March 5, 2007

January – February 2007


Sorry to be tardy with my typically monthly blog. I’ve been very busy working on many wonderful things and sharing my life and teachings with many amazing people. The good news for me is that I’ve had the longest spell at home in a long time! I recently traveled to San Francisco to give a lecture on the concepts presented in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, which was relaxing and enjoyable. While there, I visited on of my favorite metaphysical/philosophy bookstores in the world, which is Fields. If you ever get to SF, check it out. They have an amazing selection and the people working there are very knowledgeable. While there, among other things, I purchased a 20 volume set of Rumi translations. They haven’t arrived by ground mail yet, but I’m at the shipping department every day waiting for them . In the mean time, I’ve been studying a lovely Rumi book given to me by my friend Dan Helman. Thanks Dan! The book is amazing and I really appreciate you thinking about me and sharing your love with this gift!

It is winter here in Vista, Ca. While our winters aren’t harsh at all compared to what most of the world experiences, we have definitely been seeing changing weather patterns. As you can see in my picture here

the water fountain in front of our house froze over several nights in January. The frost was quite damaging to many of our lovely garden plants and some of our lovely big cactus ended up having dead parts on them from frostbite. Mother Nature is brutally honest with Her moods, to say the least.

The last three weeks of January I was enjoying life with my friend Zeljko, a healer/shaman from Bath, England. Here,

you can see Zeljko and I sitting up in the hills behind my house. Zeljko, JP Sears and I went up to do some sound healing on the land and share some love and compassion with Mother Earth and her plant and animal children. The view from there is lovely and you can see the ocean in the distance too

We played Tibetan bowls and JP played his Native American Indian flute. We really enjoyed ourselves. The earth was very receptive; whenever I do this, all sorts of hawks and birds of all sorts fly over us constantly. They really seem to enjoy the entertainment! Thank you for a fantastic time together Zeljko! You are a warm and lovely Soul!

When Zeljko first arrived, I began my second PPS Success Mastery Workshop – Lesson 1, How To Find and Live Your Legacy

The participants were beautiful people and we all produced some amazing mandalas. One of the projects for the students was to produce a life mandala. Here you can see one of the students constructing his.

While the workshop was on, Dr. Oliver and his lovely friend Beth Bolwerk came and gave the students a sound healing with dinner. Here, you can see Dr. Oliver working on one of the students with his didgerydoo.

The next event was my above mentioned trip to San Francisco followed closely by me having some personal friends over to the house to experience an all night Native American Indian Medicine Wheel healing ceremony. In the picture you see me relaxing while I gave my friends a bathroom break; the other man you see in the photo is Dan Helman, the one that gave me a lovely Rumi book!antique too!

Most recently, we just completed C.H.E.K Level IV training here at the institute in Vista. We began each morning with either a rattling and drumming session in Native American Indian style, or with poetry readings; I read Rumi and then translate to my students so they can fully appreciate the depth of Rumi’s Divine message to us all. Needless to say, the students were quite amazed at how much is between the lines in Rumi’s poetry. Rumi also uses a lot of words that are uncommon to people without a background in metaphysical study so they enjoy it when I share the direct and indirect meanings he is translating to us. Here, you can see us performing what is called a “rattle in” session; that Kris Timpert, who I lovingly call “Humming Bird” in the middle of the circle sharing her soul’s message with us, which we all did for each other

My mother, Meera Censor, taught about 1.5 hours of Non-Violent Communication to us each day over the course of the eight-day training

The students really enjoyed this training, as did I! It seems I never stop learning from my mother! I guess that’s OK, because, after all, she is my mother. Thanks Mom! The students really loved you and your teachings.

As part of the CHEK Level IV training this year, I taught the students how to administer a sound healing session for their clients/patients. As part of their training, I performed a Native American drum circle ceremony with them, as well as taking them on a sound journey with Tibetan bowls

This type of ceremony is frequently quite profound for people and experiencing past lives is not uncommon. In the picture here, we were just switching from Native American drumming to Tibetan bowls and the students were recording their experiences from the drumming journey. My mother too part in this ceremony and she and the rest of the students had some very vivid memories rise to the surface.

Another aspect of C.H.E.K Level IV training is the use of mandalas and art as a healing therapy. Several of the training days ended with us all making mandalas to heal a specific aspect of ourselves. As we went through the training, I taught the students about how to interpret mandalas so they could learn to use them in their clinical practice. Here you can see them all holding up one of the many mandalas they made in class

The students finish their testing tomorrow. To graduate as a C.H.E.K Practitioner requires that each student apply all their training for the past 4 years on a live patient. We have people come in from all over the world to get help from these amazing practitioners. I’m very proud of all the students. They all came very well prepared and they all did a great job in testing. Now they have to complete a thesis project; upon completion of their thesis, they now longer call themselves a Level IV C.H.E.K Practitioner – they are simply a C.H.E.K Practitioner. I do it this way because (as any C.H.E.K Level IV will verify) my own students never truly have a clear idea of what it is that I do in my clinical practice, not what it is that I have to offer them as a teacher until they finish all their training. Only when they finish to I consider them a “C.H.E.K Practitioner”, and when they are done, they truly know what their offering is to humanity.

Well, that’s it for now. My buddy Rory Mullin, therapist for the Toronto Rapter’s basket ball team arrives to visit me for a few days tomorrow so I’m excited about that. I’ll also be putting my buddy Richard Learmont, a great musician and artist through a workout in my gym tomorrow so between that and my wife’s lovely bacon and egg breakfast, a couple excellent espresso with some nice Kona espresso from Ed’s Coffee in Paia, Hawaii; I can’t imagine a better day!

Till next time, I send you all my love and my Chi and I wish you all your dreams!