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July 24, 2012


Happy Tuesday to You!

CHEK Level 4 ended Friday and we were all excited to have had such a great time learning together. My students were AMAZING! They were definitely the most prepared as a group of any Level 4 class I’ve taught to date.

We were able to deeply penetrate a wide variety of relevant topics relating to the life process. My students were all very open to spiritual exploration and growth in their personal and professional lives.

They were also very aware at this point in their professional careers that behavioral change is the foundation stone of long-term health and wellness.

Our last day in class composed of a review of infant development and how to design a program using the essential ten steps that encapsulate the entire CHEK teachings.

Each student was required to write their own 4 Doctor program based on the results of assessments gathered during the course. They all did an excellent job and learned to keep their programs limited to the essentials.

Here you can see me teaching the reach and roll component of infant development. This is part of the pre-spinal series of infant development movements.

Here you can see me teaching Andrew Johnston how to properly perform the inchworm infant development exercise. This is one of the most essential infant development exercises I use in rehabilitation and is often quite hard to master when there are infant development breaches.

Andrew is a highly accomplished athlete, but he too found that he needed some infant development motor skills refinement.

Here I’m showing Andrew how to use his head more effectively. In infant development, the head is the first limb to develop and the tail is the second.

When our surroundings and conditioning are such that we loose core control and become overly dependent upon our limbs, we develop faulty recruitment patterns that result in accelerated joint degeneration and many other unwanted problems.

With a little coaching, Andrew learned to use his head ☺.

Here you can see me letting Andrew feel the motor sequencing of the inchworm exercise. Often, it is easier for kinesthetic dominant people to learn an exercise by feeling it. I’m letting Andrew get a feeling sense of how I sequence the movement of my body segments so he can more easily replicate it.

Here you can see our last mandala as a group. We each chose our favorite Universal Principle and put something on the mandala that represents that. We all really enjoyed our group mandalas together. A great healing practice too!

I drew a card for each student by tapping into their individual souls. Each card was a specific image and message of thanks for them.

They have each contributed so beautifully to my legacy by becoming CHEK Level 4’s that I felt compelled to share a little something special of myself with each of them.

Here you can see each of my students with their thank you cards:

Hanna Dalsgard Korso

Phil Loizides

Amelia Watts

Scott Bryant

Christian O’Hare

Andrew Johnston

Jator Pierre



Often, after my courses, as my time and energy allows, students book private healing sessions with me. Yesterday was Scott’s healing day.

Here you can see me teaching Scott how to use his own voice as a healing instrument. I’ve got my finger over his 6th chakra so he can feel that area begin to vibrate once he gets his tone high enough to resonate with the tissues specific to the 6th chakra.

Here you can see me teaching Scott how to couple his breath and toning to his body movements. This method allows an individual to integrate several key processes.

When we combine a specific thought with a specific bodily action, we can better integrate that thought-action into our physical self-expression.

Many practicing personal or spiritual development make the mistake of thinking that because they read something that they are actually embodying it.

Our culture is very trapped in the head. Only when we import thoughts or ideas from the sphere of mind into our body where we can feel and experience the process attached to the thought can we ever truly begin to experience it as a life changing practice.

Scott and I did several hours of body~mind~Spirit integration.

Scott and I worked a lot with drumming to create an energetic foundation for change. When people are raised in chaotic parental environments, they often don’t have what I’d refer to as a reliable back-beat.

The back-beat is akin to the base drum in a band. The base drum or guitar create the lattice or matrix upon which the other musicians can dance and play, creating a beautiful mix of harmonies.

By regularly using the drum to create an imprint in our body-mind construct, we can begin to relax because we have our own internal drummer keeping us tuned to our chosen dance of life.

After several hours of healing work, exploration, and some rock stacking, Scott was ready to explore the world yet again with a new set of functional principles to practice for his own healing.

I really loved working with Scott and gave him the new second name, The Sound Buddha. Scott’s voice is incredible! He can tone as good as anyone I’ve met and has a lot of healing power in his voice to share with the world.

I’m glad I got to share in the process of bringing his voice out so he and others can enjoy it. Keep up the great work Scott!

Vidya coached Scott when we finished and taught him the basics of rock stacking out in the rock garden. Here you can see Scott’s first stack.

Here is the proud father of his first edition to my zen rock garden. Great little Stone Buddha Scott!


Saturday, I took a drive up to Angie Lustrick’s new home to see it in Riverside. She’s done a great job of building out her beautiful new home! While I was there visiting, the coyotes and bobcats were singing away like I’ve never heard before!

I often get coyotes singing near or in my yard on a full moon, and they can be surprisingly loud. This was an event to be cherished though. There must have been one hell of a tribe of coyotes out there because it was a loud as being next to a big band. Top that with several bobcats in the mix and you’ve got something really special!

Great job on your new home Angie!

Sunday, As soon as I got back from visiting Angie, I was in my garden for some unbound play. I started with this stack again.

My previous attempt at this one was cut short because I was rushed to get to an important meeting and was pulled out of my center by my concerns over time; I can easily loose track of time in the garden and miss appointments so it was hard to really get into a zen mode of self expression.

The result, as I shared several blogs ago, was that I smashed my right middle finger badly. There was blood all over my yard and house after that little awakening. My finger is healing well though.

The top rock is a giant crystal that weights about 200 pounds. Getting that Bad Boy up there and balancing it is quite a trick indeed. It probably took me about 30 minutes to get this stone up and balance it alone.

I had to take a break before I tried to go any further or more fingers and toes may have been at risk!

This is the finished product. It’s much taller than it looks in the photo. The top rock is quite heavy and is standing on a very small footprint. Even though its been quite windy in my front yard, its still standing proud today. Love that!

It was a great exercise and a lovely means of expressing my creativity. After it was done, I began another project that required I dismantle another large rock wall I’d built. I created a zen walk from the stones.

Lovely energy. Great joy!

This is Vidya’s new stack is in front of Troy Casey’s stack in the back. Yes, Troy, your stack is still standing!


Here you can see my artistic expression of the elemental’s expressing themselves in and as the life process. The bottom left represents water becoming one with the air element (top left) and the earth element (bottom right), and the sun element (top right).

Space/Ether is represented throughout the drawing, but is most concentrated as an element in the black, which represents the zero-point field from which all vibration (and elements) emerge.

This drawing I created two nights before I was to work with Scott Bryant. It represents the knowing that regardless of what our ego attaches to as appearances, there is always a Witness within that is Unconditionally Loving and detached from any judgment of such ego-experiences.

The eyes are red to exemplify that the ego makes its choices by the programming it has around issues of safety and security. This drawing is a story about life becoming and transforming eternally.

Vidya’s art seems to personify her feminine nature.

Well, that brings you up to date with what occurred in CHEK Level 4, and what we did to enjoy ourselves this weekend.

I’ll begin the Chek Totem blog series again tomorrow and I’m excited to share more on that topic with you all.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek