December 15, 2011



I hope the sun is shining warm light on you wherever you are.

I was warmed by the beautiful sun on this unusually cold southern California morning as I did my tai-chi.




As I’ve shared on my blog many times in the past, LOVe is a word that describes the creative force that creates all things and experiences.

It is love that creates stars, planets, mountains, rivers, oceans, and creatures.

It is love that transforms all things into other things. It is love that makes the winds blow, the mountains blow up, the oceans swell and the rivers flood.

It is love that is born and dies. It is love that murders, maims and destroys. It is your love that kills all that you eat and overpowers all whom you defeat.

Many have the mistaken belief that love is only something that feels good, or comes as a gift from someone else. Some think they are being loved when they get their own way, even at the expense of the needs of others.

Love, as I share in my diagram, has its basis in Absolute Potential.

Absolute Potential can’t be known, only experienced; an absolute cannot be defined as this, or as that.

Love creates relativity because the inherent nature of Absolute Potential is Absolute Emptiness (can’t be measured so there’s no-thing there) and Absolute Fullness; it is full of All that exists in and as existence.

LOVe describes the elementary construct of all that is created, from the zero point field emptiness bursting with energy and potential, to empty space, to the whirling of electrons and the dance of subatomic particles. There is nothing permanent in existence except change itself.

The tai-chi symbol expresses what love is symbolically.

As you can see in my diagram, the nature of all “things” is that we assign them qualities, such as “is” and “isn’t”. Where there “is light”, there “isn’t dark”.

What we define as “hot”, isn’t cold. No such distinctions could be made without the relative of your choice or distinction; you couldn’t comprehend what you think “good is” without at once making the judgment as to what “good isn’t”.

These are the realities of relative existence, yet, all relative existences and experiences depend upon non-existence.

When you reconcile existence relative to non-existence, you have Zero, or Pure Potential. Therefore, Pure Potential is both First Principle Reality and Pure Potential.

Practical Applications of L0Ve In Your Life

Once we realize that love is the source of all, including thought, and that love has two essential polarities, we can begin extracting love’s Potential.

The “yin of love” is Desire. The “yang of love” is Will; between them is Pure Potential or Unconditional Love.

It is because we are inherently empty in construct at all levels of our being that we perpetually desire.

What you know of as your own breathing expresses the inherent qualities of love; inhalation is a response to the desire to live; exhalation exemplifies your willingness to die.

These two polarities create movement, and Life is movement. Thought occurs because you desire to know something.

Once you feel you know something, the desire diminishes and thought in that vein stops; I doubt you walk around thinking about how to tie your shoes if you are above six years of age!

You know how to tie your shoes so the desire to know is reconciled and your mind is free of that desire.

When we desire something, our will expresses itself in proportion to our desire.

If we are aware that a certain food is not good for us, but we desire it more strongly than we desire not to eat it, we eat it anyway because our awareness isn’t stronger than our desire; our fullness isn’t complete enough so we are willing to fulfill ourselves (will).

What guides our thoughts is our intention.

Intention extracts and conditions Pure Potential, creating something different that what was prior to our intention.

When we are in challenging life situations, such as feeling the pain of the loss of a loved one, or trying to determine why our lover doesn’t seem to love us any more, there is an innate tendency to project our own judgments (which express our intentions) onto others.

Such reactions to situations typically escalate the polarity between our desires and others willingness.

If our intention changes to being willing to look within ourselves for the answers to our questions without judgment, we can allow our intention to extract the truth from Unconditional Love.

This takes a lot of bravery because if we are unable to love the other more than we love to be right, or force the issues of meeting our needs at the expense of the other, the ego resists such honest inquiry so it doesn’t have to hear “L0Ve’s answer”.

To use Love’s Potential to fulfill ourselves in our lives requires that we choose to consciously spend time “in L0Ve”.

To do this, take any honest inquiry that you have and write it down (provided it is not an inquiry that invades another’s personal space, such as, “Is my partner cheating on me”.)

The action of writing the question down symbolizes the desire or the emptiness within you.

Now, by opening your heart and letting go of your head or ego-mind, you can create space within yourself for the answer, realizing that you must be brave enough to accept it openly and honestly.

If you don’t do that, you will never see or feel the answer when it arrives because the ego tends to be blind to truths that result in egolessness.

Once you post the question to Unconditional Love, simply be patient and wait.

It is fine to restate your question openly and honestly as you converse with Unconditional Love, but being impatient has a blocking force on intuition.

With a little practice, you will find that suddenly, the answer comes. It is usually clear and better than any answer your ego could have ever conjured up!

It may come as a vision, as inner-hearing, or as “knowing”, or someone in a coffee shop may sit next to you unannounced and quite strangely, start talking about what it was that you were asking UCL about and give you the best answer you’ve ever imagined!

So, the secret is to be patient, be honest, and be brave enough to know the truth.

That is one way I’ve personally found to use L0ve to benefit myself and others.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek