foundation principles.

The six foundation principles are also applicable to the Mother Earth when viewed as a living being. They are all encased within a cube because, as the Taoists say, yin squares the circle (of yang).

Yin compresses or concentrates and expands, while yang expands (energetically) and contracts the product with which it interacts; a woman pregnant is yin dominant and the fetus is a concentration of nutrition, resources and life-force which expand.

Yang, as fire or warmth expands as heat, yet the log in the fire is contracted into ash.

The lines emerging to the left meeting the red represent the past, while the lines emerging to the right meeting the green represent our ability to choose to live in the past and make decisions based on our fears, or move forward into expressing our love in the now, which was the future just a moment ago when we made the choice to become more whole.

I’ve taken you through a step-by-step explanation of my drawing to exemplify what I mean by my title statement for the blog today – “Love it the fruit of intelligence.”

As we all live and learn, we are repeatedly given chances to become wiser; wisdom is the synthesis of intelligence. Yet, what real value does intelligence have, even as wisdom, if we are not learning to love better?

We’ve demonstrated that we have the intelligence to create high-powered weapons and kill people, but is that real intelligence if such pursuits, or any such pursuit diminishes safety and security for self, others or the planet at large?

I agree with Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Sufi teachings that love is the ultimate expression of intelligence.

OSHO says that playfulness is a measure of intelligence. I can only share from my own love experiences when I say that when love is playful, it is fun, healing and inviting.

When it’s not playful, it usually expresses misunderstandings or unmet needs. As we all know, it’s not our individual responsibility to meet another’s unmet needs when the unmet needs fall in the territory of self-responsibility.

When we try and love others by meeting their “I” or self-responsibility needs, we often fortify their own imbalances or pathology. It takes a lot of bravery to know when to love at a distance.

It takes a lot of bravery to let people that you see beauty in keep repeatedly creating pain in their life and the lives of others, but sometimes, we have to let addicts hit bottom. If we don’t, they don’t become self-actualized.

If they don’t become self-actualized, their ego defends itself by creating separation in relationships, yet again, so that I can be authentic in it’s own growth and development experiences.

I’m very aware of how challenging it is to learn to love ourselves and others effectively.

What I know for sure is that my own intelligence is most authentically expressed as the wisdom to love myself the best way I can so I feel safe in relationships with others. When I’m honest about meeting my personal needs, I’m more clear-headed, making it easier to see love’s many masks, such as the boy that cried wolf!

In that awareness, I, and you, can be better lovers by gaining the strength to know when we must allow others to experience their own choices, for better or for worse.

If we love the world, nature, then the best thing we can do to express that love is to be harmonious with nature.

That is the reason I teach and live the six foundation principles I share in my Holistic Lifestyle Coach program, which are also exemplified in the teachings of my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy and a number of my other audios, ebooks, and products, such as The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! and the audio companion recordings I’ve created to expand on that essential message.

Thanks for being present with my sharing today.

Let’s all be wise enough to know that love is the fruit of intelligence and be witness to our own thoughts, words and deeds so we can recognize when we are creating love, or a lesser form of intelligence.

Have fun with the process!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek