January 18, 2016

I AM Healthy Happy and Whole

Happy Monday!

I hope your New Year is starting off beautifully and that you feel inspired to create your dreams each day as we move into the year’s unfolding.

I’ve been busy, but finding time to do my tai-chi, meditations, and art along with adequate amounts of time in the gym and lifting stones to keep my body-mind healthy and growing.

We are getting ready to move things around in the house in preparation for baby Mana arriving. I’ve been attending Hypnobirthing classes with Angie, and that has been interesting too.

Today in my blog, I will share:

1. I AM Healthy Happy and Whole
2. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Fungal Infections.
3. Do Things Go Better With Coke?
4. A Visit From Paul Bourne, Race Car Driver and Biodynamic Farmer!
5. Show-N-Tell With Paul

I AM Healthy Happy and Whole

Today, my video blog presentation allows you to join with me in one of the spiritual practices I use to create “state shifts” in myself.

A state shift is what occurs whenever we go from our normal waking state to a dream state, or from dream states to deep dreamless sleep.

State shifts can be very helpful to induce. You may start, or end your day feeling a bit caught up in the world, but want/need to meditate, to tai-chi (work-in) or simply want to detach from the entangled feelings you have.

In my video blog today, I take you through a brief explanation of the chant I was given in a meditation for my healing, and for general use in my healing work with patients.

The words in my little chant are:

I am happy
I am healthy
I am Whole
I take my love wherever I go

I know many will watch this video, but not participate due to some internal fear or blocking factor. It may be worth considering that as a shaman, some of the first questions I’m likely to ask you to begin a healing process are:

1. When did you stop dreaming?

2. When did you stop singing?

3. When did you stop dancing?

Generally, when I’m conducting healing processes or ceremonies with people and I get the answers to these questions, I can usually identify the time and event(s) that disrupted one’s natural state of inner-harmony.

When we grow to the point that we finally realize that our body and relationships mirror our mind, we can look back, and typically we see that it was during stressful and often unresolved transition points in our lives that we lost our authentic harmony and creative impulse.

Therefore, I encourage those of you that feel blocked in your ability to join in because the voices in your head are judging, or telling you how silly this is, to be brave enough to give this harmless practice a try.

There are no negative side effects and I believe that if we tested this against many medical drugs, the drugs would not be as effective for healing many ailments people suffer from today.

Remember the old saying: Being happy may not make you sing, but singing will make you happy!”

I hope you enjoy this simple, mobile, effective practice for shifting from lower to higher states of connection and inner-coherence.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Fungal Infections.

For a few years now, I’ve been getting questions from mothers around the world about the hospital/medical recommendation not to let children sleep on their stomachs (or prone) because it was thought to induce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Until recently, there was no known cause, and to be honest, I personally felt it was most likely a natural result of unhealthy people creating babies; the infant can’t be healthier than it’s parents as a general rule of thumb.

When the medical system uses a wide variety of medical tricks to go against Mother Nature’s dictates for healthy parents, naturally, there will be a price to pay. Usually, it is most challenging for the child whose body is deficient for the rigors of human life.

Vojta Points Front
Having gone through advanced training at the Charles Hospital in Prague, which included the methods of Karel Lewit, Vladimir Janda as well as a good introduction to Dr. Vojta’s methods of infant development, I was aware of the importance of letting children move naturally when they sleep.

As you can see in the diagram above (https://www.vojta.com for photo reference and more information), many of the essential reflex points that initiate body-mind integration in an infant are on the front of the body.

Having consulted a number of parents with developmentally delayed children, and seeing children everywhere I go, it became clear to me that we are having a worldwide epidemic of poor infant development.

Once I had the training, study, and clinical practice to see how infant development really works, it was as though I could see developmentally challenged all around me; the only exception being places like Fiji and other under-developed countries where the children live closer to the earth and are not so often influenced by traditional medical beliefs and practices.

Recently, Penny forwarded me an article in which a potential cause (along with what I’ve shared above about parents not being healthy) for SIDS was exposed:
Mattress Fungus Makes Toxic Gas.

Dr Jim Sprott, OBE, a New Zealand scientist and chemist, states with certainty that crib death is caused by toxic gases.

These gases can be generated from a baby’s mattress when a fungus that commonly grows in bedding interacts with fire retardant chemicals to create poisonous gases (Richardson 1994).

There is much more that is really worth reading in the article, so if you have an infant, are pregnant, or know anyone that is pregnant, you’d be doing them a big favor by sharing this link with them so they can inform themselves and make changes before something terrible happens: https://gustenviro.com/crib_deaths.html

Do Things Go Better With Coke?

Angie was recently showing me some very wild and crazy photos from a web site where people post photos of people taken in Walmart stores around the country.

Better with Coke

When I saw this photo of someone who seems to have fallen off their motorized wheelchair while “reaching for Coke”, my first thought was, “Ah, you see…things don’t really go better with Coke after all!”

It never ceases to amaze me that people will fall for this kind of stuff hook, line and sinker…but…that just goes to show you that programming creates one’s reality!

Your body never lies!

Regardless of what you are being told, or how beautiful and sexy the person saying it is, all you have to do is pay attention to what you are experiencing inside, and watch the changes in the mirror.

If what occurs is an enhancement to your authentic inner-state for the long run, and your body is looking better, healthier, more symmetrical, then you are probably moving in the right direction.

A Visit From Paul Bourne, Race Car Driver and Biodynamic Farmer!

I recently had a visit from my friend and client Paul Bourne from Barbados.

Paul is known as “Paul the Surfer Bourne” there, and is quite famous for his accomplishments in professional rally racing.

Paul and I worked together for a couple years to help him get over chronic neck and back pain, and to deal with some other life challenges.

In our process, Paul’s dream shifted from racing cars to starting and running the first Biodynamic farm in Barbados; he found it very frustrating that he couldn’t find organic food in Barbados, making it hard to follow my coaching recommendations so he realized this was his legacy!

Since then, Paul has acquired a large plot of excellent farming land, built essential structures and worked with various consultants to prepare to launch his fully functional farm and farm-store.

Paul and Paul Bourne Rattling In
Here you can see Paul and I using Native American rattles to harmonize with each other as we prepared to paint a mandala together.

We had a great time doing this preparation work together, and we loved what we created together.

Paul Bourne PC Mandala1-11-16
Here you can see Paul and I celebrating the completion of our mandala to celebrate the beginning of a new year of great farm development for Paul.

Thanks for being one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul! You are “medicine for Barbados!”

If we work together, I’m confident we can help Barbados become the healthiest country in the world!

Show-N-Tell With Paul

Angie is now 34 weeks pregnant with our son, Mana (which means “life force”).

Angie 34 Wks 1

She’s doing an excellent job of taking care of herself, and Mana each day (click to see full image above).

I’m really proud of her too. She’s always looking for ways to enhance her experience of being a healthy mother, and giving Mana all the resources he needs as he enters the world.

He’s been very active, and I love feeling his little hands and feet as they stick out of Momma’s belly.

He loves it when I sing to him, kiss Angie’s belly, and tell him little stories about dragons.

Mana Sweater and hat from Mom
My mother made these beautiful gifts for Mana. Angie, Penny and I were all excited when she said she was going to make something for Mana.

My mother is a master craftswoman, with many talents, including being an incredible sculptor. I have several sweaters and hats she’s made for me and I cherish them deeply.

They feel “like Mom is with me”, and I know very well how much work it takes to spin the wool by hand, and knit such garments. I watched her do it my whole childhood on our farm. THANKS MOM!

Stone Circle Heaven Jan 2016
Angie and I took my big, juicy stack down to prepare my stone circle for my upcoming CHEK Faculty Meeting.

This circle has been home to many a ceremony and lots of healing in the past three years I’ve been here.

I’m very excited to begin our meetings next Sunday, and as you can see, the circle awaits with open embrace.

Thanks for joining me on my blog today.

Feel free to visit the CHEKInstitute web site and register for notification of upcoming events and sales at: www.chekinstitute.com

Love and chi,
Paul Chek