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February 1, 2016

I Open My Heart To The One

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all creating love in yourself each day as a gift to the world.

I’m taking the day off from working today to rest after a week of meetings with the CHEK Institute Faculty and Senior staff.

I Open My Heart To The One

Today, in my vlog, I share one of my favorite meditations I personally use, and share with my patients and students.

It’s very simple in words and procedure. In the video, I take you on a guided tour of the meaning of the words, and invite you to practice with me.

The words to the meditation practice are:

I open my heart to the One
I open my heart to Every-One

If you would like to explore a variety of meditations I’ve collected or created for people with busy minds, feel free to listen to the Dr. Quiet audio companion that goes beyond what I share in my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

That said, my 4 Doctors ebook is a fantastic place to start learning how to work-in effectively, and I show you how to incorporate instruments like tuning forks and a Tibetan bowl.

I think you’ll be amazed how easy it is to make yourself feel good when you have some simple tools and know how to use them.

1. The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – multimedia ebook
2. Dr. Quiet Audio Companion – MP3

CHEK Faculty Week in Heaven


If you’ve ever wondered who the people are that travel the world as living examples of the CHEK Holistic Living Philosophy, you can see these amazing people and C.H.E.K Institute Faculty in the photo above.

Our Faculty live in US, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They took time out from their busy businesses to travel from all over the world to participate this past week in our annual Faculty meeting.

Chef Lance caters our CHEK Institute events and offers his excellent, organic, home made meal service to students and Faculty when here in San Diego. As we acknowledge, Lance’s #1 spice is LOVE!!

Below you can also see our Instructors with Chef Lance Roll in the group photo here.


Lance is also the business owner for Bone Broth, which is absolutely amazing and delicious. He offers 100% organic Chicken and now Beef broth.

Check out his website to order: For all CHEK students he gives a nice 10% discount on your cart orders: chek 10 until May 1.

A BIG Thank you to you Lance!! We love your broth and your food!


Above you can see Tomi Toles (Ex Coach, CP1 Faculty) Matthew Walden (CP1, CP2, CP3 Faculty) and Phil Lozides, CHEK Academy Mentor Director).


Above you can see Duncan Reeves (Ex. Coach), Jennie Delbridge (HLC1 Instructor) and their beautiful daughter Bella enjoying a meal together.

Inner Exploration Day

Our meetings began with an optional day of inner-exploration with me at the Heaven House last Sunday.

The theme of the day was conscious development. Here you can see me explaining what Ken Wilber refers to as “the conveyer belt” of consciousness, as depicted in both vantage points (states of consciousness) and the structure-stages that determine what lens or biases one sees or experiences life through. (you can learn more about Wilber’s teachings here:

We used a variety of Native Healing methods to explore our own process and experience of vantage points and structure stages; this process continued to be a theme in our meditations and work-in practices throughout the week.

Throughout our Inner Exploration day, we each took turns contributing to a group mandala. We began our day with rattling and chanting, which is why you see a rattle as the central theme of the mandala.

Working out together

It was fun for us all to be in my gym exercising together throughout the week. The sun was out, and it was beautiful to have a break from chairs at lunch, and to get some good functional training in together.

Above, you can see Ashley Mazurek (HLC1, CHEK Ex Coach, CP1 faculty) and Jator Pierre (HLC1 Instructor), who I think led the way when it came to training intensity this week.

The Great Race!

On the third day of our meeting, Jennifer, Erin and Penny developed an awesome team building exercise in the form of “The Great Race”.

This was quite an amazing event, that was obviously well thought out.

The instructors were broken into three teams. We were given an envelope with only a riddle as a clue, and GPS coordinates; some didn’t realize that’s what the numbers were, but figured it out from the riddle, and later caught onto the GPS possibilities.


Above you can see me with my team: Nicole Devaney (CHEK faculty Apprentice), Leigh Brandon (Ex Coach, CP1, Tennis Conditioning faculty), Duncan Reeve (Ex Coach Instructor) and Joanna Rushton (HLC1 and HLC2 Instructor).

We then had to navigate our way through heavy traffic to each of four destinations.

At each destination, there were staff members there to inform us of what our task was. You couldn’t leave until the judge of the station gave you a “GO” for successful completion.

At station one, we were at the C.H.E.K Institute Corporate office, and we all had to “correctly” assemble CHEK HLC2 manuals (as fast as possible because the whole event is a race!).

We then had to navigate to Align, our San Diego training site within Billy and Jule’s studio.

When we got there, we had to perform the Dr. Happiness song as a rap song and performance, record it on video, and text it to Jennifer to be judged.

The third station turned out to be my home. Once we got there, each team had to do a piece of art in a variety of mediums, from pastel to paint or color pencils.



The “Vortex” team was blessed to have an excellent artist (Donal Carr) on their team, and they won the competition for the best art; you can see their creation below.

The final station was back at the Heaven House, where the race began.

Once we arrived…which took a while in bumper-to-bumper traffic, each team had to run from the house up the steep hill to the beginning of my driveway and back while carrying an 8 Kg kettlebell in each hand two times in relay fashion.

Needless to say, that was a ball-buster for all of us!

As fate would have it, I’d just done heavy barbell lunges that day in the gym, and after sprinting that hill twice, I was very aware that I’d done some intense training the next day… All good.


Daily Work-In Harmonization and Practice

Each morning, we began by meeting in my stone circle.


This is a sacred spot for me where I do a lot of my own inner-work, and create stone sculptures as a form of artistic exercise.

Fortunately, the weather changed to sunny and warm from clouds and rain for the whole meeting!

I offered the instructors a short lesson on how to perform the exercise for the morning before we all began practicing together.

Here you can see us practicing harmonization between breathing and movement based on the natural patterns of movement created by inhalation and exhalation. You can see how big Angie’s tummy is now.

Mana is just a month or less from his due date, and we are all excited to welcome him into the world. Angie is enjoying the whole process, and the instructors have been watching her grow from meeting to meeting, so it’s like we are all “growing with her”.

I taught them how to alter the polarity of their body and hands to consciously direct chi (life-force energy), both for their own healing and the healing of others.

Education and Insights OfferedGavin
Throughout our week together, we were given presentations on various key topics by Gavin Jennings (above) director of CHEK Europe and the CHEK Academy, Jennifer Baker, COO of the CHEK Institute (below) and myself.


We discussed a fair bit what the “key role” the CHEK Institute plays as a vehicle for creating holistic awareness, and as a contributor to world healing.


The meetings helped us each be more conscious, and more inspired to be examples of holistic living, and to live in a way that if emulated, would contribute to harmony in the world.


We all learned a lot and had a great time catching up with each other, enjoying great food, the outdoors, artistic expression, meditation and movement, and growing together.

One of our most senior instructor, Suzi Nevell from Auckland, NZ was unable to attend, but we all know she was there in spirit and we held space in our hearts for her.

As a company, The C.H.E.K Institute is doing everything it can to help people find and live their dreams holistically. We are committed to empowering people with the foundation principles that are essential to optimal health, performance and a successful life of well-being.

We feel that if we all learn how to create sustainable happiness in our lives, we can help others realize that happiness isn’t so much about how much you have, but making the best of what you have each day.

Without the earth, (our) spirit has no home; without spirit, the earth becomes a stone.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek