February 8, 2011


Hello and beautiful day to you!

Today is your day to pause, for just one moment of Self-Realization can change all moments, past, present and future.

If you are reading this blog, you are “conscious of”.

This is a great indicator that Consciousness resides within you. In my diagram, Consciousness is exemplified as the empty page from which I, you, and all things created emerge. Consciousness may be expressed scientifically as quantum super-position – a state in which Any and ALL possibilities may emerge as the eternal gift of mind (vibration or thought).

Consciousness may be thought of as akin to the numeral zero; all things countable, knowable, emerge from the infinite possibility or potential of zero to become One, which is the source of ALL – UNITY. If Consciousness were to be a thing, could we possibly have “anything else” in our mind?

Consciousness then, can be considered The Lord, for Consciousness, having no-thing, needs no-thing, yet, is One with All things. What greater achievement could there be beyond being or needing nothing, yet having All things?

Kabir would say, The Lord is The Guest, The Servant, The Maid, who responds to your every wish. The Lord in scientific terms, aside from being Zero, is THE ABSOLUTE; an absolute can’t be measured or known, for to measure of know something is to impose limitation – dangerous limitation – for if you tell me how big your lord is, I can simply add more to my lord and now we think we “know” we are right, or that “they are wrong”.

Next, we see that there is a dotted circle surrounded by four circles; two black and two white, from which emerge an endless sea of offspring of the same essential nature. Known in Eastern metaphysics (Buddhism) as Indra’s Web (or net), the black circles signify matter (something) and the empty circles signify light, or no-thing. All things created, in their essential essence, are but a weave of some-thing and no-thing; though this is complex to the conditioned mind, simply envision a cup; it is only because it is something that has a body you can hold onto (utility) – yet, it is only because it is empty that it holds liquids (functionality). All things created of matter are made of atoms, which are 99.999!% empty. The marriage between that which is something and that which is no-thing is referred to as entanglement – the marriage of (seeming or relative) opposites.

In this realization, a door opens to yet deeper realization; emptiness (space) has no value or means of being “known as” space unless it is relative to that which we perceive to be full or, some-thing; if there were nothing but space in the universe, could you know, or know “of” any-thing? In Taoist philosophy, the dance of no-thing (light) and some-thing (matter) is referred to as tai-chi (ideas, being or existence). Yet, because Consciousness is free of any such limitation (ZERO), all that can dance can only be perceived relative to something other (yin is only yin because of its relative relationship to yang). You may have noticed that the sky changes, water changes, earth changes, fire dances, all of which change space-time. But what affords such perpetual change?

It is the Greater Truth of God’s (Consciousness) Beauty. The dotted circle in the middle then, represents Wu-Chi or Not-Being (not this – not that). There, light (yang) becomes not-light and dark (or matter) becomes not-dark; ZERO is ALL-Ways ZERO regardless of how much potential is extracted. All things countable (is-ness) emerge from that which isn’t; Zero isn’t one, two, three!yet is the Mother of All things. It is because of the relationship between Wu-Chi and tai-chi that Spirit is born. Spirit’s essential meaning is movement; if there were no “thing”, there would be nothing to move, to transform into something more or something less. “Spirit” describes the ceaseless play of something becoming no-thing and no-thing becoming something – spirit is the source of matter,time and mind.


Consciousness then, can’t be no-thing, because we have it! Consciousness can’t be some-thing, or it would never change; if consciousness were an eagle, the whole universe would be but eagle-ness; if it were water then it would only express wetness. Consciousness then, must be something greater, more magnificent than “ideas” – than mind, for all ideas are dependent upon what they are not for individuation and/or identification. All things in mind are moving – thoughts move – time moves- spirit moves. If the Universe (all things moving) were suddenly to disappear, all vibration (mind) would cease. Only SILENCE would remain. Here, we meet The Unmoved Mover – that which is ETERNAL, without need, Unconditional Love.


We are aware of the grandeur of the Universe because we think and perceive it. Yet, it is all-ways changing – it is expanding at the speed of light! The Universe then, may be likened to the Body of Consciousness. Yet, it is a body, it is “being”, for we are beings in, and of the Universe. With a little commitment to becoming still -relaxing your mind – you find that without movement, there is no-thing there. All the while – experiencing no-thing – you remain conscious. There is no apparent limit to how much movement (matter, space-time, thought) Silence can express, though all expressed by Silence as “perceptible” is a thing. All things are only things relative to other things that this or that thing is perceived not to be. If we worship our bodies, we worship things. If we worship this god or that god (Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, etc), we again worship things – ideas. If we worship good, we worship that which has no meaning without evil to justify it and vice versa; therefore, in worshiping good, we give equal (worship!) life to evil.

Because I have personally spent much time both in study, contemplation and meditation, I have come to experience Consciousness as both that which I am, and The Source of that which I may experience. I have come to realize in deep meditation that when I achieve union with Silence, there is “no-thing” in my mind, yet, I AM Conscious. I am not only Conscious, I am free of worries, pains or even the joys that come and go. I am simply Unbound – Truly Free. I AM lost in God’s Beauty – as though a bird that loves to fly yet never feels the need to eat or rest – Free to play!

Offering God my body~mind and all that I have, All evils fly from my heart when I’m with God –The Servant of All servants. There I become aware of the greatest and most wonderful paradox; all my life, God (Consciousness) has given me the gift of mind, thought, perception, feeling and awareness. When I’ve chosen to be mean, I chose to be mean to (another aspect of) God; when I chose to be loving, I chose to love God – and God Never said “NO” to either choice. God has been my Servant, giving me the experience in and of myself, and in relationships to each and all. When I realized this beautiful truth, I decided that out of my love, I could Love God back. Now I don’t worship this god or that god. I don’t worship ideas. I worship Consciousness, for without Consciousness, I have nothing! With Consciousness, I have everything – and should for a moment I “think” I have less, all I have to do is change my mind. If that doesn’t work, I simply stop thinking. There in Silence, I have no-thing – I have Every-thing. In Silence, we are the land and we are The Lord; no bills to pay, no work to do, no pain to avoid, no good, no evil.

In Silence


In Silence

You Are

In Silence (ZERO)

We are ONE.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek

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