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July 10, 2009

I’ve Surfaced!!

Well, HELLO!

I realize you probably think I’ve died or fallen off the earth, but the truth is, I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest since we last visited with each other.

When I came home from my last teaching tour in Europe, it was straight to work revising courses for the institute. I’ve just completed a complete revision of:

o CHEK Exercise Coach

o CHEK Level 1 and 2

o HLC 2 and 3

These courses are now better than ever! They have been updated by me personally. My staff and I have put a tremendous amount of effort into producing new manuals and refining the courses so they are more practical and easier to learn for students. I removed a lot of the redundant and/or unnecessary theory from HLC 2 because I saw over and over again that it was just clogging up my student’s heads with more ideas than they could manage or use.

Therefore, I remodeled the HLC 2 and 3 program so that we spend a lot more time on the practical applications of my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching systems.

I also remodeled HLC 2 so that it includes significant training on how to coach people. I did this because over and over again, when serving as a consultant to my students and their clients, I saw that the biggest challenges they were having related to implementing HLC programs and guiding their clients to make changes in their lives.

Though I may be slow on the uptake at times, it eventually dawned on me that my students know a lot about how the body works and the common problems people are challenged by, yet, they have not learned how to coach. I built a system of coaching based on the 16 key coaching principles I’ve cultivated and created through my own experience as a coach.

The first batch of students to attend the new HLC 2 gave excellent feedback and found it very helpful to have a coaching system to aid them in helping others to achieve their dreams.

I made the decision to remove the low-tech testing from HLC 3 after interviewing many HLC 3 students. I found that they were not using the teachings very often and many expressed a need to better understand my organ mapping system more thoroughly.

Therefore, I’ve developed a systematic approach to assessing a client’s stage of soul~ego, mental~emotional and physical development and how to implement effective coaching protocol.

The new HLC 3 also includes how to use infant development exercises and other movement and soft tissue assessment and treatment technologies to aid clients.

I’m very excited to share the new courses with you and it is my dream that my students gain the ability to assess and coach clients even more effectively than I can in the shortest time period possible. That way, I get to enjoy my legacy even more!

I’ve done the same with the CHEK corrective exercise advanced training programs as well.

Well, I’m looking forward to meeting you personally when you attend any of my courses. Check out my calendar on my site here ~ I’ll see you soon!

Love and Chi,