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March 4, 2019

Living The Hero’s Journey With Kyle Kingsbury

A very HAPPY MONDAY! to all of you today! It’s hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner, although it seems to be hiding from most of us at the moment…

I’m really excited about this week’s blog/vlog, because I get to share a short but powerful segment from my Living 4D with Paul Chek podcast. (Are you a subscriber? Find your favorite podcast platform here!)

Here is A PREVIEW EXCERPT of this week’s Living 4D with Paul Chek episode with Kyle Kingsbury, director of Human Optimization for Onnit, and a very successful podcaster in his own right.

If you’ve listened to my Living 4D podcast regularly, I talk A LOT about The Hero’s Journey, described by Joseph Campbell as an adventure through life that involves peril, challenges, important decisions to be made along the way and, if those choices are the right ones, a transformation to becoming an evolved and better version of yourself.

In this excerpt, I talk to Kyle about the second stage of The Hero’s Journey: A call to action/adventure in which the hero is faced with a direct threat to his/her life, safety or way of life which presents a challenge that must be faced head on.


For Kyle, his Hero’s Journey began at the end of his college football career as a defensive lineman at Arizona State University. Although he rode the bench at ASU, Kyle LOVED playing football.

“I had played football since I was 10 years old. I loved being an athlete. I loved the camaraderie of team sports. It’s all I knew and it’s all I wanted to do. It’s the reason I went to college. I didn’t give a shit about learning new things. I enjoyed communication and sociology and the things that I learned at ASU just to stay eligible. But that was it.”

With no chance of making the leap to the pros, the abrupt end to Kyle’s football career was a jarring one. Kyle’s prospects for life after football — just like 99.9 percent of collegiate athletes in most amateur sports — were limited, or at least that’s how he saw them…

How this second stage of the Hero’s Journey would play itself out in Kyle’s life and the very unexpected part I had in it is the subject of this week’s blog/vlog.

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I’ll be back next week to help you bring more variety into your movement.

Love and chi,