May 12, 2011


Happy Thursday to All!

I had a great day of coaching PPS and CHEK Practitioners yesterday. There were lots of great questions on my coaching calls, which makes it more fun for me.

It is my dream that I contribute to the conscious awareness of all my students in hopes that they don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in my life. I often remember how much time and energy it took me to figure things out in my personal relationships and my professional endeavors.

Though life can seem quite complicated at times, the basis of life is very simple indeed. We begin school very early. We are encouraged to learn a multitude of complex ideas, and to remember them we are told that we must know these things to get along in the world.

So we learn about math, science, and social studies – that people fight with each other. We learn how to use machines and computers. We learn not to like some people, and often we learn to hate others, and to fear nature and Her creatures. We learn to use force to get what we want!that’s what the Presidents do.

Our parents teach us how to yell, and often, how to fight – they went to the same school. We learn to be afraid of terrorists and to win at all costs.

But we never really learn to ask ourselves, “is it true?” Most teachers don’t like it when you do that!


My drawing for today reads:

Light and Dark

play themselves out
until you

Discharge them

There are two elemental forces that create reality.

Paradoxically, they both are each other, and they create each other.

Einstein taught us that all things, all matter, is created of light. Even a black stone is made of light.

We also know that the emptiness of space is black without light. We know that if we stretch a sheet of black rubber, it becomes blue, then greenish, then yellow like, then, just before it is about to break, you can see through it like a membrane.

We know that where things are black in nature, they are most often cold, yet we know snow is white and it is cold. White metal is very hot! We know that in nature, some people are black, and some are white. We also know a Dalmatian and a zebra are both black and white.

Opinions are thoughts

They can be black and white. Strong opinions come black can kill you when acted upon. Strong opinions come white can kill you when acted upon. Opinions black and white often kill each other.

Some learn by watching, it is often better not to have an opinion, so they choose to meditate instead.

When we are in deep dreamless sleep, there is no black, or white.

Yet, we grow, heal, breathe and wake up. Some wake up to black, some to white, some stretch their rubber to every color in-between. We call them “emotional”.

Every color in your dreams emerges from black and white.

When you wake up from a bad dream, you may choose to stop dreaming that way and go to sleep again.

When you have good dreams, you don’t care if you wake up.

When you learn to dream effectively, you don’t have to go to sleep.

Soon, you realize that if you are dreaming, you are making things out of black and white, but these things are only known to you because ideas exclude each other so they can be known.

With this awareness, you may choose to stay awake, but stop dreaming, stop thinking things up. Then, you get wise. You stop making things up so you can see what IS.

What IS
is that you are Everything.

What IS
is that you are No-thing.

Yet, neither Everything,
nor No-thing can dream alone.

How you create from black and white
is who you are when you do it.

The colors that you are!that,
is up to you.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek