December 4, 2013

I Want Burning ~ I Want Burning!

Happy Wednesday to You!

I started to teach HLC2 today to the largest group of students from all over the world ~ US, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Europe, Portugal…. amazingly bright eyed and eager!

Things are gong great at HLC2 in Carlsbad this morning. So far, we’ve enjoyed learning how to breathe deeply and fully in a beautiful setting with the ocean chi breeze invigorating us.


I hope you enjoyed my video blog on how I enjoy fried plantains in organic butter. Yum Yum!

I Want Burning ~ I Want Burning!

Today in my vlog, I expand briefly on Rumi’s concept described in his words, “I want burning”. I share how we are often like moths that can’t resist the flame, only to find ourselves “burned again”.

I give a few of my thoughts as to how we can “minimize” unnecessarily “burning our wings off” by being aware of where we can love ourselves better.

The friction in our relationships with persons, places and things is always our indicator of where we may not be paying attention; it’s dangerous not to pay attention when friction produces enough heat to reach a flashpoint!

I hope you enjoy the video today and are inspired to pay better attention to what your friction produces so as to keep your wings from being fried!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek