May 10, 2011


Beautiful Day To You!
Beautiful Day To Me!
Beautiful Day To All!

Yesterday, I got up and wrote my blog, built a cool rock stack, and had a lovely Vidya-made breakfast.

Then, my buddy Rory and I went to Encinitas and got a lovely massage. Then, we sat in the steam room and chanted.

After that, I came home and created a piece of art to symbolize my day. A few hours of art and a little mindless cop-show activity, and into dreamland I went.

In my dream, I was standing deep in the ocean in my Spirit~body. A beautiful large sea turtle swam up to me and looked me in the eyes and said, “Paul, it’s me, Penny!…I’m a sea turtle.”

We then communicated telepathically for a while and I said, “is there anything else?” She said, “yes, just remind me that I’m a sea turtle tomorrow.” So, I called Penny at work – the dream came back to me in a flash of clarity after she’d already left – and I told her. She just laughed and said, “Did you know that in Feng Shui the sea turtle is a symbol of prosperity?” I said, “Of course, why do you think I married you!” We laughed.


This morning, I read more of Lau Tzu’s teachings. It is because Lau Tzu says so little that he says so much.

I drew his message to share with you today. Above the image, it says: “Looking for what you already have is a distraction”

What Lau Tzu told me today was that the conditioned mind spends most of its energy looking for what it already has. He told me that we are like alligators that fall in love with ideas – and the gadgets we produce.

We remember having to wait patiently for long periods for something to eat to come by. We remember being hungry enough to think about eating each other. We remember the pain caused when trying to steal another alligator’s food. For some, these memories are still motivations.

We don’t remember the pains of an overly-full stomach. We don’t remember that we spent as much time well fed as we didn’t. We don’t remember that with each additional offspring comes a greater demand for feeding and watching-over. We don’t remember becoming so large and prosperous that we invaded the territory of other creatures equally willing to kill. We don’t remember to stop killing when we have enough to eat.

In the end, many of us still don’t realize that having four legs and behaving like you only have two can more than double your trouble. But there’s still cooking and cleaning to do!bring some hands.

Thanks for sharing with me today.

I’d love to hear what the picture brings up in you or what it conveys to you?

I’m going out to stack rocks, visit little creatures, and then I will lay under the sky and sleep~dance with Great Spirit until the family is home. Then, a movie!…

I’m learning from Dr. Quiet this week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek