August 17, 2009

I’m on a Roll with Great DVDs

OK, as you know, Vidya and I have all sorts of interests and being life-long learners we want to share some of the best DVDs we have recently viewed. You would think that as busy as we are, where in the world do we find the time? Well, we make time during both our breakfast and lunch hours to eat and view. Here are a few that we recommend!

Inside the a Living Body, A National Geographic publications is an excellent DVD highlighting the anatomical, physicological and psychological changes that occur as we develop from in-utero to adulthood, and finally, to becoming a parent ourselves. We were just in awe of the stunning images of a human becoming. This DVD is another excellent addition to a health care professional’s educational library!

In The Womb is another excellent National Geographic production. I highly recommend ths DVD to any CHEK Practitioner, prospective parent, or student of anatomy and physiology. This video beautifully highlights my motivations for teaching infant development and effecgtive parenting to my students around the world.