January 23, 2012



I hope you all had a splendid weekend!I sure did!

Today, I’d like to share a few insights from my own life experience as to the nature of life-force and healing.

As many of you who follow my blog, or attend my advanced training programs know, my life has not been without challenges.

I was a very active child and found sports an effective outlet for pent-up energy. My emotional-mental pain was such that it wound me like a cobra constantly ready to strike.

The result was a level of aggression that both aided my success in athletics, and,!resulted in a number of serious injuries.

There have been many times I laid in bed covered in blood, bruises, with broken bones, serious head injury and wondered if I’d ever race or compete again.

Each time, I kept my mind focused on whatever my current dream was. The levity of my dreams always seemed to overpower the gravity of my situation.

Though it is easy to feel doomed in times of pain and/or disability (be it physical, emotional, mental, or all combined), if we reflect back on the many times most of us have healed from illness or injury in our lives, most of us have ample evidence of the power to heal within ourselves.

We can, and do do it again, and again, and again if necessary.


As I’ve explained and shared in previous posts, I see “Love” as a code that explains the creative process by which the entire Universe is exemplified as follows:

L = Life; life expresses the “desire to live”; without the desire to live, one ceases to truly live life and if the desire to live dwindles sufficiently, one may take their own life. “L” then, stands for Desire. Desire is the equal of yin, the female force of creation.

O = ZERO (0), PURE POTENTIAL or UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (UCL), which is the source of All that IS. ZERO is beyond any concept of “God”, for the simple reason that for most people, God is but an idea, not a tangible reality of their own experience.

You can tell when someone has reached past the idea of God and had the experience of God because they have stopped “looking for God”. They see God in ALL.

Ve = Volt electron or “Will” (yang), corresponding to the electromotive force of the universe.

A simple way I teach my students about how love works is to think of a jet engine; the harder it sucks (Desire), the harder it blows (and moves you forward), exemplifying (yang) Will.

The world is abundant with people to give us living evidence that where the desire to heal and grow is strong, people can overcome almost every conceivable challenge in their life.

This is well born out in David Scharps new documentary film The Cure Is U. You can see the trailer below:


In my diagram below, which I call The Will Mill, exemplifies the creative process.

We all inherently have a flood of thoughts and the desires that emerge from them. But we don’t act on them all.

When we create sufficient reason (justification) within our own mind-set to act on any desire, we will such desires.

The coupling of desire and will (regardless of whether or not our reasoning is authentic, accurate, or even conscious), produces both the results we get and the reality we experience.

Here you can see my artistic depiction of the L0Ve process at work in a human being.

Each of the energy vortexes represents a chakra. A chakra is an energy vortex in which the unique energies of UCL are conditioned by mind and emotion, resulting in the potentiation of thought as desire, will and tangible affects.

In my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, you can find charts expressing the main theme of each of the chakras (there called zones) and the physical regions of the body each theme generally plays itself out within on page 100 and 101.

Though it is very common in Western culture (largely due to the influences of modern medicine) to medicate symptoms as though they were the cause, we all have ample evidence that this is a very flawed model.

Because the cells of our body carry out the impetus of our individual ego-minds unconditionally, the state of our body is a very good indicator of the (conscious or unconscious) state of our mind.

The body literally mirrors our dominant thoughts, allowing us to feel and experience them.

For example, we quite often see that when someone takes a so-called “medicine” given by a doctor for a specific ailment, though the pain may not be experienced, the overall state of mind and body generally do not change.

Medicine in general does not change the nature of a person’s mind-set; it only (chemically) manipulates one’s perception of the reality they continue to create.

The state of one’s life and experiences (for better or for worse) exemplify their reality.

To change our reality, we naturally have to change our thoughts and the actions emergent from them.

This is much easier to talk about than to actually do because the majority of our self-expression is the product of our mental-emotional conditioning; I go into this issue in great detail in PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2. Self Management.

Our culture is heavily conditioned to follow orders, particularly when the orders come from (perceived) authority figures (such as doctors), and not think for themselves.

The result is that we act out our programming over and over again, all the while hoping for different results than we’ve gotten in the past.

To this, Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

The other day I gave Jade Johnson, world-class long jump olympic hopeful an assignment. Here you can see Jade Johnson’s one-line drawing for the day of 1-20-12.

She asked me to help her prepare for the 2012 Olympics in London, England, her hometown (you can learn much more about her exciting and challenging journey to her third Olympics by following her blog at www.jadedragonreturns.com).

Jade’s childhood, like mine (and many of yours), came with many challenges!or shall we say, opportunities for growth.

I gave Jade the one-line drawing exercise as a means of helping her see how much activity there is in her mind.

When we are limited to expressing ourselves with one line, we are given the opportunity to become present with our creative impulse before putting pen to paper.

Most people I give this zen exercise to find it very challenging in the beginning, largely because of their judgment over “how it looks”.

Over time, the exercise offers you an opportunity to become present with the thought-form of your creation in the desire stage.

This allows you to gain clarity before entering the will-stage of expression.

This is a simple practice that improves mental-emotional self-management.

I typically give this exercise to “monkey minded” people as a means of starting their day so they can consciously participate in what they intend to create on any given day.

By drawing your day with one line, you have a chance to become fully present with what you are about to create, and, you get to take responsibility for your creation; if it seems ugly, then what a great motivator to slow down and become more present throughout the day and be more present when creating your day tomorrow!

This my friends, is exactly how healing actually takes place in anyone’s life.

In The Cure Is U documentary, Bruce Lipton, a famous cell biologist and expert in epigenetics (the study of how environment influences genes) makes it very clear as to the influence of our external and internal environments as influences our genes respond to, but do NOT create at large.

Here you can see my meditation garden. I began creating it from just an empty dirt yard in which grass wouldn’t ever grow.

I ordered a couple truck loads of mixed rock form a local landscaping yard and had them delivered and simply began playing.

I created a place where I could go outside and express my creativity, while learning to practice the fine art of detachment from outcomes.

This little spot is where I take responsibility for creating an environment that encourages my genes to respond in kind; by creating natural beauty and a willingness to learn to accept change as a fact of life.

This weekend, I decided to build a round tower and incorporate the wood element with the earth element.

My vision was to create something akin to an upside-down chandelier. I worked for several days in the evenings on my first attempt at this project.

I was so excited to get home and finish it last Wednesday, yet as I pulled into my driveway, I was greeted by a pile of rocks instead of the neat little creation I’d left that morning.

Naturally, I had a moment where my heart sank.

But, I’ve had this experience many times in my zen rock garden and simply realized that Spirit was giving me an opportunity to make something even more beautiful.

That’s when I decided to add the wood element on the next go.

Here you can see me standing next to the finished project, which took me two days to complete. I put eucalyptus wood from my firewood pile in a spiral.

Each successive piece of wood climbs up a level and rotates in a clockwise direction, reaching the peak position just by my left hand.

I had tremendous fun creating this project and it’s always fun to see the effects such creations have on my neighbors.

They love to come talk about the different projects, take photos, and several have started their own little projects too!

Some of the locals have told me that their children love coming by my house to see what’s new in the garden.

It gives me great joy to know that children are captivated, for they are less conditioned than adults and more likely to act on their inspirations.

In Paul Brunton’s book, Healing of the Self – Using The Forces Of Life, The Negatives – Understanding The Powers Of Darkness (p. 22), he states:

“The role of physical treatments of any kind is to supply favorable conditions for the action of the universal life-force which does the real healing work, just as food, water, and air supply the materials to this same force for the repair of tissue and the regeneration of cells.”

This comment from a very wise man is worthy of note: It is up to us as individuals to create an environment favorable for the action of the universal life-force to work within our body-mind and our outer environment.

The world is rife with people that continue to eat expensive vitamins, other supplements, and even high quality food, yet continually experience negative body-mind symptoms.

In my experience, this largely results from the mind-set that the foods, supplements, vitamins or drugs “will cure you”.

We must all eventually accept the reality and responsibility for the creative powers of our individual minds.

You can give an ignorant person the best building materials in the world, yet, without adequate mental conditioning (training as a builder), they will typically create a disaster and waste a lot of good materials.

Each day is an opportunity to witness your creations and co-creations with others.

Each day is an opportunity to practice the fine art of detachment from judgment, while at once remaining aware that your choices produce outcomes.

If the stack falls over, practice detachment; but cultivate greater awareness as to where the inherent weakness in your creation lies so you don’t simply experience Groundhog day.

Enjoy your day!

…I’m off to the gym to make some anabolic hormones!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek