April 27, 2012


Happy Friday!

I had a restful day off yesterday. I enjoyed a nice steam bath and a great massage. After that, I created a couple pieces of art, had some good food, some tai-chi, and off to bed for deep dreamless sleep.

Today I think I’ll go in the gym and just play for a while since I’m at work to get some things done and have a business meeting.

Tonight, Penny, Vidya and I will probably go see the new Jason Statham movie, “Safe”; I love his martial arts style, and he’s never short on eye candy in his films either. Penny and Vidya think he’s hot, so everyone’s entertained!

This weekend I plan on doing a little mind-mapping, art, and playing in my garden. I hope you all enjoy something you love this weekend too!


In my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, I have a comprehensive section on how to read your poops.

I’ve taught this very effective method of self-monitoring to thousands, and the kids seem to be much more willing to do it than their parents.

Dr Diet Advice From The Poopie Cop!

The Poopie Cop on the far right of my diagram represents an optimal poop. The characteristics of an optimal poop are that it should be:
– Light brown in color
– Easy to pass
– Earthy smelling and not off-putting
– Well formed, and
– Floating

As I share in my book, the average person should move about 12 inches (or 30 cm.) of poops from their body a day on average, and, you should have a sense of completion when done.

Even if you are moving 20 inches or more, if you don’t have a sense of completion, you are technically constipated.

My book gives a breakdown of the meanings of all the other common variations on poops you are likely to experience and what corrective actions to take.

Today, my aim is to share a little information about how monitoring your poops can go a long way to helping you fine-tune your diet.

SINKERS: The most common indicator of dietary imbalance is sinking poops.

When your poops don’t float, there are four common reasons for this:

1. You are not eating enough fiber!

You need a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet in order to have a healthy colon and poops that float.

The easiest way to get adequate fiber in your diet is to eat move vegetables and/or fruit.

I’ve seen a number of cases where my client’s were getting the right amount of vegetables based on their metabolic type (Wolcott system) or their Primal Type (my system).

What I found on further analysis is that much of the vegetable matter they were eating was:

– Low quality; usually not organic

– Overly cooked or processed, or

– They were achieving the right balance of carbs to flesh foods on paper, but the elevated carb volume was coming from things like deserts, sodas, or other things that really shouldn’t be considered “food” if one is truly interested in being healthy, not just impressing their diet coach with their paperwork.

If you feel you are getting enough vegetable and fruits in your diet, increasing the amount of raw food in your diet goes a long way in this regard.

I generally recommend that at least half your vegetable and fruit intake be raw. Many find improved poops with nothing but the addition of raw food to their diet.

2. Eating too much meat for your bodies needs!

This is essentially the same problem as above, but stated another way. If meat quality is poor, the smell of your poops can be AWFUL!

If you don’t think that’s the case for you, ask whom ever you share a bathroom with if your poops stink because people tend to love their own ugly, stinky poops like mother duck loves her ugly duckling!

3. Not enough fat in the diet!

Fat floats, as most of you know I suspect. If you aren’t getting enough good fat, your poops will not float.

Additionally, if your fat consumption included hydrogenated fats, such as you commonly find even so-called “healthy foods” dowsed in (as is often the case at Whole Foods and similar type places where the drown everything in canola oil (poison), your poops may not float.

Choosing high quality, organic, free-range meats and wild caught fish is about the only way to get good fats from flesh foods today. The same goes with eggs!

Using organic cooking oils such as coconut oil, ghee, (raw) butter, peanut oil or other organic sources that are optimal for the temperature range you plan on cooking with goes a long way to better poops, better skin, better brain and nervous function, and better energy levels!

4. Dehydration!

If you are not getting adequate water for your unique individual needs, you are very likely to have sinkers (and often stinkers too!).

When your body is low on water, the first place it goes to scavenge more water is the colon.

If you need extra motivation to drink more water, then just meditate on the fact that whenever you are dehydrated, your body draws water from your poop, tries its best to clean it, and puts it into general circulation.

If this sounds like a shitty deal to you, imagine how the cells of your body feel when the waiter (you!) comes around with a glass of shit-water to reward them for all the hard work they are doing!

Thirsty yet?


I can’t really share what I’d like to share due to the nature of the blog and my time constraints, but the reason I teach courses, write and create audios and videos is so you can learn more about how to care for yourself and others.

What I’d like to share with you in closing is that the nature of your poops doesn’t just tell someone like me about your diet, it tells me about:

– The balance of your autonomic nervous system

– The functional capacity of your liver and gallbladder

– How well your digestive and eliminative systems are functioning

– How well your stomach, small intestine, and colon are functioning

– Weather or not you may be too nervous or even neurotic!

– The possibility that medical drugs may be disabling your digestive and/or eliminative systems.

– Weather or not you are using supplements, powders and potions that your body isn’t compatible with,

– How your body is responding to exercise, or the lack there-of

– Your mental-emotional state

– The likelihood that you have parasites or a fungal infection, and much more!

Now you know for sure there’s more to a good shit than meets the eye!

I hope this blog helps you fine tune so you can enjoy a healthy, resilient, well-energized body~mind.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek