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November 21, 2011


Happy Monday to You!

I hope your weekend was restorative, enjoyable, and peaceful.

I had a great day working with clients Friday.

Saturday, I got up and headed in to the gym early for a pushing workout before heading to Encinitas Massage center for a massage with Wes Boyce and a steam. That and a lovely Vidya-made breakfast was a lovely start to a lovely day.

I came home and relaxed into some art and spent the day being lazy, which is often good medicine when the week is one of outputting.

Sunday I worked most of the day on finalizing slideshows for my filming project. We seem to have overcome the technical difficulties with the camera and recording challenges we were having, so now I’m off to the races filming starting today.

It was raining quite heavily last night when I got home, but I really felt the need for some tai-chi after sitting in front of my computer all day.

I headed out into the rain and took my tai-chi ruler with me. I found a spot under the overhang of my garage right next to my collection of wind chimes that make beautiful music for the garden and got started.

The wind was blowing and the rain was sprinkling on me as I listened to the sound of little rivers running through the drainpipes.

As I breathed the air, dense with chi, I felt grateful that I love nature and that I was outside being one with nature instead of being inside seeing more drug commercials on TV!

The amount of stress relief and joy that rises in me when I use the many work-In methods I practice and teach gives me great joy.

I wish our medical system would be more open and honest about the myriad of natural healing methods that are both highly effective, and give others the ability to learn about themselves in the healing process; for a hospital, that’s not profitable.

For the world, it is Abundance making.



When we are born,
we love everything before us.
If it moves, sparkles, talks or makes sounds.
We love it and want to taste it,
we want to know what it is.

Soon, we learn about the pain of disconnection.
We have things we love taken from us, and
we don’t understand why, so often
we cry.

Next we learn that to get what we love
we must love in a certain way. If not,
people around us take what we love

Then we are sent out to play, yet,
soon we learn that we must play
in a certain way – or our play
will also be taken away.

Then we find friends that love what we love.
We find friends that love to play the way we play.
In time we realize that they too, have a special way
in which they like to play. We may have the joy, the bliss
of unbridled play with someone for a special day. Naturally,
we expect that when we see them next, they will still be
that way.

After years of wanting, we
come to fear love for the taking.
Soon we want a lover of our own,
to have
to hold,
to enjoy in our own home.

We often don’t realize that this love
we share, is also seen by others
everywhere. They too,
want to share!but we can’t let go
of our Teddy Bear! The one friend we thought,
we wouldn’t have to share!

In time we learn that to love
is to give, and when we do,
we truly live.

We learn that to “keep”, we must guard.
Now we live in the confines of our yard.
That soon gets hard.

Then a time comes, when we have the urge to play,
but we aren’t with the one we’ve guarded each day.
We did find love, and loneliness too, for guarding your lover
is like having nothing to do except live in fear that love will be
taken from you. What do we do?

As we go through the hurts and pains,
we eventually learn to let go of all our old stains.

We awaken in love for the wind and the trees.
We realize we are more than hands, feet, back, butt and knees.

Could we be here,
if not for the stars?

Could they be who we really are?

People come and go, but they are never
taken away. They just learn to love in yet
another way, as day turns to night
and night turns to day.

After a lifetime of loving all these things,
we realize we can hear the sun as it sings:
“Oh come out, come out and play,
for you I’ve created another beautiful day.”

So we go to the sun and visit there, yet
looking around we see a myriad of suns,
they are “everywhere!”

“They are lovers just like me,” says the sun.
They have learned to love without effort, or care,
they just “Be”. Relax with me and let your heart open,
to Love, Unconditionally, and the Truth will be yours to
to “know” and to see. Then you will truly be

Have a beautiful day,
Paul Chek