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March 12, 2012

Infinitely You!

Happy Monday!!

Yeah, I’m on my way HOME!!

This has been a good trip both to Canfit Pro and ECA NY. I gave great lectures and workshops, met lots of people, answered a range of questions and now its time for me to be quiet and rest for the next series of tasks.

I’ve missed my home, my garden, Vidya’s company and her food, but I’ll be going on retreat here in just another week!

I’ve heard we have had some really warm weather, which I’m totally looking forward to; nothing like tai-chi in the early morning sun where I don’t have to fight the cold.

Penny was super busy at the booths selling like crazy and answering questions. She did seem to get some good rest through all her busyness, which is probably why she likes to be on the road.

Thanks to everyone who supported our efforts during the trip, I have so many good friends and am grateful for their love!

Infinitely You!

“Infinitely You,” is simple, yet profound when understood. The origin of ALL CREATION is ONE. Thus the term “Uni-verse”, which means “one song”.

What created life and continues to create life so we can live can be thought of as pure consciousness.

That consciousness is what looks through your eyes and breathes you.

That is also what looks through my eyes and breathes me, and all other sentient beings—be they single celled organisms, plants, trees or animals.

When you read this sutra, “Infinitely You”, you are reading a message that informs you that what you are cannot be separated in relationship from anything else in the created universe.

For example, could you live without the earth, the moon, or the sun?

Could you exist without the Milky Way galaxy, or the rest of the universe for that matter?

Could you exist without water, food, and air to breathe?

We all know the answer – No!

Life as we know it is composed of relationships. Some relationships are essential because they support life itself.

The relationships that support life itself are a product of an infinite process in which life perpetually becomes experienced in the “now.”

Everything you are composed of and appreciate has its origins, its living roots, in the same soil that serves as the foundation for life itself.

There is nothing here that isn’t you!

Life is, “Infinitely You!”

That is zen.

Enjoy your day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek